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They're hiding something, they have to be..... this all can't be free right? No way... I tried it, checked ipleak and my ip was not displayed, what's the catch?
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the catch is they'll sell you out to anyone who requests the information immediately
Like every other business?
Why would ANYONE prioritize some bozo from the general public over themselves, their workers and their business?
How about principles, you selfish fuck?

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Does this make me an idiot
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nah, just slightly botnet

more stable than my local servers desu
yes, you are clearly using windows but you're in luck because so does the majority people

Anyone ever seen syringe like soldering iron where the interior where you put the solder is heated as well as the tip and at the end of the tip is like a spring loaded set of doors that open when you push the plunger and close when you pull back or tip it up? Feel free to make one and sell them if you haven't, I'm lazy.
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soldering guns are a thing, uncommon for electronics work
Ah man, Nice..none of that showed up when i googled basically what i put in the op
Isn't heating up the piece you're soldering to part of what gives you a good bond? A " syringe" of solder would be easy to apply but possibly no faster if you're not applying it poorly

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I don't have a smartphone.

Family & friends keep begging me to get one.
>basically want me to get WhatsApp

Is there a way I can get that shit in my hipster Mac without buying a phone?
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Android emulator
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There was a pidgin plugin for it but I'm not sure if it still works

>10 minutes
>already bumping
fuck off

Anybody know why this app isn't working right? Always get errors like "no sources found" or "parsing errors".

I enabled storage permissions. No other permissions were found to enable. I sought the app to stream anime without ads on the app. Prefer an app not the browser.....
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Like this. It find the anime but won't launch anything.
Because KissAnime and the other source websites obfuscated their javascript that hides the actual video URL and Akhyou development has halted for some reason so there's no update to it.
About to try an app called Anyme . Do you know of any other app that has no ads and streams anime? I was late to the party.

What is your Wi-Fi ping download and upload and which broadband supplies it and location?

Mine is 13 ping, 38 download and 11 upload with EE in the UK.
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7-9 ping 60 download 5 upload with cox Southern California USA
13ms ping 270Mbps down 15Mbps up
comcast, minneapolis
13ms, 100 down, 20 up, Mediacum Illinois, 70 burgers/mo

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Are single room Computers a meme?

I was considering downsizing to a SFF build like pic related but I'm worried about heat, noise and ease of service, will it perform the same all packed together like that?
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If you're going to do that, don't worry too much about noise, but about heat.
Get a good ventilation system
To mantain it, I think it would be easy.
>8kb memory with the max being 32kb
>not getting a 370 system with 2 MEGABYTES of memory

>not having a qt3.14 running your computers for you
what are you doing with your life?

How the fuck do I go back?
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Not one step back!

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excuse me please.
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I'm trying to use my laptop monitor and keyboard for gamming using the power of my actual rig.
Furthest I've gotten is steam/NVidia in house game streaming.
looking for low latency and good performance.
Thanks m8s.
pic is laptop
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That's it. You're there.

Now just improve your home network.
Could I do something with an Ethernet cable?
I'm not understanding. Why you wouldn't just move the games to the desktop HDD, or an external?

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/g/, give your best tips to keep it anonymous for when you use tor.
Anything else regarding anonymity is appreciated.
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Dial NoScript up to 11. You can even do javascript.enabled False in about:config to really drive that home. NO JAVASCRIPT.
Great point
one, do this >>61957714
two, lock down the OS you're browsing Tor on. This OS should in no circumstance ever be Windows.
three, opsec. Whenever you talk to someone or post something, act like there are federal agents watching and recording it. Innocuous comments like "Glad the sun came out, it was raining for three days here" can give away your identity, especially when many of them are combined.

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I'm looking for a video player. I need one that will allow me to step through videos frame by frame at a rapid pace like I can do with video editors. However, I only need playback. I need to go backwards and forwards.

The usual video players like VLC, MPC-HC, KMPlayer, mpv do not offer me this kind of feature. They generally do allow stepping frame by frame, but the stepping through is very slow, has artifacting or many other issues.

Video editors such as Adobe Premiere, Davinci Resolve, Hitfilm Express have the kind of playback I'm looking for, but I would like just a video player. If there isn't one I suppose I will have to settle for the video editors.
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mpv and , and . keys works perfectly fine for me, neither slow nor with added artifacts... what kind of videos are you trying this on?
SMPlayer lets you do fast frame stepping without artifacts, in addition to having markers and other stuff you might find useful.
It runs really poorly in reverse.

Thanks! Will try.

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Hi /g/

Are there any 4chan apps for the Linux terminal?

- /bant/dit
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https://code.google.com/archive/p/libchan/source/default/commits used to work quite well, but hasn't been updated in ages
Not really.

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Hey /g/, what would be the best distro to put on a 2004 Thinkpad R51? Tried putting Debian on it but the desktop environment was sluggish due to the slow open source radeon 7500 drivers. It's got a 1.8ghz Pentium M and 1.5 gigs of RAM.
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Maybe Slackware?
Try Fedora.
Lubuntu should work, but new programs will run like shit anyway

Rust is the Sega Dreamcast of programming languages
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No anon, the Dreamcast was good.
>was "good"
>marketing flop
>literally dead a few years later
>kept on life support by hobbiests
it's absolutely the sega dreamcast of programming languages.
It always feels like this is Apple's "sorry" for killing Flash.

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