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How fast is your internet /g/?

>tfw cucked upload speed
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Basically free, so whatever.
I rarely go over 8.xx Mbps, but I've only a 10 MB connection with copper cables.
For the Italian average is even good, since most people who live in the South hardly go over 800 KBps
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>tfw getting gigabit next month
so excite!

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Hello /g/
I found this app consuming all of my iPhone CPU, I've Google it but I didn't found anything about it
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Hello Arise

Install Gentoo
lmao cucked
i assume it's this

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sup /g/

so my thinkpad T420 randomly crapped out on my flight out to DEFCON and won't power on again

>battery was pretty old but still working
>power adapter is still putting out 20.1V just fine
>no buttons do shit, no LEDs or anything light up
>tried pulling CMOS battery+main battery and hitting power button 10 times, then holding 30 sec... still nothing

So what's next? New mobo?
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take the battery out, hold power 10 secs, then insert the battery WHILE STILL HOLDING POWER
stop using autist hardware and buy proper hardware from apple
somebody at DEFCON fucked your shit up

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How do I pirate Windows 10 "Metro" apps.
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install gentoo
Install Gentoo.
>using windows 10
>using windows apps
do you realy think /g/ will help you

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sticker thread
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What a terrible bait.
Is this a new meme?

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Why are the Ruby and JavaScript communities full of annoying faggots?
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That's what your problem is applekid.
kill me
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I don't use either though.

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I've been using Ubuntu for a while now because it's the most straightforward Linux distro to use for a novice.

But I hear Gentoo is better. Is there any reading I should do before jumping ships?
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Where'd you hear that from?
The installation manual?
You can install it in a chroot if you just want to try it out
Budgie + Wine is the closest thing to the Windows 7 experience

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Do you think in our lifetime we'll be able to send smells to each other? Like via cell phone, if I smell something weird I can sample it with my phone with a smell-microphone and send it to someone else's phone for them to smell it?
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A thread died for this.
No. How could such a system control spam?
Why would you send the smell of Spam to someone?

There is literally no reason to use Linux. Heck, there's no reason to use anything other than Mac OS™ and Windows™(10®). Why, the poorfag asks? Allow me to explain-

You use Mac for-
>showing cute videos to your friends
>sniggling up with your gf
>going hiking and casting to reddit
>just being a super relient go-to machine that'll have your back in a pinch

Windows you use for
>playing video games
>making expensive machines
>school computers

Linux, on the other hand, exists only for these principle reasons
>watching adult cartoons
>making elaborate screenshots with a bunch of random numbers with a drawing of a girl
>harm children through the internet

And those don't sound like what makes OUR tech community so great. Take a hint from the winning side and dump on Linux.

Pic related: LOL
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Its like you dont even understand that uses for computers exist outside of stupid shit like watching videos and facebook.
>Pic related: LOL
your kind doesn't belong on this site

So AMD gives a Threadripper CPU to derb8auer, says he can delid it, and then asks him to take down the video. What the fuck is wrong with AMD's marketing? A lot of people have already seen it and news sites are already writing about it. If they didn't want people to know what's inside why would you give an engineering sample to a guy famous for delidding CPU's?
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>b-but Intel are the bad guys!
>a-amd is awesome!
yeah nah both are greedy corporations, AMD is incompetent and manufactures mostly shitty hardware on top of that.
The guy earns a living selling Intel CPUs. Whatever he says about AMD is biased.
That was some stupid shitty move by amd. They would be so better off if they just would stay idle

>Headphone purchase advice:

Please put some effort into your requests and questions.

If you dislike a suggestion, explain why and try giving a better suggestion to whomever asked.

For sub-$50 headphones and IEMs, check out the infographic in >>>/g/csg

>/g/ wiki headphone FAQ:

Previous thread - >>61601776
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1st for rtings
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What is the second best headphone behind the HD600?

Please respond.

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>install w7 home basic long ago because I didn't think I would need the premium shit.
>fast forward 7 years later
>have 16gb ram sticks in my hands
>w7 home basic only supports up to 8gb

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No surprise you fucked up, you can't even post an image correctly.

i dunno are you in a university? Or do you work for one, do you have a .edu? You might be able to get Windows 7/10 versions real cheap, or for free

So stick a quarter in your ass 'cause you played yourself.

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>be me
>get job at a company that does biotech stuff
>first week
>guy asks me to write some documentation for something
>figure I'll impress him by using latex
>finish it in three days
>work of art
>turn it in
>tells me to rewrite the whole thing in microsoft word 2003

one week in and I already want to spill normie blood
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Care to post a sample of your work?
it's on my work computer, unfortunately. describes how the software talks to a testing instrument over serial.

Get your faggot ass out of there, unless the money is pretty good.
If the latter, I don't know. Just F.

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Is there any serious reason to use BSD over Linux?
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you realize 4chan is being run on a cluster of mac mini's in Moot's basement that are using BSD, right?
Dunno. Try out both and pick the one you like the most.
What does this have to do with /pol/?

Hasn't 4chan been move to official servers long before moot gave this site up to Hiro?

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Okay /g/, I've had a Lenovo ThinkPad for ages and it finally died on me. I'm pretty attached to the track point so it's preferable in a laptop. Any suggestions? ThinkPads would be preferable but open to anything. Need enough power to game and work.
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What kind of budget do you have?
I don't mind spending a bit over 1000, but the cheaper the better
Thinkpad T430
Samsung SSD (your size you want)
SSD Caddy. Remove optical drive add ssd.
More ram
Backlit thinkpad keyboard.

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