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Thanks CIA Niqqas
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The fuck am I looking at? Did the CIA hax my text editor?
Vault 7, multiple CIA keys were released with info. OP registered Sublime Text with a CIA purchased key.
it was blacklisted long ago. use the twatterinc

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What kind of cuck would have this thing in their house listening to everything they say? Seriously, this is like a 1984 telescreen.
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These. My 50 year old father has 3 echo dots in each of his houses.

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Why even get iOS at this point when Android does everything?
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Apple is a premium product. Those are poorfag features
what is that chart referring to when it says "free music"

worked 2 months at a retard home (1 home with 7 full retards that cant do anything and 1 home with 4 medi-core down syndrom retards that can do some things)
>ask me anything
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How many of them posted here? It's a resounding 11/11 right?
Was it anything the the movies?
Well, we have one over here already >>61648024

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Facecuck and Jewgle are on life support, the free-with-ads model is dead. What comes next?

>So P&G cut over $100 million out of its digital advertising spend in the fourth quarter, and this is what happened, according to Moeller: “We didn’t see a reduction in the growth rate.” And he added, “What that tells me is that that spending that we cut was largely ineffective.
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What does this mean?
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The internet advertising bubble is bursting. P&G calling it a waste of money is bad news bears for the industry.
It always amazed me that companies would spend such insane amounts of money for advertising. Like, why bother advertising something like cars, when you see them everyday and probably know someone who has whatever you're interested in? Ultimately, it's the price that's going to determine if you buy it or not, not some stupid ad.

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>website requires bootstrap, jquery, a dozen js libraries, 2 icon packs
>its nothing but text and images

if you do this kill yourself right now
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nu male who never leaves the san francisco metro area: "Works fine on my computer!"
>Works fine on my Macbook Pro!
There is literally nothing wrong with using bootstrap & jq to quickly design and implement a site

literally no one cares about you anti-js fags

>made a thread a month ago
>asked about the new surface
>/g/ sperged out
>purchased it anyway
>literally the best purchase I have ever made,

Why is /g/ against the new surface laptop?
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/g/ are autistic. They're great machines, just not serviceable at all. Pray nothing fucks up because you will most likely have to replace the entire machine.
You run Windows

(fuck you)
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Nice blog

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What is the most meme language?
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Holy shit, Skylake-X was hot and power hungry already at 140W TDP. Are you guys ready for 165W TDP?
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AMD = Threadripper
Intel = Socketmelter
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Are there any benefits of having shared memory between CPU and GPU?
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Cost, area, complexity.

Assuming you're not using your GPU for anything intensive, it's a much better idea than sticking GDDR5 on the motherboard.
Consoles have done it since the Xbox so sure.
is that why consoles do it? like the PS4?

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>Slower than a $400 GTX1080 that was released 1.5 years ago
>Runs at 300w TDP
>Not even liquid cooling will cool it off

Is AMD done?
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> GTX 1080
> $400
nice meme lol
>$400 GTX1080

Also it'll probably scale better at 4k due to better memory...
Yup, the only thing that can keep them in the market is if they have a >1070 card for cheaper.

Knowing AMD, this isn't going to happen.

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Ask your stupid questions ITT.

Please take few seconds to Google it before asking and read the sticky first.

Old thread >>61637115
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How do I calculate cost per minute.
For example, I want to charge $0.7 per minute for 2 minutes and 54 seconds, how do I calculate this?

Is it just 0.7 * 2.54
I should have over a thousand peers on my i2p XOfR router.

Why do I only have 10?
What's the best website and/or book to learn about Linux commands?

How do freetards justify using non-free sites and even 4chan? Lots of sites have non-free elements, are proprietary, etc. Even 4chan is. So, how do you justify using these sites rather than the handful of open source and free ones?

Because the FSF has yet to make a list of approved sites and if they did 4chan sure wouldn't be on it.
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You can use it without non-free javascript.
No. Even if you could, 4chan is not open source and the ads are borderline malware and non-free.
4chan's code doesn't run on my mashine it runs on a server. You can just block the ads.

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Is now the time to buy a "gaming" laptop? Are they still loud, hot shit?
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If you travel to a lot of LAN events, sure. If not just get a desktop and a cheap laptop.
I have a desktop, but I want a lappy. I just want to know if it should be a gaming one or not
Do you do a decent amount of traveling? Do you play games that don't require an internet connection when going mobile? Will you even have time to play games when traveling? If no, buy a desktop. Cheaper and upgradeable. There aren't many reasons to own a gaming laptop. All I wish my pos laptop had was an SSD.

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label reader.jpg
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So Linus Shill Tips hosted his own event, 'LTX 2017', and did nothing but shill for AMD for the entire event to an audience of about 50-60 teenagers.

Is this proof that /g/'s favourite label reader is BTFO/bankrupt and will never recover?
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Broke-ass teenagers can't get enough rides in their mom's car to make it there since they spent all their allowance on shiny new Razor keyboards and mice. Doesn't mean his audience just vanished.
Man we really need an e-celeb board.
This shit is getting so fucking old.
No one cares about fucking linus, you fucking teenager.
Fuck off faggot, Linus is /our guy/. The reason it has a small audience is because it's an incredibly exclusive event.

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