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Is this thing going to bomb?
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Why the fuck would it
Looks boring
No I don't think they're going to repeat the exploding phone mistake.

Oh, wait, you meant bomb as a verb...

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hire me.png
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I have a feeling that i'm being discriminated by the email service I use, that whenever I go to a job interview they see @gmail.com and internally laugh at me for picking the plebbiest of email providers
Realistically, does @Outlook.com sound more professional? and no i'm not gonna go to cock.li and pick a fucking domain name like killallnigg.ers or some shit like that
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>Not using your own domain

how stupid would [email protected] sound?
>not sending email with header "From: [email protected]"

top lel

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tux cart.jpg
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>the absolute state of linux gaming

What a joke.
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Gaming support is actually much better these days
are u jelly because we have tux racer?
Show me one good game on Linux

>pro tip you can't

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> Most shit languages: Javascript, PHP, Ruby,Go Python and so on.
> Dozens of frameworks reinventing the wheel all the time
> Node.js destroying the Desktop ecosystem with the whole web clusterfuck
> Destroying the mobile ecosystem with the "le hybrid approach XD"
> """"Developers""""" with little to none knowledge about how real software or even computer works
> 90% are SJWs
> No sight of hope.
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The world needs ditch diggers. Web devs are the modern equivalent.
whats going on in the pic
>experimenting is wrong.
You can't expect people to come with the best solution without failing a bunch of times.

and why ...

looking to use a password manager and need some tips

which ones are /g aproved :-)
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Lastpass on browser and that's it

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So whats the alternative for a Windows poweruser? Really late to this i feel like my girlfriend just broke my heart...

>inb4 install gentoo
>inb4 >windows >poweruser
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I use PornHub and upload directly to it
where can i download this pornhub.exe

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Natural Scrolling.gif
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Which way of scrolling do you prefer /g/?
After using phone for so damn long, I've switched few months ago to natural scrolling. Everything makes sense to me now. What do you use?
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>Everything makes sense to me now
even seek bars?

>What do you use?
Natural on touchpad and reverse on the mouse
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mouse wheel
Fingers go down. Page goes down.
The picture scrolling is for touch devices.

>"Essential" phone

Btw couldn't they make a popping fron face camera?
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>popping front facing camera

>introduce extraneous moving parts
>increase rate of failure and breakage dramatically
>looks dated as fuck
>goes completely against the current fashion of minimalism

I wonder why OP?

So that they won't trigger my OCD

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Altright fellas!
What are some good degooglify guides out there?
I need one for my phone and one from my PC
Unfortunately I will still have to use Windows.

I'm now using proton mail.
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really no one?
Thanks but I still don't know how to remove and disable all the google apps. Tried once and my phone started restarting every 5 min

Um, I'm a newbie to GNU/Linux and am unsure which distro is best in that case (I have seen different answers everywhere). I'm currently running Windows 10 and am stuck between Mint and Ubuntu Gnome
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Try them both
install gentoo
Debian, because it is the distro that I use

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Manjaro vs Antergos. Whats better /g/?
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Antergos because it uses the Arch Linux repositories whereas Manjaro doesn't and uses their own repos that aren't as bleeding edge. Antergos is just Arch with a GUI installer. I'm using it right now.
Antergos, because Pamac on Antergos can use AUR straight out of the box.

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No worries, the thread's back. All text is a WIP.

>Setup guides, tips, resources

>Recommended games and applications (includes NSFW)

>Last thread
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When do you think the next generation of headsets is coming?
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I prefer the Vive. Only 600 now, so if you can afford the extra 200 dollarydoos, I'd get that over the Rift. Having tried both, I can say it's definitely better from my experience.
Late 2018-early 2019 probably, based on what Oculus and HTC have said.

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GNU+Linus Torvalds.jpg
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>Microsoft makes .Net framework Linux compatible
>Microsoft SQL Server 2017 runs on Linux
>ASP .Net sites & applications can now be hosted on linux trouble free
There is literally NO reason to use windows on a server and soon Linux will dominate the desktop market. Why haven't you switched everything over to Linux yet /g/?


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Already did
I'm not sure what you mean by this OP. Linux is a kernel, it can't run any programs by itself. Did you mean GNU/Linux?

Also, are you aware that Microsoft SQL server is proprietary software and therefore an enemy of your freedom?
Microsoft SQL Server may be proprietary but .Net core is fully open source and is your friend. Microsoft is going to cause the year of the Linux desktop, and its going to be very soon.


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Secondary pc.png
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Speccy thread
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Piriform Speccy.png
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File: PackardHell.png (33KB, 674x532px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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(2/2) R1801

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dpt before after.jpg
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old thread: >>62042734

What are you working on, /g/?
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First for shitposting
Second for shitposting
waiting for jenkins as usual

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