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Is it possible to make my smartphone(Samsung Galaxy S6 specifically) completely free or as free as possible? Should I use something other than Android or should I just use some free ROM?
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No. This is why RMS doesn't have one.

I hope you like old tech
how is it free unless you stole it jamal

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Did windows 10 really make it impossible to get into safe mode without a password?

>Typical family member retardation, account got hijacked
>Password was changed and locked out
>now they run to me for help
>restart, safe mode, activate admit, delete old account, recover. was my battle plan

Are they really this greedy they would fuck their userbase? I can't get inside this shitbox without a complete reinstall (No disc) or by shilling out to microsoft/HP for a remote password wipe.
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never used windows 10, but you could replace the password hive in previous releases
you can try that sethc.exe trick
try Kon-Boot

Why is everyone fucking ever trying to sell me an Amazon Echo? Every channel on TV, every store, every website. It never stops. I don't want this piece of shit. Why do you insist on every home containing this fucking thing when we already have smartphones that don't need to stay in one place?
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>not using an adblocker
>unironically watching tv
this, I don't even know what that dildo is supposed to be
Enjoy your product placements and sponsored posts faggot.
Amazon pays them. See above.

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Most useful and/or patrician things you can make this do
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Retropie if you're a man child. Very patrician.

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Hey guys,
im an editor for a youtube channel and i have a really interesting and technical video coming out where alot of developers give insight to their work.
i just cant figure out how to reach the target audiance - programmers, developers geeks and just general tech people
pls helper
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give shekels to Google
post it on ashemaletube
make medium article summing up stuff you learnt from the interviews with link to vid, post article on hackernews
will still be more interesting than 40% of the stuff posted there

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>hundreds hidden instructions on x86
>buy AMD or Intel. It's safe.
Oy vey! The Goyim know. SHIT IT DOWN
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lol see Linux fans you arent safe ... just come to Windows 10 you cant fight them
CISC was a mistake.

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Finally a real Linux distribution on the phone.
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>Finally a real Linux distribution on the phone.
Tell it not to be too long. Phone calls are expensive these days
Mageia already exists.
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Looking for some insight into what could be the problem with my laptop.

For about a year it has been unable to charge. I took it to a store and they said it has a broken circuit on the motherboard that would normally take power to the battery.

About 3-4 months ago it started cutting out when doing something demanding like playing a video game or multitasking between multiple heavy programs.

I've cleaned the fan and it continues so I'm pretty sure it isn't overheating. It's also less likely to happen if the computer has been on "hibernate" for a while and if it does happen, it happens as the fan starts to get loud.

Anyone have an idea what could be the issue?

It's an acer aspire 7750G
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Swap out the motherboard, and be done with it.
>what could be the problem with my laptop

It appears to be on fire. Try pissing on it.
costs more than the laptop is worth

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Hello /g/,

Which color theme is that?

This is some java code on eclipse. I want to use the same color theme for android studio, but eclipse won't tell me what color theme this was. I changed it on eclipse ages ago, can't really remember anymore.

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There is a survey that I can take at work and if we get good enough scores for our unit we get bonuses. Does anyone here know of any good programs to emulate devices or spoof your device fingerprints? On a monthly basis I would need to be able to spoof about 100 different devices if possible.
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So says the unemployed NEET

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Should i care about linux mint update issue when i want to install it to cumputer used only for steam, internet and retro emulator?
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What update issue?
Some of updates are marked as dangerous for stability so they are not installed automatically
Just open terminal and use this:
sudo apt-get update && time sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Why does the avatar (Blue bear) look sleep deprived?
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He's working hard for you anon
Because there are bags under its eyes.

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I needed a screw for my ssd msata and went to my local chick tech repair shop. Last time I was in one of these shops I was a little kid so I didn't really connected the change with the rise of smartphone popularity.

Holy shit that place was full of tech illiterate. I'm not surprised about the tech illiteracy in there, but about the fucking number of people waiting and asking for dumb questions. And the price list! They were charging like 10 eurobucks for fucking installing Gapps, 20 for formatting android, 40 for formatting Windows.

I only now realize how much money you can make with an activity like that.
What do you think /g/?

And no they didn't have fucking screws.
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"Repair" shop are basically handphone reseller shops now. Best profit margin, less overheads.

the funny thing is they only do the simplest of repair for brainlets these days. for anything more difficult than installing windows or changing laptop battery they just say it's impossible.
>europoor 3rd worlder complaining
Typical, as always.

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>white cis male scientist being honored on google

why is that allowed
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well they did make him look gay, thats probably enough.
Queen Elizabeth begins powerful figure in secret society (((Google))) honor Sir like sir john cornforth, ((())) >>>>>>> SJW

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What did they mean by this?
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nice bait thread.

unless you're from the Congo there's no excuse you cant read plain fucking english
>last updated: 6 years ago
kys OP

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