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Hey /g/
I was just wondering if I could increase my WiFi range by lowering the frequency; is this possible or is OP a fagit newfag?
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frequency means how many times the "wave" will be broadcasted. in other words, it controls the speed limits. you're going to need bigger antennas or something to increase the range
OP is a fagit newfag
I have trouble with it passing through the walls
2.4GHz will pass through walls better than 5GHz.

Has anyone experience with Hackintosh stuff? I want to install OSX on my T420, but don't understand how I can make a bootable USB with only Windows. I don't have any kind of Mac.
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You have to find a vmware image on a torrent site of sierra, follow the instructions, create an Apple account and use said virtual machine to create that USB.
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for what purpose would anyone want to use macos

>American internet
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This seems old. Didn't the FCC do something about increasing the required speed for broadband?
Oligopoly, ignorant politicians, and expensive lobbyists ahoy!

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>upgrade from fx 6300/gtx 770 to r5 1600/gtx 1060 about a month ago
>feel slightly bothered for not having a gtx 1070 even though i don't really need it
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Why is Haruhi so angry? She needs to chill the fuck out.
Tyrone is out with his side chick tonight.
/g/ - Video Games

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Anyone have any recommendations or knowledge on good gaming ultra wides? Not looking for anything too expensive.
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Don't you fall for that meme now.
its not for me, its for a friend. He really wants one
He's your friend, you should show him how very little compatibility ultra wide is getting from gaymes that is, I'm assuming that's what he's after because pic in op.

If it's not for gayming purpose I'd say go for it at your/his own expenses.

At any rate i don't know any good ones so i cant recommend any, sorry.

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So i'm assembling my new PC. First in 9 years, and I want to know your thoughts about it.
CPU - Ii7-6800K BX80671I76800K
RAM - Kingston HX424C14SBK2/32 or HX432C16PB3K4/32 or HX430C15PB3K4/32
SSD - Samsung 960EVO
Case - Fractal Design Define R
Vid - Asus ROG STRIX 1080 or 1070
PSU - not sure yet, something 750W Gold
HDD - 2Tb WD2003FZEX
CPU cooling - be quiet! Silent Loop 280 or 240
Vid cooling - Arctic Accelero Hybrid II 140
Case coolers - be quiet! PURE Wings 2 140 x3
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kill yourself
Well .. at least it's soldered.
Anon why is your GPU on the rug?

>orange pie zero kit
>tf card
>silly bendy keyboard from russia
>cheap lcd car monitor (fuck off)
>euro adapter for et
>adapter for that adapter to make it eat burgers
>av 3.5mm cable
total: 40.47 plus shipping 57.08
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>AllWinner integrated Wi-Fi

Enjoy your connection dropping every 20 seconds.
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Then I'll just use the ethernet port.
>orange pie pc
>tf card
>silly bendy keyboard from russia
>cheap lcd car monitor
>hdmi cable
Surely that would be cheaper.

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What's the best way to bullshit at an interview? I can't answer technical questions on the fly under pressure, so I always blow it and drop my spaghetti. I usually know the answer though, and if I don't I know how to research and problem solve solutions. I'm going to stay neet forever if I can't figure out a fallback on what to say so there's less pressure
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Not technology.
>usually know the answer
>I can't answer technical questions on the fly
how does that work exactly?
Just prepare as many answers as you can.

And keep smiling.

Hey I want to make a device that can receive a data packet (bluetooth I guess) in order to turn a light on/off. Basically like a smart light bulb. My problem: it has to be TINY. Tiny as in thinner as a board maker and less than 3cm in height.

I think that buying a controller and a bluetooth interface separately wouldn't be the most cost/space-efficient way so having a chip that already comes with bluetooth functionality would be perfect.

I can code in various programming languages and the device doesn't need to have much processing power. Like I said, it's to turn a light on an off every couple of minutes and I can live with a delay of 10 seconds, latency isn't an issue either.

It just has to be small and cheap.
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ESP32 or something from Nordic Semi

pic related
fucking wow, this is great, exactly what I needed, thanks guys!!!

Still open to other suggestions but I will defo check this out. Wifi wasn't even necessary but this way I can maybe make them communicate with each other

i will be teaching math and physics online so i need a drawing tablet with an eraser. i won't be using it for drawing so i guess i can buy a cheap one that is big?
if anyone here has experience with these i would love some recommendations.
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>drawing tablet

pick one
Like >>61443898 said you won't find a big cheap tablet, cheap and good? Sure but not big.
Huion tablets on aliexpress

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I have written code that seems to be solid, however it is only displaying pay for two employees.. If anyione can just see what I did wrong It would be so helpful thank you!
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How should I post my code?
// last edited Julyt 18th 2017

#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
#include <string>
#include <iomanip>
using namespace std;

class Payroll {
double hours, payrate, grosspay; // hours each worker worked
// Thepay rate of each person
// The gross amount they are going to get paied

void updateGrosspay() {
if (hours <= 40) {
grosspay = hours * payrate;
else {
grosspay = (hours - 40) * (payrate * 1.5) + (40 * payrate); // overtime

Payroll() {
hours = 0.0;
payrate = 0.0;
grosspay = 0.0;

Payroll(double hour, double pay) {
hours = hour;
payrate = pay;

void setHours(double hour) {
hours = hour;

void setpayRate(double pay) {
payrate = pay;

double getHours() {
return hours;
double getPayRate() {
return payrate;

double getGrossPay() {
return grosspay;

int main() {
const int numOfEmployee = 7;
Payroll totalpay[numOfEmployee];

for (int index = 0; index < numOfEmployee; index++) {
double getdata, payrate, hour, grosspay;
cout << "Plese enter hours worked by employee #" << (index + 1) << ": ";
cin >> hour;
cout << "Enter pay rate for this employee: $";
cin >> payrate;

totalpay[index] = Payroll(hour, payrate);
// Display each employee's gross pay
cout << "\nHere is the gross pay for each employee:\n";
cout << fixed << showpoint << setprecision(2);

for (int index = 0; index < numOfEmployee; index++) {
cout << "<<Employee #" << setw(2) << (index + 1) << " : Your Gross Pay is $"
<< totalpay[index].getGrossPay() << endl;


return 0;

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Press F.

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good fucking riddance
Fake news.

>During the release of 1.7.13 an announcement was made, that it might be the last official release due to a lack of developers. Since then, several people have contacted the project admin (XhmikosR) with the offer to help. So the project is still alive. Basic maintenance tasks (like updating external components such as LAV Filters) are covered. Ideally we would like to get some actual real development action going too. So we need new and more developers.

Thank god!

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Here's finally your chance to spread knowledge about the botnet to the masses

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>botnet shilling about botnet
It's just self promotion at that point
is that Edward Snowden?
>that same company that got caught using Google analytics is making a film on privacy


Confirmed BOTNET!
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Sad but expected news.
Intel isn't either.
Only non-botnet CPUs are Core 2 Duo (in some instances Core 2 Quad) and AMD FX series and older


>AMD Radeon RX Vega Compared Against a GeForce GTX 1080 in Budapest – Almost Similar Performance in Battlefield 1, Launches in 2 Weeks

Vega is DOA confirmed
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>no FPS counters
>locked FPS due to adaptive-sync
A valid benchmark!
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Meanwhile in the workloads this card was made for... >>61437231

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