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so i got this phone from a friend who was moving, cheap 6" Polaroid Link 6" aka a600. It's running Marshmallow, and cant turn up anything on how to root it. Any help is appreciated.
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if google doesn't turn up anything then it's probably one of the few that are unrootable. next time google first then buy, if rooting is a dealbreaker for ya
give it back tyroquious

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I made a samba storage server, for my family to access, store files, and share files. I built a pc out of cheap ass parts, and spent some on HDDs. Of course I installed gentoo. How would you go about doing this? Use a old PC? Use my approach?
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Either build a cheap PC or buy and old dell optiplex off ebay and put moar HDDs in it.
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I'd probably do the same ~~desu

I want to buy this processor.

Is it worth getting the OEM version?
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This CPU makes no sense.
It appeals to neither single threading, as there are better ones out there. Nor multithreading.
it's the same thing, just without the cooler

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Seriously though. If you're gonna do anything with socket 2066, wait for the not absolutely knee-jerk pants on head retarded, extra chromosome of a cpu that Intel put out.

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Is it time to start combating White Privilege and Systematic Black Racism in tech? How far does the Systematic Black Racism need to go before Privileged White Males get banned completely from using computers?
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>even computers hate niggers
L M A O you can't make this shit up.
Still, if algorithms and neural nets turn racist that means they've found a link between race and some other data, at which point its perfectly legitimate.

Also obvious b8
>feed purely logical algorithms objective data
>It hates niggers
>instead of reevaluating the merits of diversity, load the algorithm until it gives you the result you want
Liberalism is a mental disorder

Well they already broke GIS like that, and now it's impossible to find manga page results since they all take you to cartoon network. All because some gorillas got identified as niggers.

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>need new monitor
>fall for the 4K meme
>wowee 3840x2160 resolution
>now all my porn is tiny and looks like shit

Fuck, its mid 2000's all over again, where my 480x600 porn looked like shit at 1920x1080.
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Kek, this.

Now I have to redownload all my pr0n and get more storage.
Thx Jews.
At least you get good font rendering

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I am doing online tests that I have to do till I accomplish them, they are web based.

Is it even possible for me to somehow extract answers? The test is annoying, it won't tell me what answers were correct, and the questions are random every single round you do the test.
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Am I the only one who has problems with this computer?
Its the lenovo yoga 500-14acl and I have send it to guarantee ealready 3 times, they say they will repair it but cant change it for another computer.
I have problems with the audio, wi-fi, and just yesterday the computer shut down and i wasnt able to turn it on again, the fucking computer isnt even charging
Worst fucking computer of my fucking life
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yoga, what were you thinking.
I thought it would be perfect for watching movies while I lay in bed

It says it's good for privacy, but how is it at that intended purpose /g/
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It barely lives, but it does live. Sadly, tor is way more popular
Different things for different purposes


All accomplish different goals.
It's slower than it could be.
I want to rip out all of the elgamal and replace it with ntru but that's too far down the roadmap to even start thinking about. ;~;

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Hey guys, I think I might actually have a use for tablet. I want to write things by hand to slow myself down, giving me time to reflect on things, and to help me remember the things I write better. But I still want the convenience of a searchable index for these things. My question is, does any of you have something like a Microsoft Surface or an iPad or whatever else there is that has a good stylus? How is it? Do you have any recommendations for someone in my shoes?
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>/g/ shits on Google and Facebook
>they are on the front lines for us to keep net neutrality
what gives?
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But that's exactly why I shit on Google and Facebook. Anyone who gets in the way of the God-Emperor is an enemy in my book.
If company x does something you approve of should they be beyond criticism?
of course they are in favor of themselves. what a fucking surprise

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my birthday was coming up and my mom decided to get me headphones. they are beats solo3 wireless and i haven't tried them out yet. Anyway i was wondering if they are worth the price or at least decent headphones, i mean it says the battery life is 40 hours which sounds pretty good but also a little far fetched. im just kind of tuned off by them because i know there are plenty of cheaper headphones for a better price. anyway if anybody can help fill me in it would be appreciated. thanks (:

pic unrelated
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Beats are overpriced and sound horrible compared to headphones for the exact same price. If you want good wireless headphones look into getting a pair of Bose headphones. If you want budget but good wired headphones I'd get Audio Technica ATH-M series. The only thing that Beats by Dre are good at is advertising themselves.
so like? throw them out?

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With all this talk about gaming cpu's for poor fags, should I make the switch to systemd?
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those are two very related things OP, good thread
Yeah, I think it's best that you buy an X220 and enable EIST. You never know what compositor can bring you best results with your usb-c ports.

I want to take a sabbatical (shalom, goys) to embrace NEET self-learning. I've got the degree and ~10 years of industry experience but I don't want to be doing the same old bullshit enterprise applications anymore. It's a short road to money and getting buried in other people's bullshit. I'd like to take 3 months off and just do what I did in school - graphics/AI projects.

What's a cheap way to do this that doens't involve moving in with someone else? I was thinking I could camp out a university library and stay in a hostel. Throwing all my shit into storage and paying ~$50 a night for accomodation but that's just a naive guess.
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lol $50/night. live in a sharehouse
If you live in a real first world country you can always try some van dwelling
In an urban environment, you're always with someone else, to a greater or lesser extent. A hostel you're probably sleeping in the same room with other people. What's the big deal of having a roommate?

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What's /g/'s opinion on the short to mid term PC hardware future?

I think things are looking great for the upcoming years.

>DDR5 in the pipline
>System Memory has been very overpriced
>Chinks are now entering the memory market as the fourth major manufacturer, prompting Samsung to invest 28 billion into their factories
>Ryzen is doing great and giving Intel some much needed pressure
>GDDR6 will be ready for production soon, giving a middle ground before 3d stacked memory. It will be produced by all major memory companies unlike GDDR5X.
>Multichip modules might give GPUs a new boost at affordable prices
>Hopefully more USB C support being added
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Looks good desu.
>Ryzen is doing great and giving Intel some much needed pressure
Is it really?

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or your mother will die in her sleep tonight.
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It's the buggiest DE you can find
how so? my experience with it has been pretty flawless with mint, except some mouse hiccups that stopped after installing the terrycain razer kernel module.

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