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>16 cores
>pisses all over 7900X in performance
>as big as a SATA SSD so people know it's the real deal
>only $999

Press S to spit on Intel's grave.

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Delete this thread please.
I am actually quite impressed with how big the thing is.
Also I think the name threadripper is really cool.

Still staying with Intel of course, I like to be cucked.
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>tfw forever an Intel cuck

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Intel BTFO's amd


>Software not optimized for AMD's 4 die / socket implementation
>Likely a multi-year investment effort to develop, optimize and validate an ecosystem
>Inconsistent Performance from 4 GLUED-together Desktop Die
>Lack of Ecosystem
>4 GLUED-together desktop dies

Where were u when AMD got finished?
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>intel resorting to /g/-tier shitposting
what a time to be alive
You can only have 5 threads running, Rabbi.

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All memes aside, will this be a good piece of normie tech?
>inb4 jaguar cpu
well duh
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no until they introduce a upgradable Xbox in the future
Consoles are dying, this is simply M$ milking the phenomenon while they still can.
it's completely pointless, even turbo normalfags can build a pc

There are more scientists, inventors, savants and geniuses alive today than at any point before in history. And yet groundbreaking new scientific discoveries have dried up completely. These days advances in technology are just about slightly improving things that already exist. Nothing new is being worked on.

Does this mean we have reached the limit of scientific discovery? Do you see any future for technology?
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Because of the sorry ass state of education, surely.

The academic sector does not invite to personal success. Development of the individual is seen as unnecessary. Decades ago, universities were research centers. Now they exist solely to prepare one for working at large corporations.
Can confirm, at least for engineering.

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why did nobody tell me about this

I can finally use linux as my main OS
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He learned that tge free piece if shit has a file system

Are we still memeing about thumbnails?

Just ordered the Asus X299 Prime Deluxe + i7-7820x for workstation level work.

Did I screw up bros?
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Not really, just price to performance ration is not that great.
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Thanks <3

I was scared that it was a bad investment.

$489 (Mobo) + $599 (CPU) but I think it'll last me for at least 4-5 years :^)

I was gonna go with ASrock mobo and shave like $100 off but I've been using ASUS for like 10 years I'd rather stay on that camp. This PC is going to be on 24/7.
>i7 and gaymen motherboard for workstation

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>want to live in van
>no laptops use low enough volts
>hotspots now are shit
>phablets will probably not werk right but are conveniently low volt
>will have to be a fucking phone poster
>cheap ass will never save up enough money for the van anyway or else would better batteries, hack cell to tether if possible, and connect to laptop
Hopefully those chinese cheap phablets that take sims work well enough.
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>no laptops use low enough volts
Just get a cheap 12Vdv->110Vac inverter to plug your laptop power brick into.
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>want to live in van

I ordered a ThinkPad P51 that's being delivered in the morning
>2.9 Core i7-7820HQ
>16GB DDR4
>512GB PCIe M2 SSD
>Quadro M2200M

I have been getting by with a Windows 7 VM on a Late 2011 MacBook Pro after my last ThinkPad died. I've been reading reviews online about the benefits/cons of VMware and Hyper-V; some say I should expect better performance and stability with Hyper-V, and others don't see a difference.

I also don't need 3D accelerated graphics within the VM, just the basic 2D adapter.

Any current insight into VMware Workstation vs Client Hyper-V in Windows 10 LTSB?
Is it worth spending a few hours configuring a new VM for Hyper-V, or will I be fine just moving over my existing VM for VMware?
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Install Gentoo
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I am curious as to how well VM's run in Hyper-B as opposed to VMware. Please respond!

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why can i find a replacement?

Did we peak in mini 8.9 inch netbooks in 2008?

I dont want a tablet without keyboard, or detachable screens or touch screens or android or windows 10

Just a lean small 1kg laptop not an oversized phone
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The Apple MacBook is everything a netbook ever tried to be. I really loved the idea of netbooks but I never understood why they had to be so fat.
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not that i ever would buy a macbook, but the screen is also huge. I can buy better slim laptops If thats what i was looking for

I was looking the small factor. Phat is okay

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problems i have had since using KDE 5

panel freezes while running certain programs and displays the same time for hours without updating
plugging in my phone results in multiple requests to transfer data and refusing to send any amount of power to charge
literally cant turn off system locking despite settings it off in the options

im swapping away from this garbage DE even gnome was 20 times better because it fucking worked but ill probably go with LXDE cause compositing is pointless
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Maybe lxqt? It's a bit early still, but since it's qt it has access to a lot of kde repo, and I believe there's a theme that makes it look similar to kde.
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no kde is fine. you are either a corelet or ramlet. go fuck yourself OP
t. kdefag

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Pliss help, anyone know of laptop that looks like Macbook Pro, but isn't dogshit internally?
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go be a dumb cunt faggot shitlicker somewhere else you cockgobbling niggerfaggot aidscolony
make that model do something lewd and i'll tell you

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Intel salt.png
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>Inconsistent Performance from 4 Glued-together Desktop Die

What did Intel mean by this?
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it's truth tho
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Marketing . Truly awful marketing at that.
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Is Javascript good now?

const f = async () => (
new Promise((resolve,reject)=>(
setTimeout(()=>{resolve(Math.random())}, Math.random()*3000)

async function kek() {
let r = [
await f(),
await f(),
await f(),
await f()
console.log(`Result: ${r}`);

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I'm not sure why this exists when you could just do Promise.then
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>53-bit integer that only do 32-bit bitwise arithmetic
>even using bitwise arithmetic

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Lizard squad is bad, They don't even do any main stream cool attacks.
also ended lol
What are you asking for?

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50 TB SSD in 3.5in Form Factor.

I'll just leave this here.
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that's a 3.5" SSD?

the logo sucks though to boring and not very hip and happening for bissiness.
this is not the 70's gramps you can't get away with plain shit like this.

besides what could one do on a 50TB SSD
let alone a 60TB HDD?

I just realised just now that bitcoin leager-backchian is just over 145GB long.
Every anime you could download.
Every movie you could download.
Every games you could download
Every tv shows you could download.

And probably some little leftover space for every porn you could download.

Right now, my storage is at ~8 TB and I'm only saving up what I really rate as high quality. With 50 TB, I wouldn't have to ever delete (atleast for a while).
>Not SAS3 or NVMe

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