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Computer monitor - curved or 144hz?
Curved seems great for immersion.
Is 144hz pointless if you don't play twitch shooters?
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144hz monitors are good outside of gaming if you set them to 120hz.
How so?
Frame sync, 120 is a perfect multiple of both 24 and 30 so all standard videos will play perfectly unlike 60hz and 24fps video.

Speccy thread?
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This thread needs more storage devices
Shitposting machine

Just fucking tell me if I should wait for the 2018 model. Pic related.
I have a mid-2010 maxed-out Macbook Pro as my primary computer, and a Gentoo home server for my linux/programming shit. The macbook is getting old, falling apart a bit, and I really wanna keep iMessage. But the 2017 model went full USB-Ctard and I'm not sure it'll get any better.
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Apple wont push for something as retarded as that until they figure out a way to have proper tactile feedback on a touchscreen.
I don't literally think that it'll be all-touchscreen. I'm just wondering if they'll do anything smarter r.e the ports. Like bring back magsafe or at least give me one USB-A port. Otherwise I may as well switch now
bibbity bump

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I'm so fucking tired of Windows 10's metro shit UI. Is there any way to run GNOME3 on Windows?

Switching to Linux isn't an option. I am dual-booting Arch Linux, but I find myself rebooting back to Microshaft land very often since Linux wont satisfy my needs even with Wine.

Any ideas? :( :( :(
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kill yourself
Yeah fuck you too man.
There is a stupid questions thread for a reason. Use Google. /g/ isn't your personal tech support. Pick one and fuck off

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>using the official botnet Youtube app
>not using the open-source, ad-free, non-GooglePlay, audio-playing, AV-downloading, 4K, speed adjusting, superior Youtube player known as Newpipe.


>Add About Page #612
>NewPipe's License
>Note on how to contribute and a link to GitHub
>Copyright of the software components used including full license texts
>Add support for adjustable playback speed


>Ability to control the playback speed of the video players. Fixes #153.


>Fixed margin at the bottom. Fixes #601
>Fixes the NullpointerException described in #588

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only problem with newpipe is that you can't subscribe to channels but skytube takes care of that. together its a thousand times better than the official app
>you can't subscribe to channels but skytube takes care of that.

Newpipe will get that eventually. Skytube has comments, too. If they were merged into one project, it would be feature complete. Newpipe has way more useful features, though.
Go advertise your shitty app somewhere else

>people who use Arch/Gentoo:
>-dilettante hobbyists

>people who use Debian/Ubuntu:
>-professional programmers
>-industry leaders
>-people who get things done
>-big penis havers
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what about people who use macOS? (。>﹏<。)
I'm adding "prove me wrong" to my cancer filter.

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Why aren't board manufactures pushing mATX as the defecto form factor?
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They follow the market, not the other way around. Most people buy ATX cases.
They can cram more flashy gamer trash you don't need on an ATX board.
gaymer kids think bigger means better

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C or C++?
Best avaliable tools?
Good newsletter sites?
Pajeet free area?
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>C or C++?
Depends on a bunch of factors. Is the entire standard library available? Is it running an OS? What is the ROM size?

>Best avaliable tools?
Depends on the architecture.

>Good newsletter sites?
Depends on the field.

>Pajeet free area?
No, and it's also usually a lot less paid.
Best languages to avoid getting outsourced to pajeets/chinks?
C, shitty salary in compare to java/c#, ide's like its 1998 again, usually its not possible to reuse code in further project because projects are specific. from time to time you will have to use debug on hardware level so basic shit like oscillator and electronic knowledge is must have.

Hey there /g/! What do you think is the current best midrange GPU one can get fro a price point of between $200 and $350 USD right now?

This is of course easy as last I checked this is the most popular range for consumer graphics card...so obviously there are zero issues finding many many great choices at this price range!

So what's your favorite currently available mid range gpu /g/?

:^) let's have a fun discussion!:^)
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Sneak into a minerfag's shed and steal one of his GPUs. He probably won't even notice for a week.
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780 ti -$120 (basically a 970 but costing less)
980 -$200
980 ti -$280
the best midrange gpu that can run modern titles is the integrated graphics controller that comes in a good quality cpu.

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vim for your editor, emacs if you want all the other stuff it adds, in which case, I would still add evil mode
people who use emacs:
-dilettante hobbyists

people who use vim:
-professional programmers
-industry leaders
-people who get things done
-big penis havers


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/g/ should be able to solve this.
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cozy vaxen
i want the full rez pic

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Will phones ever replace laptops and desktops?
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No. There will always be a market for bigger, more powerful machines.
No. Phones and lap-/desktops will become the common ancestors of a new generation of devices.

This should be obvious if you think about it. "Phones?" As in the dinosaur of technology that is traditional telephony? I think we're all going to be surprised how swiftly that gets replaced in our lifetimes. With it will go the devices, too. Phones are not long for this world.
Phones will be much more popular. But Desktops and laptops will still be around.

What fits best with an asp.net core backend?
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please tell me how to into asp.net. I have been taking courses at Launchcode but I cant get into it as much as python(raspberry pi) and html(building a fancy website).

what should I do/learn to get into it?

Visual Studio is the best IDE for asp.net.
React with MobX

also don't use microsoft technologies

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Why does a male HDMI to female DisplayPort adapter need a separate USB port?
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to power it
Oh so it's not just a simple "wiring" adapter but in fact an active converter?

Fuck, who invented this retarded fucking DP?

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what you like about it
what you hate about it
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made by Lenovo
its too fucking thin
X1 Yoga is much more appealing.

> Stylus + Touchscreen
> Tablet foldable, more portable.
> Still has 2x TB3
> Thinker, Heavier, more durable
> Moar Ports (3x USB3.0 vs 2x)
Also, this neato burrito feature.

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