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>check out a famous Rust developer's homepage
>his site doesn't use https
>yet he still lists his PGP key on it
such is the braintrust behind this language
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Any site that sells decent cell phone replacement parts like non shit LCDs? eBay is crap for LCD parts. Huawei preferably
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what i done

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hey OP is that minecraft running???

koolio :DD
i just installed lubuntu last night, hopefully you aren't OCD because you can't line icons to a grid or auto arrange in LX"DE"
I suffer from dyslexia.
I read "denial" instead of "xenial".

That was funny.

>tfw shitposting from restaurant wifi while in your room (major city)
>for some reason it works when I sit in the middle of the room facing a certain direction even though I have a rough idea where the router is and the other more logical positions near and out the window aren't as good for some reason

Broadband cut off because I'm currently a mega poorfag. Post your wifi grabbing techniques and stories of times you had to do the same kinda shit I'm doing.
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get a fuckin repeater if you're going to be that cheap man

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Its summer time.

Whats your HDD/Storage temps at?
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not so toasty
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Pretty cool. Helps to have a good case. I'm using an old HAF 932.
yup, sure is summer

Is it possible to get a decent computer that can run modern games (DirectX 11+, good graphics processing, etc.) but has windows 7 installed? I long ago gave up on trying to build my own computer - too much research.
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Buy an OptiPlex. Why would you want an NSA exploitable Windows 7 install anyway
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Yes. A lot of people actually avoid Win10 and install Win7 instead.

Be warned that Microsoft disabled automatic driver updates for Win7 installs (at least, on the official .iso's I downloaded from them) so you have to do all that shit manually now instead of the OS automatically downloading them from the internet.

Personally, I dual-boot: Win10 for Titanfall 2 (only game I play on windows) and Linux for doing literally everything else. Since I don't do a ton of gaming, I virtually never boot into my windows drive.

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I need to learn C++. I know /g/ thinks it's a shitty language, but I'd like some recommendations on resources I can use.
I want to learn the language in depth. It's huge and has a lot of features, so I'm not exactly sure where to start.
I've had exposure to C through K&R, so I have some programming knowledge.
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>kawaii op
alright i'll indulge you
if you arent a total retard you can do some parallel programming with it, shared resources, tasking, message passing, rendezvous etc (e.g. http://15418.courses.cs.cmu.edu/spring2015/exercises)
and pick a open source project that you can contribute to
Bruce Eckel - Thinking in C++

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I need to automate some simple tasks, and I've always had an interest in learning to write programs, so I've decided to teach myself python.

For whatever reason I'm a minimalist at heart, so I decided to install Ubuntu server without a GUI on an old laptop, installed tmux and have been using nano and IDLE to code, while I watch Lynda videos on my desktop.

Quickly found out I suck at computers, and decided to become more proficient in bash and vim before I continue my python lessons.

Is this approach retarded? Am I limiting myself, or hindering my progress? Currently intimidated by the sheer volume of stuff I need to learn.
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It is a huge volume to learn. Don't let that stop you. If you like Python stick with it. Do web based stuff on your desktop til you get the hang of it. Trying to learn linux before python is completely unnecessary. IT and programming are two completely separate disciplines. It's possible to be amazing at either without being any good at the other.
Nah, both of those are good languages for "automate routine stuff" kinds of tasks. I'd pick bash first. Write something small, like an rsync script that makes backups for you.
Just learn bash

The iPhone 7 is simply brilliant
>best build quality
>by far the best design & aesthetics (everyone copies Apple)
>best mobile operating system
>best worldwide support
>preferred device of highly productive people
you may dislike Apple, but you have to admit that nothing can top the iphone
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It also increases your dating pool
Just stop with the shilling. Please.

/g/ i really need your help now.

Ill be buying a ThinkPad soon, on my country's version of ebay there are plenty of x220 t420 and popular models like that.

Now my worry is, are these laptops good for web dev/design?

Im gonna use Linux

I need to know if something like (pic related) is at least strong enough to play some smaller games I.E. League of legends?

And finally, is it often that thinkpads are BIOS locked? If so how is a BIOS lock removed?

Be serious pls babes
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is New Game! representative of how it is like to work in the industry
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maybe i wont be a neet for the rest of my life after all
It's a crap.

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My rig started giving off a nice ozone smell after moving to a new apartment and a cleaning. I thought the PSU overheated originally, but after experimenting and sniffing various parts of my computer the smell is strongest at my liquid cooler's radiator (pic related), specifically where the hoses connect. Everything seemingly runs fine and all temps are normal. What the fuck is going on
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Looking for a new monitor, I want:
>IPS (with good quality control)
>have nvidia gpu but don't really care about gsync

or should I get the asus mg279q for $300 less and deal with not using the freesync?

I'm just worried about the quality control on these high refresh rate IPS displays tbqh
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Almost all of these 1440p 144Hz IPS screens use the exact same AUO panel, so it doesn't really matter. QC is terrible across the board and you can expect to return at least a couple before you get one with minimal enough backlight bleed/glow that you can live with it.

Personally, I sure as fuck would never pay the G-Sync tax, despite owning an Nvidia card. It's sickening to think of paying so much more for the exact same monitor, with fewer inputs to boot, just for G-Sync. Tearing and v-sync stutter are far less of an issue at high framerates anyway.
If I get it from newegg would it cost lots of money in shipping to keep RMAing it? Or would newegg cover that
I have the pg779q and its a good monitor but massively over priced. Has pretty bad IPS glow but I'm too normie to have that be a deal breaker. Would Get the cheaper free sync versions for sure because gsync is a meme I have never used

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Does C++ in Vim have to suck?
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Nope, enable all compiler warnings. use gdb (GNU debugger) to trace segfaults.
clangd is a godsend.
There are a bunch of clang backed plugins for vim now.

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should have got in on this for the future class action lawsuit after it turns out this makes you gay
Future nostalgia bate

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