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>be me
>pay 40 euros a month for internet at home (no bandwidth limit)
>get unlimited 4G subscription for my phone for 25 euros
>now using USB tethering on my desktop
>going to cancel home subscription

speed is upward of 50mbit, and a ping of only 15ms
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Tethering is shit, you might have good speeds now, wait till they start throttling you then your phone turns into a dumbphone even when not tethered.

50mb costs next to nothing across yurop anyway

This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well as the micro-engineering and materials engineering that are required to make a fine watch, clock, or other timepiece.

>Required Viewings For Israelis:

>Strap Guide:

Previous thread:
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Poorfag here, that decided to wear a watch again.
What would you consider buying?
The Casio MRW-200H which is ~20€ (Amazon Germany) is to big for me (4,5 cm x 4,5 cm), so i'm looking for something smaller. Preferably one that is analog and where i can change the strap, cause i like leather.

Pic related was recommended in the last thread and is not analog, but looks neat.
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the best

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Desks are technology

Can we talk about desks?
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I'm more of a KDE guy myself.
A Vega thread died for this. Shame on you OP!
anyone know a good looking stand/sit?
one that doesnt cost a fortune would be nice

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Is there a software that allows you to recover deleted files with specific extensions?
I just lost 200 gb of compressed .bin files that were supposed to be backups of my old hard drive and every software I use doesn't detect that extension.
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you cant recover bin files because there's no way to detect them, they have no header like a jpeg for example with a clear begining and end. I could be wrong though
your cp is gone for good
Don't joke about that anon, it can happen to all of us.

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Go is pretty good. Has issues like any programming language but the built in concurrency is nice. Wish it had generics tho
No? Best lang for fast API's and text templates. Nice single binary output. Based CSP concurrency. Great little language.
I dont really hate it like i would hate PHP. It's like ehhh, why does it even exist

When did QT become absolute cancer? They still develop the GPL version, but how long until that gets deprecated to make room for their "product". I'm fucking triggered now because I'm not sure if I should even start learning QT considering the direction it's headed.
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>When did QT become absolute cancer
The moment they went for C++ instead of C.
>/v/edditors shitpost about being able to sell free software
>QT finds a way and OP chooses to complain about it
The future is Electron. :)

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No, fuck off to NSA
THIS german kid KEKED the whole freetard world while makes shitlods in the progress

Can I have the just init system without all the other shit?

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What OS does he use?
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he looks like a fag, so macos
SJWOS aka Loonix
Windows because you don't eat where you shit (unless your Indian)

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hello 4chan
i have every single location setting turned off yet facebook still knows my fucking location?
how is this possible i disabled everything everywhere
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IP address.
>IP address
not true with mobile connection

>how is this possible i disabled everything everywhere
literally complaining that a social engineering spying engine is gathering your location data. either get used to it like a normie or get rid of it like an anon.
>thinking that disabling antennas actually disables antennas

Also cellular triangulation can be used, or which WiFi networks are in range (these can be detected even with WiFi """""""disabled"""""")

how do we fix the normie problem

they ruin everything they get their hands on, run into problems no sane person should, ruined countless term meanings, have inflated the GPU market chasing "easy money", encourage brand wars, and have turned all operating systems on the planet into shitty messes "for convenience"

is supporting abortion technologies the only way?
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Start with the parents, schools and sorrundings, and then work our way down.
This won't work however, because there will always be tumors in society.
Better to keep everything locked away from them and anyone who broadcasts or speaks of it, like the case with 4chan, though b was to blame, alongside media covering them, being stoned to death.
This is all a case of secondary and deluded information. All of which, are caused by the fucking secondaries.
Gpu mining is the future your just mad your late
To make it worse, they're fucking lazy.

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Let's see how many brainlets are on /g/ tonight

>Rotate outer matrix by one element clockwise/counter-clockwise

>time complexity: O(n) or better
>constant space complexity (= creating another matrix is not allowed)

2 1 8 7 4
3 9 0 2 6
8 1 4 3 9
0 1 3 8 1
7 5 5 6 2
>rotated clockwise
3 2 1 8 7
8 9 0 2 4
0 1 4 3 6
7 1 3 8 9
5 5 6 2 1

>OP solution (try it yourself first, Pajeet):
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Usually 4chan doesn't do someone's homework.
I see nothing hard here.
I have already done it and provided link to my solution. Learn to read, retard.

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All web browsers support apng now. Why doesn't 4chan?
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4chan is not a web browser
Hiro is bush scracthing his balls
4chan is a botnet

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The wires on these fuckers make my face itchy. Is there any way to coat them with something so that they don't touch my skin? They have decent quality so I wouldn't want to replace them.
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I was thinking of coating them with something but I don't know what

dont worry they will break soon enough, then go buy some kz for a fraction of the price

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>yfw recent progress in AI research

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Can't wait to see this used in a starcraft bot.
Me too. I still think have a ways to go before it can compete with pros. At least if it is limited to average pro APM.
they are surely going to limit APMs yes

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Does /g/ like textboards? What do you think of them compared to imageboards?
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Hasn't gone mainstream with normalfags like imageboards did, I'll give it that.
Is there even a good textboard with an active userbase?
They're shit and all text board memes were shit too

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