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Rust is no longer just a meme language, it now has an actual proof that it's safe: https://people.mpi-sws.org/~dreyer/papers/rustbelt/paper.pdf
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It's too hard!
I'm too retarded!
C++ can do everything Rust can anyway!
Who gives a shit about some academic bullshit? There are lots of papers written about haskell and no-one uses that for anything useful.
You mean rust turned from meme language into academic meme language. Shit now we don't compare it to sepples we compare it haskell.

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Just saying...
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If buying a computer that is disappointing is the biggest mistake of your life, then you've never had any real problems and likely have no life.
>t. barista socialite who uses a Mac

(((Rust))) just got formally approved. /g/ neckbears just got eternally, permanently, rightfully, irreversibly, forcefully, painfully rectally shattered.

Microsoft's Visual C pee pee on suicide watch, Bjarne is finished and bankrupt.
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Stay there
>formally approved
Ok, I'm going to start learning c++ this week. Should I move to rust?

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i need some help, im trying to put a computer together and i've been watching linus tech. so that i understand compatibility.

if anyone can help and let me know if im missing some certain cables or major parts, and what case i should get.

thank you anons.
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>460 dollars for a 1060
oh dear lord
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>$469.99 GTX1060
Anon unless you got money burning a hole in your pocket wait for that to drop back to $200
This isn't the place for it

Alright /g/, what is your opinion on this CPU? I just pulled it out of an old laptop.
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Was an ok chip for the time, but now it's pretty shit tier like most other AMD chips. Your phone is probably more powerful than that thing. It's a dual core cpu made for laptops so it's pretty worthless for the most part.
It's pretty much proof of the OEMs being bribed by intel to undermine AMD. Once intel got sued they just paid OEMs to do shit TIM application jobs and use dogshit quality TIM.

I had an A8 APU laptop and fixed a friends i3 laptop, each one had the thermal paste applied differently. My laptop had a shit job done like the pic you posted and my friend's i3 laptop had a lot of silvery thermal paste mostly on the center and none of it was spilled over to the rest of the die.

I replaced the TIM on both yet my laptop's temps decreased by 15°C and my friend by ~3°C.
Well prepare your trash i7 for this beast!
Its my Celeron from 2002 and it can play HL2 for approximately 10 minutes before it shuts off but when its on, it runs like a dream :D

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How can I start?

>Free tutorial course provided by Dr. Andrew Ng, Co-founder of Coursera.
>If you end this course, You can now code OCR by yourself.

>Free lecture provided by University of Stanford.

>David Silver, lead programmer at DeepMind give us a lecture.

>A list of basic mathematics required for ML


Recommended Website
>Yes, It's Reddit. But It has many helpful articles though.

Do you have more? Share it!
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Past attempts at establishing a machine learning general have failed. /g/ just doesn't have the background and interest.
I'll just make this into README.md and publish on GitHub.

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>ugly as fuck (who cares)
>thicc so you know the battery is good
>quad speakers
>shoots 6k and ultra slow mo
>commercial lens mount
>quality only "short of our professional $60k cameras"
>some gay holo shit, mite b cool for porn
>only $1200

Why shouldn't I order this? It sounds like an endgame phone.

$1200 it's for a limited time and these are the jokers that charge $300k for a camera.
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I have seen no hard specs for this fucking buzzword factory

The marketing on this one is nausea inducing.
Its probably shit, made to make fast cash from retards like you OP.
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Consider all the things that occur within a single square meter of the universe.
What would be the computational power needed to comprehensively simulate everything that occurs within it?

Your computer operates at gigahertz, billions of clock cycles per second. What would be the actual time-step between each "frame" of the universe?

Consider that such a process is occurring throughout all of the known universe.
Why would such power be wasted in such a way?
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Each dot in this image represents not a star, but an entire galaxy. The position and state of every particle is updated with exceedingly high frequency.
Would you actually need to simulate it at such fidelity? Surely all that would be required as a baseline is something sufficient to fool a living being. The rest can be approximated except for when under close observation. It may impact its usefulness as a 1:1 replica of a 'real-er' world but that would be making assumptions about its purpose.
install gentoo

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Where do you usually post from?
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Screenshot (5).png
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From Table Top Simulator
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fuck you from minecraftsw

logitech did nothing wrong edition

>Buyer's template for the unenlightened:
Where to Buy:
You are new and want our advice? Use buyers template
Keyset wiki

previous: >>61260369
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is this a varmilo va87?
I'm not sure because the keys seem more recessed
>is this a varmilo va87?
generic TKL like Filco Majestouch 2 TKL Hakua with DSA Candy

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If somebody made a version of this mouse on kickstarter but where you can use it while you type thinkpad would be dead

proof me wrong
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>proof me wrong
Nice thread, Pajeet.
Doesn't look like much of a mouse maybe if that stick was a trackball
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Yeah a trackball would work just as well

Put your small questions here, after at least trying to search for an answer on line yourself.
Old thread >>61269427
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Randomly / sometimes my c/c++ programs do end by themselves, they do execute everything I told them to execute but the return in main().
[ The chances are even worse when I use exit(x) ]

This turns running the "make" command on projects (gcc, libcurl...) that compile and run "checking programs" impossible to build: feels like I have to flip a coin 50 times and get 50 tails in a row.

What the fuck could be causing this? [ I'm using Mingw-w64 on Windows (of course) ]
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I noticed that there's a big difference between the colours shown on my laptop's display against my phone's, I'm a digital artist so it's a problem

I've been looking for a new laptop, something with a 15" colour accurate display, no budget since I make dosh at my main job.
Anything to suggest?
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I tried to update the BIOS on my chinkpad today, and it failed spectacularly. Pic related is where it got stuck. Luckily all I had to do was reboot, since the flash utility stalled before it could do any real damage.

The only problem was, the flash utility disabled the power button. So my choices were either to let the battery run down, or yank the battery while the laptop was still running. I decided to run down the battery.

Did I do the right thing? I figured that yanking the battery would probably damage the computer.

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Daily reminder that...:

>Linux has no gaems
>Linux has no real software
>Driver support on Linux is shit
>The year of Linux desktop will never come
>Linux is made for servers
>Linux only benefits you if you are running a low end machine
>Linux community sucks
>The biggest achivement Linux has is Android
>Linux will never be as popular as Windows
>Linux is a meme that you should grow up

Thanks for your attention
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Good job pajeet, you're well on your way to using executive loos
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Man, Microsoft is getting really nervous
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Nice bait!

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>what can't you solve 7 captchas to create a thread?
>well, this is my website sweetie ;))
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Non-retards only need to solve 1 captcha tho, so take it as a stupidity tax.
>moot still cucking us even after he left

He has to protect his daughteru yotsuba by any means necessary.

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hd flac.png
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I can stop anytime i want

Rrright /g/ ??
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No, your journey has just begun.


Just requested a .dff

Listen to https://chiru.no:8081/highres.flac to stream 352KHz audio

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