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>"what do you mean you cant do that anon?"
>"what do you mean you code takes 7 days to do it"
>"I though you were good with computers"
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pretty much any monkey can program sieve of erasthotenes these days
write it in assembly

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>laptop requires non-free firmware
stallmanu-senpai gomenasai
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>first wifi card is too slow
>second wifi card is proprietary
>third wifi card has no linux drivers at all
network cards are the worst
Don't worry even if you only had FREEtm firmware your BIOS is still proprietary.

No one can please our glorious leader.
He would hate you anyway.

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I'll start
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I'll add some of my favorites! :)

That's all I can think of! Hope you guys like my list!!
Get out reddit

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IPFS thread. Please pay attention to me senpai~ edition.

>What is IPFS?
It's basically BitTorrent on steroids.

>why would one use it
* Same file is accessed with the same hash across whole IPFS and everyone you can reach who has it seeds it. You aren't stuck in one Torrent swarm. Let's say you download a folder, and then it turns out there are some issues with it. If you download a better one you don't have to dl same files again. Individual files you already dl'd are cached. You don't have to move anything, it'll just work. (Don't shove your shit in RARs faggot.)
* You can have an both immutable and mutable addresses, kinda like a Torrent that you can update on the fly.
* As a result you can host static websites (like in Freenet).
* Smaller files that traditionally "aren't worth a torrent" can be viably hosted with IPFS.
* Because it's like a 1 huge torrent, peers are found fast for new downloads. You don't need to wait that much to start a download.
* You can watch your animu while it automatically downloads and seeds. Just point your player to the local link. It's super-fast!

>how to upload a single file
$ ipfs add ./$file
Access it at$outputted-hash
>how to upload a dir
$ ipfs add -r ./$dir
Access it at$last-outputted-hash
>how to make the thing mutable
$ ipfs name publish ./$file-or-dir-hash
Access it at$output-hash-aka-peerid (it's ipNs not ipFs)
To update, publish another hash and it will be available at the same IPNS address.

>gateways (how to access IPFS if you don't have it installed)
https://gateway.ipfs.io/, https://gateway.glop.me/, http://ipfs.pics (just pics?)

Daily reminder to pin files that you care about.

IPFS now supports CRDTs and pubsub channels, making fully dynamic content on IPFS totally possible! Try out orbit.chat (#ipfschan channel) or check out the code at https://github.com/orbitdb/orbit for an example!

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Why the fuck is the character limit so low now? It wasn't that low last time these threads were being made.
there already is an ipfschan
check the link on the ayte chan
it'd be nice if this at least got some traction in file sharing (where bittorrent is currently being used)
it's perfectly suitable for it;
- chunks large files for parallel downloading
- deduplication, no more separate swarms for the exact same file because they're on different torrents
- free batches/bundles due to deduplication

also makes perfect sense for software/game update systems, for those reasons as well as local sharing, multiple machines on a lan updating the same thing? you can save time and bandwidth as it will only get the data once over the WAN, sharing amongs local machines... locally

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So I just stuck my hand in the back of a computer power supply and got shocked my hand. Am I ok, I get paranoid, so should I just take Clonazepam and forget about it.

The Unisys 486 power supply is open backed.
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>So I just stuck my hand in the back of a computer power supply and got shocked my hand.
Darwin's law has failed with this one.
Go get an ECG just to be safe.
What are you doing with this old shit if you don't have the electronics skills to play with them?

Do you regret trying to break into the tech industry now that people like this are given preferential treatment both in hiring and by the federal government which gives them protected class demigod status?
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No, IT guys were always degenerate. In the past with fantasies like star wars, now with genderbending and cartoons
why the fuck the jobs and govermment gave these mental ill people attention? what are they trying for real? same shit happens with google
This. Nothing new to see here. We all are freaks. Some just bit more than others.

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>Linux is difficult to learn
Excuse me?
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It's true. Learning how the kernel works takes years.
I wouldn't say to hard, just a waste of time in today's society.

Maaaaaaaaaaaaah, he's talking to himself again!!!

>1024 bytes

>1000 bytes

Why doesn't JADEC just fuck off and use GiB like you're supposed to?
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Fuck you. Metric is inherently base 10. Stop trying to apply it's conventions to base 2.
>b-b-but we made up a dumb word we want you to us-
Why doesn't ISO (and anyone else who thinks this is okay) just fuck off, ban the usage of kibibibibytes and stop memeing muh SI into this? That was the orginal way, which worked perfectly well until some bumfucked retard decided that SI-compliant terminology is more important than practicality. And now we have people thinking it's acceptable to sell 3.7ish TB drives as 4 (((TB))).
but why do isps use the bigger number for marketing while windows shows the smaller number?

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Installed unbound on openwrt, how to check if the thing works
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change /etc/resolv.conf, use dig or drill
i didn't configure anything just ran this shell script
besides this i also got DNScrypt. just throwing this out there in case it conflicts or some bs. at least DNScrypt still works.
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resolv.conf was disabled bc of dnscrypt
what do you mean dig drill and change

so recently nodejs was forked, and the core team split, because some feminists and transgenders were offended (pic related)
they created ayojs, which will focus on appropriate use of pronouns, instead of writing actual code

but most importantly, they need our help in designing a new logo
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I wish I could inflict damage upon such an ugly monster
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you've seen nothing, npm team is even worse

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Any of you backup either your Instapaper or Evernote?

Seems like both lock in your data unless you have it duplicated somehow.
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Stop giving your notes to the NSA. Use Laverna or Turtl if you must.
Thanks - do you prefer either?

And what about for scanning/digitizing documents? My main reason for using Evernote was I could quickly scan a document, have it automatically OCR'd, and available on any device. Not sure there's any other way to do this.
What about Wunderlist?

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Waterproof laptops when?
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20 years ago?
What are some current ones that can actually be submerged? Have I just never noticed toughbooks can do that?

Has /g/ ever attached little heatsinks to their laptop heatsink so they could stay cooler?
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I did once. I used to have this laptop where the GPU heatsink was a flat metal tube. I put a heatsink from a mobo chipset inside of it to get some fin area. It didn't really help, I think it restricted the airflow too much.
Just use a cooler pad and better thermal paste
Add another set of heatpipes

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What do
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change to firefox instead of using that turd
Press the space bar and have fun.
play the jumping dinosaur game

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This music player ain't half bad.
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What are it's pros over Clementine?
It may just be me, but I can't get Clementine for Windows to play Opus files. MusicBee plays them pretty fine however.
It ain't half good either.

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