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Is there a good website to learn basic linux programming and sysadmin? also I would like to learn about the kernel
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I have programmed in Linux for 47 years, one of the worlds best languages. I worked together with linustechtips to invent the programming penguin mascot too.
join the edx course LFS101x Introduction to Linux

Looking at that picture, I am surprised why haven't you signed up yet.
OP this

but before that, learn a thing or two about Linux. By looking at >learn basic linux programming
I can assure you that by reading about Linux on wikipedia will greatly help you to sort out your misconceptions about Linux, you pajeet.

Is there a device for this? Im constantly swapping out the cables for my speakers / headphones at the back of the PC which is a pain. Something to change what the audio is being output to
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Yest, it's called a splitter.
i see, but is there not one with some form of switch that means both arent outputting at the same time
No, don't listen to the other anon. It's an audio switch

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Post your printer.
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>having anything but a Brother printer
>still using a printer

what for?
I run two $20 canon lazer and epson inkjet.
I dont give a shit to be honest they work.

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Why do normies worship steve jobs when he didn't even write code ?
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Because they're mindless sheep
>not eating their own buggers
>having a brain
He's a genius marketing mind surpassed only by the President Donald J. Trump himself

Arch is for weeb trash losers. If you use Arch please kill it now.

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>using a name which most people will associate with child pornography
>thus reflecting badly on the project
>go full autist mode and babble about free speech

I mean arch is a meme anyway, but this takes the cake.
Fat mans BTFO
Its just a mirror, you dont have to use it.

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Am I t-too old for y-you already, s-senpai? Why did you l-leave me for F-Fedora-san? ;_;
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Personifying a GNU/Linux distro to an animu waifu.

I left Debian for Fedora because I can get better security and newer packages with roughly the same stability as Debian stretch. I still use Debian on my home server but I'll probably switch that too when I have time.
what do you mean by better security? I thought debian and fedora were roughly equal for that

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What do you think of Cloudflare?

Is it a botnet or a great security addition for websites?
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why not both
Botnets aren't a security addition
the NSA can keep petty thieves out for you.
it's a handoff.

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>mfw Silk Road has been shut down for almost 2 years

Why normies have to fuck everything up? What makes them think they have the right to control how other people live? If I want to "poison" or "kill myself" then it's my fucking right to do so, it's not your concern. Fuck the police

Also, it's impossible to find a trustworthy drug dealer nowadays
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Do a therapy junkie. You are a drain on society.
t. NSA
If weed was legal, nobody would turn to dealers and organized crime if they could grow it themselves. It's like the roaring 20s over again with prohibition.

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Post your stupid questions ITT.

Please read the sticky first.

Old thread >>61551122
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Thanks to the anons who replied about RAID/backups.

What's the best option for a networked backup solution? Also, won't 16TBs require at least that much to back up, or will backup programs significantly compress things?
How is this for commenting?
class Vector {
//Each vector has, at least, an X and Y value.
float x, y, z;

//Default Constructor
Vector() {x = 0; y = 0; z = 0;}
//Standard 3D constructor
Vector(float xP, float yP, float zP);
//Standard 2D constructor
Vector(float xP, float yP);

//Return the vector as a string
string getVector();
//Multiply each vector component by the given float value.
Vector operator*(float multiplier);

Anything to improve? What are some fundamental things to know when professionally commenting code?
I'm using rsync for backups. You just mount the destination and do:
rsync -ahAEHX --delete --info=progress2 source destination.

What does /g/ think about technologist and singularity guru, Ray Kurzweil?
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So, /g/ ?
Who is he?
Smart guy, good inventor but he's a figurehead for redditors and peddles technological parlor tricks and longevity supplements to gullible morons. He's a terrible movie director too, the "documentary" he made is fucking awful.

He kind of went quiet after 2012 after he got hired by Google. Though that was also around the time I stopped consuming a lot of singularitarian media so it could just be me.

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/g/ in one pic
>loves macos
>shill for systemd
>talk about smartphones all day
>worship nvidia
>false-flag in interesting threads to destroy the conversation
>thinks the outdated /g/ wiki is relevant
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king of g.jpg
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The consumerism feels reliable and comforting
there are a lot of goods to talk about
smartphones and gpus are 2/10 Soros/Pajeet tier

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are Seagate's hybrid drives a meme, or is there a valid reason as to why you'd buy one?
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It's mostly a meme
Yeah I got 20 of them in my raid server, with additional 5 SSD for my OS and as cache. They are really good for their performance/cost, get them if you don't want to skimp out on money
I never heard good things about hybrid drives.

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>forget to include studio.h
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>professional programmer
>not coding your standard I/O functions
>Implying a professional after only 6 years
>reading comprehension

>post-steve jobs applel
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And yet they're making more money (=successful) than literally every other existing entity on the planet.
BTFOs the idea that consumers are rational actors who pick the best product. People are completely susceptible to marketing and will not make an informed choice.
Except Samsung

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do{ shit(); } while (x != 'y' && x != 'n');

please explain: how can x be not equal to y AND n.
what if x is n then first test fails and assumingly do while should fail and loop again.
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>how can x be not equal to y AND n.
Let x be 'p'.
'p' is not 'y', nor is it 'n'.
Therefore x is not 'y', nor is it 'n'.

>what if x is n then first test fails and assumingly do while should fail and loop again.
Well, that's what makes a do/while loop different from a regular loop. The first iteration is executed regardless of whether the condition would be satisfied or not, and during that iteration, things might change that would cause the condition to be satisfied where it was not previously.
The loop will keep going so long as x isn't equal to 'y' or 'n'.
Why is that so hard to understand?
are you blind? && is and.
to me it makes more sense to have || instead of && in there.

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