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What are some non-google email services than are actually good and less botnetty?
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I use protonmail.

Has a nice interface and a nice app for mobile, and also doesn't assimilate you into the botnet.
Protonmail or cock li
I use a german company called posteo

They support email client login, but you have to pay

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Paranoid Android or LineageOS Android?
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they're both shit, get an iPhone
>PajeetOS or RajeeshOS
what's the difference
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>AMD FX and 'powered by GNU/Linux' stickers on laptop
>it's actually an arrandale intel i7 and has wangblows 7 installed
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Intel > AhMeD
And Windows 7 is the best Linux distribution.
A techie > a gaymer
Just kidding I got a R7 1700 xD

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I'm trying to hook up a N64 to a new LCD Flat screen. It doesn't have the red-white-yellow wires but, we do have an av adapter. This is not working and it's set on channel 3 and is still not working. We are at a loss and are wondering if you guys can give us ideas to help us.
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have you tried channel 4
you don't set your TV to channel 3 when you're connecting to HDMI on your TV, you set it to HDMI input.
Most modern LCD screens have dedicated channels for HDMI, AV, etc. Switch to those instead of using channel 3 or whatever. That shit is for old style antennae/coax connections.

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Is 4chan making anyone else connect to a site called cdn3.meme.am? I only have 4chan tabs open, except for one music tab and I doubt a classical radio station is making me connect to this. I made a thread on /r9k/, but I figure this would be a better place for it. The only thing on the website is pic related and it only comes up if you take the 3 out of the URL.
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dafuq is this and how do i get rid of it
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Edge scrolling, or chiral scrolling.
Mouse options -> Synaptics trackpad.
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noice, tyvm
i like options and customization, but sometimes it feels like it's too much

Then why does it allow TOR to use Firefox as its default browser, where it's widely known to be used by pedos, drug lords and terrorists etc? If Mozilla are that concerned about a credible internet then they should ban TOR using Firefox.

Would they? I think we know the answer to that!

Ditch Mozilla products and let this disease die.
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How many times are you going to make this thread? Just use waterfox. It's better anyway.
Go away, please.
You meant Pale Moon ofc.

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Hello /g/ am new to this whole changing os thing and am looking into getting into using Linux, what would you guys recommend for someone starting out
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install Stali :^)
Op here but from a different computer, but is it easy to use?
mint or ubuntu is a good place to start

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I need help
Im new pls be gentle

I have a samsung galaxy s4 and i use yt 90% of the time and I always go for top quality (720p60 or 1080) but everytime I try play a video on 72060 it goes at lower fps, but when I change the volume and the volume bar pops up it goes at 60 fps regularly and i fuckin hate the fact that I CAN watch it at 60 fps but it WON'T the only one letting me watch at 60fps is NewPipe,but I want my subscriptions
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Get an s7 and an hero
get an iphone

So, what does /g/ think of passphrase.io ?
I find it very useful, using it daily, between home, work, and my phone.
Any other good online notepad like this ?
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I write to a file on my server
me on the right
>accounts with username-only and no password
how can this be a good idea, just use github/gitlab private gists

Okay I took the platter out. Can't I just pop this into my CD drive or something? Or do I just put it in another Hard Drive? It's 60 GB, so maybe I can just put it in my 250 and get 310 GB free.
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Are you serious?
Put it into your CD drive.
That's actually a pretty neat photo.

Rust is the Sega Dreamcast of programming languages.

Swift has taken it place well... swiftly... many people from the Rust open-source community are now working on Apple's language, which is also open-source.

Swift has the biggest company on Earth backing it up, plus IBM.

Cannot win :D
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Does Swift have all the safety features that Rust faggots always brag about?
No it doesn't.
t. shill

Right now, it doesn't. Because it's an Applications programming language digging down to Systems.

While Rust is a Systems, that won't go up to Applications.

Does it not concern anyone that the rival company GPU is just as good with literally half the power usage? AMD is not useless, sure they may be worse some generations but for double the power usage you dont thing something else is going on?

AMD has made (recently)

All of them seemed weak as fuck first. But later down the line the cards strengths start to show. Either it is memory bandwidth, framebuffer size, or hardware compute.

Something on Vega is not being utilized, and down the road I guarantee it will be battling the 1080Ti in half a year.
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Vega isn't a good gaming GPU. It's an all round card so it's better for productivity instead of games. But AMD isn't the best at advertising. Nvidia has clearly segmented their gaming and workstation GPUs.
fuck off back to /v/ you retarded manchild.

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Autistic things you do thread.
>Pick GNU/Linux distros based on the physical characteristics of your computer
for example:
EliteBook 8460p (8lb): Stable, bulky.
Latitude 2120 (2lb): Snappy, shitty
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Thinkpad T420 (over 9000lb): TempleOS, based
it's just linux
I like to order things by size and color. I'd rather see a movie library sorted such that the colors flow rather than alphabetically.
I spend more time building things to improve. socialization than actually socializing.
I post on 4chan.

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How do I become a database administrator/analyst?

I'm taking an intermediate SQL course this semester. I can get a certification from my community college with two more classes. I was also thinking of taking an Oracle Certification exam. Thoughts?
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Don't, they're a dying breed. Get in to data science/analytics or something.
bump cuz I was about to make the same thread

where and how could I start?
How are they dying? I do want to get into data science that is one of the reasons I want to get experience as a DB admin.

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