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>put java on resume
>get hired
>only know basic java stuff and company's systems are complex as hell
>paranoid they'll see me searching "how to compare strings java" and "what does static mean"
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woah man at least you landed the job

Just read up on shit during your downtime while they are still training you.
Dumb frogposter

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Installed LineageOS without Gapps. Mindblown. Now I'll never install Gapps ever again. The expirence is so much better I don't even know how to describe it. Installed F-droid and many Apps. It's the first time in my life I actually like Android. It's fast, it works, it's useful too. I've got everything I need and now I don't even care about Playstore. Google made Android but how did they manage to fuck Gapps up? God, it's so much better without it.
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You can install yalp store if you do ever need an app from the play store
>yalp store
didn't know about this, thanks anon
Honestly it's like the only reason we need high spec phones is because of all the bloatware
and apps that are resource usage heavy that shouldn't be that way (ie botnet)

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Which email provider does /g/ use?
I use pic related. It has been good so far and it's a good feeling when you know google can't read my mails. Hope it stays free for life
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If you pay nothing, you become the product.
Yandex because it supports custom domains.
And it's not related to the NSA (hopefully).
I use the same.

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proud boy.jpg
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Post ITT if you're a proud Windows Phone user.
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Why do you have to be such a fucking faggot
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Go to your homo infused /lgbt/ board
Posting in a Nokia 535 or some other turd name they used to give to these shits.

I was a hardcore fan back in the day, in 2011 the OS looked fresh as fuck, 2012 it all started to look bright, 2013 I felt completely for the meme, some countries reporting double digit market share for the platform. After 2014 Microsoft fucked it up.

They had a thing going and they were being innovative but they decided to burn it all.

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Wha'ts the /g/ approved printer?

Looking for a small one. that just works and it's not going to be bitchy.
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No printer is going to want to print out shit such as OP's pic.
Brother laser printers
>implying I wanted to print that pic
nice assumptions retard

So, I'm trying to buy a 4k TV and at the same time trying to understand which one is better as all TVs have fake/not shown specs.
I came up with either Sony or Samsung.

With Samsung, I don't know if the KS8000 is worth the money over the KS7000.

With Sony, I wanted to get the X900E or maybe the X930E, but when I try to find one, I can't. I don't understand if it's the codename that it's different in Europe (I live in Italy), but I can't find a single seller. The only thing I can find are Sony (BRAVIA?) models like XE90, XE93. Are those the same thing as X900E/X930E? Or are those older models? I literally can't find no information anywhere
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>KS8000 is worth the money over the KS7000.
I'd go with BFG9000
>Sony (BRAVIA?) models like XE90,
sony k770i
Nigga please

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Hello anon, I am getting a 2TB drive to make a backup of all my shit.
Any recommendation?
I have had a Samsung 600GB HDD for about 10 years and it is still going strong.
I have had several WD blue drives, all lasted under 3 years.

What would you go with?
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HGST tops the durability charts I know of. Seagate is below WD.
Alternatively there are the WD Blacks I suppose.
This really should have been in sqt or pcbg anon. Come on.
If you are going for long term storage you chose seagate

How can one company be so pajeet?
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That article basically describes why Python is more often than not complete and utter dogshit.
>If we use fewer lines, it must be more elegant code!
>Make it all one liners! I want triple-nested for loops all in one go!
flashy, showy programmers are cancer. your code is practically a liability unless the future programmers modifying your code can easily understand each step. 101 shit, no wonder the industry is desperate to purge old farts

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The reason why computers can't become sentient beings.

Think of it like how electricity gives power to your system.

The power is in a constant state, it flows on giving the computer in front of you a stale form of life.

To take this even further.

Think of yourself, your life, how you breathe. Your thoughts control your every action.

It's in a constant state, it flows on giving you life.

Take this away and you die. (obviously)

The only way to give the computer a life,

Is to program the architecture to breathe.

To control itself.
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Fuck off back to >>/a/ and what more animoos
>>>/a/ *








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Is 2017 the year of the GNU/Linux?
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2017 Has been looking pretty good, But things can only get better so wait till 2018.
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FreeBSD will triumph.
>Can look unappealing in a tanktop

That's an honest feat, to be honest.

Manjaro Gnome is beautiful and comfy.
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>that shittier music taste
opinon vigorously discarded
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Gnome can't be comfy
phil collins rules

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What are you working on, /g/?

Previous thread:>>61461859
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>>> https://reddit.com/r/anime
How good math skills do you need if you want to study programming at uni, or whatever?
Yeah. It's not related to him at all though.
I'm just taking them as an example of how much programmers follow stupid trends.
Pair programming was brought up on stream. It was really popular actually.
I feel OOP is very similar in that it's light on promises and people ignore the downsides.

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Please rate pc build for streaming, you can correct me if something requires it.
i7 7700k,
MSI Pro Series Intel Z270,
Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 DRAM 3200MHz C16 Desktop Memory Kit - Black,
WD Blue 250GB Internal SSD Solid State Drive - SATA 6Gb/s 2.5 Inch,
Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB 750W 80+ Gold Smart Zero 256-Color RGB Fan Fully Modular Power Supply,
be quiet!
CRYORIG H7 Tower Cooler For AMD/Intel CPU's,
ASUS VG248QE 24" Full HD 1920x1080 144Hz 1ms HDMI Gaming,
+ cheap keyboard/mouse/web cam/pc case and avg mic
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kill yourself
I second this.
Thirding this.

There's a thread up on PC building already. Why'd you feel the need to have your own special thread?

T-thanks, floens!
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Quick question, did you automatically get the update available dialog? Are you using the f-droid version or not?
Op please
Automatically. I use the f-droid one, but it seems it hasn't been updated there, so most likely a built-in updater.

So how can I get past this issue?

Sony Vegas Pro 13

i got the serial code in, but not the activation code
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Jamal... give it back.
what the fuck, google or reverse engineer
Then gtfo my gentoo

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