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Hey /g/

Never hacked anything before. Just got a second interview as a penetration tester. The interview consists of them sending me an image with 10 "flags" I have to find. I think it may be something like security capture the flag. I have one week and I will receive the image today. Any advice or resources?
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NCIS has become a shitty show. It's spinoffs are even worse.
That's my contribution to this thread. Good luck.
Look into steganography.
are you seriously asking /g/ for interview advice? do you not want the job or something?

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>Uber gibs 1.2 million dollaridoos to Girls Who Code for being a bunch of girls

Don't hit on me you silly goys uh i mean guys.
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>clock boy transitioned
holy fuck. who will stop Google?
Girls are naturally less inclined to be interested in technology. So you need to spend more money to find and support the ones that are. Otherwise they will be denied the chance because it is atypical for them.
This is just ensuring equal opportunity and a good thing.

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where can I find the essential firefox about:config pasta?
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bump for interest

www dot Privacytools dot io

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What do you do? How fucked are you?
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Not fucked at all, this is not my house.
>What do you do?
Nothing, and sue for damages afterwards.
>How fucked are you?
Not fucked at all. They most likely are at the wrong address.
I have nothing to hide but they're in violation of my NAP so I detonate the front patio explosives.

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How can I protect myself from NSA surveillance? Is it possible to bypass the monitoring?
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> Is it possible to bypass the monitoring?
dont use computers
Just use chrome in incognito mode, idiots.
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Fill your computer with frog images, they won't bother.

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Mods, delete these threads. Thank you!
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Mods, delete this reddit fag thread. Arigatêau!
ban this guy
is that a japanese/french mix up dayum

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Delays, but we're back, again. All text is a WIP.

>Setup guides, tips, resources

>Recommended games and applications (includes NSFW)

>Last thread
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OP here, it seems I can't keep this thread posted and bumped all the time so if anyone notices the thread died then you can post it yourself. But you may ask what the point is if not many people are using it anyway, and the reason is for consistency. The more reliable the general is the more users would want to come back to it.
Is there any difference between the multiple smartphone headmounts?
Or is one of those 15€ headset just as good as say the Zeiss one for ~100€? I'm talking about image quality, not so much comfort, I just assume the more expensive models are better in that regard

Redbull me on Katie. Is she really a girl?


Art CC BY-SA Tyson Tan (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)
By replying to this post you agree to license your contribution under the same CC BY-SA 4.0 license or compatible terms.
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Mascots are retarded. This one in particular looks like some furry faggot's fantasy.
Konqi is doing science to find out!
Konqi > Katie

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>GoDaddy kicks their hosting
>Google steals their domain
>Cloudflare arbitrarily boots them for a comment on their forum
>Tor Project denounces them in a blog post while staying silent about pedos/drugs/trafficking/etc
>OpenDNS/Cisco Umbrella is now blatantly censoring their new domain

Now 2% of the global DNS is unable to see their new site through pure censorship.

Is your DNS censoring what you see, /g/?

OpenDNS users on /g/ like to confirm?

This is the more censored site /g/ has ever seen. Why aren't we talking about it?
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Self loathing kikes like weev are our greatest allies
For me it is the GTX Titan X
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Whatever happened to free games with gpus? Why is fucking Prey and Wolfenstein 130 bucks
Worst launch ever
This garbage still gets posted here?

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Looking for an easy solution to my problem: Being able to access my code easily from anywhere. For versioning capability, I want a private git server. It will need to always be on so I don't want to put it on my laptop or desktop. Is a raspberry pi or some chink alternative the best solution? I figure it's low power and I don't mind keeping it on 24/7. It looks like it has been done before which makes it easier as well. Also, how much can one of these things handle? Would I be able to run a simple staging/test apache server from the same one?
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An rpi is ok for that, although if your website is too heavy it might get slow.
what's wrong with github/lab?
Gitlab on RasPi is bretty gud.
are you retarded? they're the cancer.

how long til technology can turn me into a cute anime girl????
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too long I'm afraid
You want to be 2D and have an oversized mouth and unrealistic anatomy?
I want to be a cute anime girl too ;_;

>tfw no /g/ cute anime girl to be anime lesbians with

So /g/, what exactly are you going to do to the casinos with pic related to make them hate you?
>inb4 ">he doesn't use uBlock Origin"
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If that's a usb killer then expect to get charged for destruction of property
Looks much too small to be one.
leaving the casino?

In this thread we discuss various methods of self-improvement, with emphasis on objects closely related to biohacking and cyberphunking.
We welcome anybody, whether he is whining about not being able to find motivation necessary to learn programming, or whether he is an advanced worshipper of disobedient machines, with distinguished taste in reverse engineering, who wishes to move his cognition to even better performing levels. If you want to stay sane in front of a shell for 13 hours instead of 12 - start here.

>The Guardian: Narcolepsy medication modafinil is world's first safe 'smart drug'

Nootropics are substances that in most cases improve your cognition, performance of your neurotransmitters, your brains RAM and SSD. Some make you remember better, some make you happier and more motivated by inhibiting dopamine, some make you think faster, some help depression. If you are a fan of the Limitless movie, well nootropics won't get you to that level, but you will probably like them.

Many of these substances are sold as Rx drugs. They are usually prescribed for ADHD or narcolepsy. There are many ways to obtain them in US or EU without breaking any law, but be sure to consult your doctor first.

>Keywords: modafinil, adrafinil, noopept, cdp-choline, nicotine, l-theanine, anhydrous caffeine, alpha GPC, piracetam, aniracetam and many more

>>Will they fuck me up?
They will impair your brains neuroplasticity so you won't be able to differentiate between a fork and a spoon at the age of 29. The trick here is to not be an idiot!
>Keywords: long-term safety, whitepapers

>meditation, cardio, lifting, sleeping, productivity
Easy mode: Hack your useless anime habits and replace them with reading SICP by using adrafinil or modafinil.

>Omega 3, micro/macro nutrients, intermittent fasting, mycotoxins, mold, fuck gluten
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>brand names: Modvigil, Modalert, Provigil
Bought cheap from India, best imported to EU through parcel forwarding services in UK
Requires a prescription if you want to buy it locally.
If you wan't to just try modafinil, it is easier to obtain adrafinil which does not require a prescription. Works almost the same way. Make sure to consult your doctor first.
>>Modafinil improves attentional performance [...]
>>[...] Modafinil-Induced Wakefulness
>>The neurobiology of modafinil as an enhancer of cognitive performance [...]
>>Effects of modafinil on cognitive and meta-cognitive performance.
>>Cognitive enhancing effects of modafinil in healthy volunteers.

Who uses it
>Dave Asprey
>Many tech-savy guys like me

Recommended reading
>The First Real Smart Drug? Researchers Say Modafinil Works


>Modafinil: The Rise of Smart Drugs
Easily ordered online, doesn't require prescription. Discovered with love in Russia.
>>The results have demonstrated that noopept, used in dose 20 mg daily during 2 months, improves cognitive functions in stroke patients and has a high level of safety.
>>Comparative studies of Noopept and piracetam in the treatment of patients with mild cognitive disorders in organic brain diseases of vascular and traumatic origin.

It is difficult to find nice papers on noopept & cognition, but it is generally used by people who want to improve their memory and learn faster. What is almost undeniable is that it works neuroprotectively.

>>Stacks well with
CDP-Choline (citicoline), Alpha GPC, Omega 3 and many more
Fuck off big pharma shill.

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Show me your guts
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Gay as fuck
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Roast me.
Why such a big case? :DDDD

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