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Hey, somebody want to assist with a planned purchase? It's between for a 60Hz gaming monitor, and I'm a little out of my element. It's between:

BenQ RL2755 [TN] vs Asus MX279H [IPS]

Both are rated @ 9-10ms of input lag according to displaylag.com. So, that's like, total time processing time between action and output? BenQ touts their usual "1ms response time" while I think the Asus panel is going to be ~4-5ms? And that's more about how quickly a pixel in the monitor can change to another color, so longer response time is more ghosting or something?

Anyway, I'm mostly just using it for fighters (Guilty Gear and the like). The prices are similar and in my range. I don't need more than 60 hz. If that IPS panel is gonna look way better with no cost to performance, well... I'm all aboard, but also cogniscent of "getting what I pay for." Anyway, thanks for the help.
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If you're that worried about display lag just try to track down a decent VGA CRT. Zero input lag and way more than 60hz.
Never go full tn.
I appreciate that thought. I already have a VGA CRT layin' around. I'm lookin' for something that's 16:9 at this point, and while HDCRTs for those do exist,

a) they are out of my price range
b) I already have enough CRTs in my life (an 18" 31khz, a 20" PVM, a 27" Wega lol

Yeah I've had this old LG226WT as my monitor for, like, seven fucking years. I've never given an IPS panel a try and that ASUS seems pretty good. Just wanna make sure I'm not, like, taking a step back in terms of performance.

Oh look, it's Milllia. Say "hi" to Millia.

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>he doesn't use the Links browser
excuse me?
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It's the year 1999, the cia niggers are glowing in the dark

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So /g/ doesn't not have any approved All-In-Ones?
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Do you remember when Google was cool and actually useful?

Now it seems to have become a SJW infested spy company.

If the DOJ had the balls to go after Microsoft for bundling IE, why the hell are they not tearing Google apart?

Google needs to be dismantled.
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>sjws!!!! omg!!!!
it's another one of these idiots
install adnaseum XD

youtube changed the format, we should be talking about that instead of how the censor and demonetize, didnt you get the meme-o

>Get up and browse for some news
>A million fucking ads everywhere
>That's strange why didn't ubloc-
No seriously what the fuck happened here? Last night it worked just fine but now today mozilla decided that adblockerrs are a sin?
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uBlock is being updated to be compatible with webextensions, I guess that's the culprit. But idk, dropping 53 feels weird to me.
I'm pretty anal about updating firefox yet at the same time I can't help but use it becasue it's the only browserr with all my addons.
just update the whole thing and get it over with, it's all shit anyway

Why do iPhones suck so much ass? How do people still buy into Apple's garbage products?
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How much are you getting paid to shitpost? Get a life.
>t. iToddler

In all seriousness I own an ipod classic and an ipod nano, but I'd never ow.n an iPhail or a CrapBook
I don't even like iPhones. I'm just tired of seeing this shit being posted by raging autists who have nothing better to do. We get it, iPhones are dumb and their users are toddlers etc. What the fuck is there to gain by repeatedly posting this garbage? Does it grow your 1" dick a little bit to trash talk a phone that you don't even have? Just ignore it if you don't like it.

Its over
>End of The Pirate Bay? How Apple could be about to STOP torrent piracy forever
Apple will allow its users to stream a movie for £38 just 17 days after a film’s theatrical debut, thereby stopping piracy for good.
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tfw yiffy will be release date + 17 days from now on
So going to cinema isn't worth it anymore? After 17 days it will be on tpb
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That's not going to stop piracy, fag.

In fact this will just increase piracy as people get access to video before it's out on blu-ray discs lmao.

btw anyone interested in encoding video:
V: 10-bit HEVC, faster preset, 22 CRF
A: 128 vbr Opus

Do that for 1080p, 720p, or even 4K. Video will come out with the absolute best balance of quality and file size.

Encoder GUI: https://github.com/stax76/staxrip/releases

latest 10-bit x265 encoder: https://builds.x265.eu

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So I bought an HP 8560w and it has a 1080p screen. On the laptop's screen everything looks fine.

When I connect the laptop to my 43" tv, the layout shifts and the fonts look ratty. Pics and video look fine. When I connect the same tv to my desktop everything looks clean and sharp with no layout disruption.

Windows 10 says each screen is set to 1080p. Fine. So what gives with the quality drop? Did they do some sort of upscaling to cheat 1080p on the laptop screen? I'm not looking for tech support nor to bitch. I'm just wondering how the technology works.

Pic 1, the laptop.
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Pic 2, the tv.

I forogt to mention that the laptop doesn't have an HDMI out, so I'm using a displayport to HDMI adapter. I wouldn't expect it to affect the picture like this.
maybe the tv is interlaced and windows has autism
idk man, you're tv probably has some virus or some bad stuff like that

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Displayport or HDMI?
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DP1.4 or GTFO
displayport seems better on a device that might move around a bit like a laptop

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If my DDR3 ram runs at 1.35V can I put it in a DDR3L slot without destroying my cpu?
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pls respond
It won't destroy your CPU. But depending on your BIOS it might not boot.

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I'm trying to fix my wifi during Arch Install using Target's Guest Wifi. I'm trying to "use wifi-menu -o as root to generate the profile file in /etc/netctl/" as per the wiki. So far I:
>found and activated wlp1so interface
>Confirmed status of interface successfully
>Scanned for wifi

Now when I use wifi-menu I can see the network I want. But I get a long "job for [email protected]/..........service failed because the control process exited with error.

What'd I do?
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Red pill me on why I should NOT use Chrome?
I hear shit talk about Bot-netting, spying, generic evil but I need some form of proof. Be it Wireshark reports, documentation of code, compiled reports from credible sources. Something.

Also strong/functional alternatives would be handy. I have used Firefox in the past but now they are going SJW.
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Just use it if you find it comfortable. It's one of the only browsers out there that can handle a thousand of tabs.
>I have used Firefox in the past but now they are going SJW.
if you have a problem with this, why wouldn't you also have a problem with Google, who are just as bad? SJW bullshit aside, Firefox at least let's you keep your privacy without going through the hoops of Iridium or Ungoogled Chromium.

i mostly just use Nightly + qutebrowser these days

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>Those of you who still find it enjoyable to learn the details of, say, a programming language - being able to happily recite off if NaN equals or does not equal null - you just don't yet understand how utterly fucked the whole thing is. If you think it would be cute to align all of the equals signs in your code, if you spend time configuring your window manager or editor, if put unicode check marks in your test runner, if you add unnecessary hierarchies in your code directories, if you are doing anything beyond just solving the problem - you don't understand how fucked the whole thing is. No one gives a fuck about the glib object model.
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"See me in my office" - User experience manager

Tell me what sucks the most about UNIX-like OSes
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the users
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Desktop environments and video/graphics editing tools.

For me Win7 have the all time best user interface. And Gimp/Blender duo will never be as good as photoshop/3ds max.

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What are some genuine reasons for using one over the other?
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freebsd has a better tcp stack, zfs, and jails.
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I don't use fascist OSes.
systemDOS or cuckOS, choose you're poison

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