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What in the fuck am I looking at?
There's no way the sound quality can offset the giant fucking hearing aid tier design.
Who buys shite like this?
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Install Gentoo
Go to head-fi for this kind of shit. there's threads for portable headphones and iem comparison.
>t. Mr. Poor
Also, friendly reminder: Panasonic RP-HJE125 is the best headphones of all time.

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>Mfw amd drivers open cmd everytime the computer starts, and can only be disabled in Ccleaner
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Windows is a pain to develop for, maybe they have a similar issue to

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I've done just about everything i can find on this, from command prompt fuckery to advance restart are options, even took of the boot in the BIOS. Why is it still in affect?
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7. It shouldn't be, but it stays disabled only until you reboot. The drivers you install during that time stay installed though.
like even after pressing 7 and waiting after the reboot to install the drivers i still can't change any thing.

Where do I get an edu email that isn't blacklisted from promos?

I know cali offers free edu but they're abused to shit and no longer working.
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>Where do I get an edu email that isn't blacklisted from promos?
Attend a university.

I have an .edu email for life now.
Go to college then drop out. Free .edu account even after you drop out (or if you stay, you still get to keep it after) and some college have a website where you can download software for free (depends on what they have). I got Windows Vista Business and Windows 7 Pro ISOs for x86 and x64. They gave use 2 Keys per x86 and x64 Operating Systems. Same with Windows Server Operating systems, but my college didn't have Office for free on there.
Literally just enroll in a community college then drip the course

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How close are we to cyborg waifus?
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We might be closer to celeberity sex clones. If we can prove it ethical that is.
You can try all you want, bit she'll never be real
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Softbank bought Boston Dynamics


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It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

>tfw GPUs will finally become affordable again
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So you're telling me that I won't keep making $0.01 a month anymore?

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I miss you baby
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why must chinks and yuropoors ruin everything?

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Is it possible / done often? I'd love to have a PC on amazon or something that i can power on, on demand.. use for a while in the cloud, be secure and then drop? primarily for banking and that kind of thing?

There are a lot of services that offer a VM with windows or rhel or whatever.. but nothing i can actively boot / shut down / manage?

Does anyone here do this and have any recommendations?
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>Does anyone here do this and have any recommendations?
Personally no, but it's an interesting concept so bump. DESU I don't see how this would be better than using another linux os on a vps, and I wouldn't really use tor for banking.

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How does /g/ feel about this? Is it an insult to life itself?
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So the AI learned to walk like an autist?
ew, Third Impact is literally happening on her eyes

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We're closer to being able to reuse old phones as general purpose GNU/Linux computers. Are you excited, /g/?
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We're closer but still very far away. Good effort though, wish them luck.
they're trying to unify everything yet they still need to port their OS to devices one by one. I don't got it. Also isn't UBports Hallium trying to do the same thing?

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What's a good way to protect packers being sent/received to be encrypted or something else so my ISP can't monitor them.
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Tor encrypts the content I think. Not sure about GNUnet.
Ofc if the communication is of rare frequency you can just use a public wifi.

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I have no alternative internet connection faster than dialup other my cable company in my location. They have a broadband monopoly. My costs go up and my connection does not improve. They choke off competing services when I am paying them to bring my data that I have paid for. But they have no "technical problems" when I am to get content from them for extra money. Even when the connection landscape puts their content provider several internet hops further away and with higher delay. This just a opportunity to squeeze money from consumers. This is also a chilling effect on freedom of speech when a content provider or the consumer needs to pay additional money to broadband providers to get their chosen content. This will reduce the media available to consumers to only those that have deep pockets on both the provider and consumer end.


Does anyone else agree with this statement? Or equivalent?
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Can anyone please give advice on a good and free artificial life simulator where I can customize the life?
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conway's game of life
>conway's game of life
Seems cool! But I want something more advanced. I want to create an ecosystem with, say 10 creatures. I want to be able to give them different abilities and prĂ­orities and see how it plays out.

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101 - Good lock
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>good lock
wow are you retared, how am I supposed to take this seriously if you can't even fucking spell
102 - Good key

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How did this cancer become so big?
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because faggots like you give them needless amounts of publicity

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