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What's the most cost-effective way of bringing multiple devices online in a room without hardwire connection?
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Walk in room and press buttons.

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I Hate windows so much and I love Linux but the only hobby that I enjoy is playing CSGO and League of Legends with my normie friends.
My hardware is an R9 390 and an i5-4690K. I want to do GPU passthrough but my hardware does not support it. Even I it did I don't have a KVM or a second mouse
To do it the comfy way. I only make 320$ a week and spending all my savings on a new PC seems like a waste of money at the moment. What do? I want to be free of the botnet.
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Currently Installing windows for the 100th time because shit is laggy and I want to put it on an SSD so things run smoother.
If CSGO and league of legends are really the only games you play then you don't need GPU passthrough. CSGO has a native linux version and league has a gold rating in the wine appdb.
I play on a ESEA team and I will get banned If I play on linux.

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Hello I'm an old washed up 10+ year 4 chan veteran and I know this board usually has some good people lurking for a good thread. Lets make this a thread for everything bitcoin mining related. As far as I know its legal but I am a n00b

Photo slightly unrelated
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Literally >>>/biz/
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Unless you are this guy go home.

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So To is planning on altering the source code of their new clients to be able to track users and sites because they want to ban hate speech? How is Tor different from the fucking clear net again?
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that's not what they said, stop baiting for (you)s, sage
Probably breitbart "news"

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Does /g/ like my new laptop?
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Looks like a mid-2015 Macbook Pro. Extremely good choice. Much better than a Thinkpad or any other plastic Asian shitbox laptops.
yes. that's god-tier right there.
how much did you get it for?
I'm looking for 2014/15 rMBP... gotta get a laptop before the uni starts in Sept.
I just picked up one of the new 15" mbps. I'm a big fan but I keep accidentally pressing the touch bar thing.

It seems like the progress is stalling.

Very few new models of home Wi-Fi routers have been introduced this year, and all the new models are focused on signal repeating and network meshing being enabled right out of the box and are sold in a package of 2 to 4 routers (that are already paired with each other).

It seems networking gear manufacturers have given up on trying to increase the maximum data transfer throughput or shoving more NAS features into the routers.

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I like how routers get more and more badass-looking and I hope they continue to look more like Starcraft buildings
Pretty much. It's good enough for Americans' shitty broadband infrastructure and people are putting more traffic on mobile networks anyway.

I honestly wouldn't mind if cellular data does to home internet what cellular phones did to landlines. Maybe I should post that in the "hopes for 2020" thread.
bought some DUAL-BAND 2.4/5GHz chinkshit for $30 and flashed dd-wrt on it. works fucking amazing.

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only 2.5 yrs left.. im hoping for smartphones that dont need to be charged everyday or ww3.
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I don't understand why Moore's Law doesn't apply to batteries, but I'm a software fag so what do I know.
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more normalfag shit
Because it threatens the energetic lobby.

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When it comes down to it ebay is still the best place to buy stuff. Look at the alternatives

ebay is cheaper and has a wider variety of stuff
amazon is evil, and ebay is the same price
kinda sketchy a lot of the time, no recourse if something goes wrong
>facebook marketplace
>>buying stolen hardware, also no recourse and prices are all over the place

Ebay is usually the cheapest, and there are well established systems for the buyer and seller that protect them (usually favoring the buyer, but if you're a careful and honest seller you won't get screwed too often)
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For me the local Micro Center is a pretty solid choice for new stuff.
fuck these american tech companies that sell marked-up chink shit.

go to the source!
dhgate (this one is great because they don't remove fakes)

for used shit, craigslist and kijiji... no fees, no tax, cash only.
i'd rather buy from an authorized reseller so i can get my warranty honored and not have to risk it being counterfeit

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>Headphone purchase advice:

Please put some effort into your requests and questions.

If you dislike a suggestion, explain why and try giving a better suggestion to whomever asked.

For sub-$50 headphones and IEMs, check out the infographic in >>>/g/csg

>/g/ wiki headphone FAQ:

Previous thread: >>61968381
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HD600 is the best headphone in existence and dipolar is a retarded fag.
What's the second most anime headphone behind the AKG K701?
No need to be so irritated, anon. People have their preferences

>Torrent just goes out
>Immediately start downloading it
>Internet goes kaput
>"the fuck"
>*switches to neighbor's wifi*
>same shit
>can't even get a local ip from him
>try mine and its the same shit
>unplug the adapter and plug it back in again
>"It works!"
>1 minute later it dies again
>rince and repeat
>working ever since
Did a torrent just kill my wireless adapter or was it coincidence? WTF
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If it was your wireless adapter, it could have been bad hardware or driver. Likely if the adapter has a Realtek chipset.

Guesses: Torrents might cause high load for routers because they connect to a lot of IPs? Signal strength too weak to properly connect to neighbor's network?
its a tp-link wn822n

it has shit drivers. The ones that came in the package crashed the computer while installing them and on other occasions. I completely removed them and got the ones from their website and it has been working ever since.

I find it weird though how a bad driver can fuck you once a year at a completely random time and it may or may not happen again
I looked up the event viewer.
Turns out its a problem with ICS that causes the same error at random a few times a week so i disabled the service. I had turned it on 3 days ago because a friend visited. Other than that there were 0 system errors.

Just sharing in case anyons bothers. You should really disable the ICS service.

Literally why would anyone get a non-Surface tablet?
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Cost, what you want the tablet for, etc.

Don't be stupid anon.
because they have a 25% failure rate confirmed by consumer reports?
>caring about cost
>buying a big tablet that does nothing different from your phone


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>click on captcha squares
>squares fade and a new ones appear
>ad infinitum
>can't solve the captcha
Great """"technology"""" Google. I'm so impressed!
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>enable legacy captcha
>just type calle calle
>works after 3-5 tries
>legacy captcha enabled
>"le high tech captcha" is still requrired when posting threads.
But I'm not even complaining that I can't shitpost.

I'm complaining because I just wanted to reset password on a website which required me to solve captcha. And I literally wasted 20min on this bullshit.
Think about it: 20min to solve captcha. Someone seriously needs their throat slit. I solved the problem by enabling NoScript to block Google's non free javascript.
>>not caring Google's ai benefits off your pain of trying to make shill posts

my computer tower is in a pretty tight spot so it's annoying to pull out when I need to plug something in the back or clean.

what can I stick underneath the tower so it can slide in and out of the tower slot of my desk easier.

the rubber feet pads are very grippy but I don't want to remove them incase I ever change my mind
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Go to a department store and ask for furniture felt pads. Stick several on the bottom. If you want to remove them they just come right off. It's a very light adhesive.
Why did I write department store?

Hardware store.
airflow, there I said it.

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Videos that start your brain engines:

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Hmm just seems like rehashed conspiracy shit
thanks for pointing that out but imma need a lil proof.

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How do I cleanse Chrome of all of Goolags tracking bullshit?

I like the browser but fuck I just looked at my "activity" via:

This shit is not acceptable.
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You download chromium
>This shit is not acceptable.
then stop using the internet
because it isn't just google who does it, they've just made it """transparent"""
Wait... does this mean you actually signed into the Chrome browser? WTF were you thinking. It's nice to sync your bookmarks but it's not worth being spied on

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