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I always thought Linux Mint was just a meme distro. Why would anybody use it over the current release of Ubuntu, I felt like Ubuntu was the real thing and Mint was just a useless distro, just adding one more layer of developers to get the distro. But this feeling is kinda vanishing as I think Cinnamon looks great and there might be other features of Mint that makes it a non-meme distro, for example better out of the box software installed and things like that.

What features make Linux Mint a useful distro for home use? Can anybody tell me who uses it what makes it better than Ubuntu?
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Would you believe me if I told you that Ubuntu and Mint are the same exact shit, except for a different desktop environment which can be installed with its features on any distro imaginable?
That's not true.
Can you elaborate how they're different?

They are just as fucked as google.
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Tell me why
Where proofs
watch the webm
they're modifying the autocomplete, theres no telling what search results they've edited as well

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What is your honest opinion on the Haskell programming language?
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Laziness is a bad idea.
it's the best tool for learning functional programming concepts. other than that it's rather useless outside academia
>list with 1000000 elements
>add an element to the end of the list
>1000001 elements get copied into a brand new list
>cue Haskell users wondering why their toy language doesn't take off in the enterprise

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ITT: Tech companies you hope go bankrupt
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Poor shlomo
>i want intel have a monopoly
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>He can't afford Apple products
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>he can afford Apple products but willingly doesn't purchase them because there are better options available
>there are better options available
Get a load of this fag
No ty fag

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Do you like Ruby?
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Is that Ruby senpai?
I like perl better
Except for the unfortunate problem that it doesn't force you to declare your variables.

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Windows just looks better...
Linux is just a downgrade why not install Windows 10 its free just like Linux but has better support also you need it if you play AAA titles

Dont distro hop like a whore join the Microsoft family
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Can't tell if op is making a joke or being retarded
why do these threads keep popping up? does someone think they're funny or something?
It can look much bettter.

What's the best way to share huge files/folders
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HDDs or 10GBe
I'm sorry
What's the best way to share huge files/folders over the network/internet
how do you want to share them?

if it's p2p you can try something like resillio sync

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So, are this new "ironwolf" shitgate HDDs reliable or HGST is still the way to go?
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> HGST is still the way to go?
You can't lose by using HGST anyway.
>4chan says HGST drives are good
>all the retail reviews are shit

hmmm who do I trust

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Every anon that posts there is an alt-right edgelord.
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by that logic /g/ is also dead
It's okay, someone has to balance the sjw-ism from HN.
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By your logic 4chen would be dead as well.

Why don't we make out own network?

Like, I would run a Ethernet cable to my neighbor, and he to his neighbor, and so on. To connect those networks, we would run encrypted tunnels over the normal net.

The benefit would be that it would be super distributed, and difficult to take down, with many paths from point a to point b. We would hev to implement it, but I'm ok with that.

Would there be any benefit?
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Fuck off cunt, we had this same thread last week. The sheer capital costs required are too expensive. Ethernet to ethernet would only work in densly populated areas since it's only good over ~328 feet. Further, most switches and routers people use are fairly low end and meant for 5-10 connections at once and 50-150mbps throughput at most.

The type of routing required for an actual robust network is not something you can really achieve with a mish-mash cobbled together network as you're describing, and no one would want to pay(or could afford to pay) for the proper infrastructure.
I'd only be a few cables per person, and then one device with more than one ethernet port per household, which would have custom hardware. It would beat my shitty connection.
So, are we making out own ISP?

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Remember to run this everyday, you're fighting the google menace doing this.

run this script every day

>set clicking on ads to "sometimes" in adnau settings (important)
>disable other ad blockers and script blockers
>run script in separate browser
>do not use chrome
>spread the holy word

and watch them die
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Would it be possible to set a botnet to run this? Fight fire with fire I guess.
fuck off retard
Fuck off google shill

I’ve been using VPN’s off and on for about 2 years now, but just ran across these VPN routers, but am a bit confused. Do these routers have a VPN built inside and it’s just plug and play, or do you have to configure them (and how hard is it?)?
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>VPN built inside

This is a technology board.
You can get some preconfigured i'm sure, but i'm not sure why you would when it's not to difficult to configure it yourself, assuming your router has the capabilities and the hardware is up to snuff for you performance needs.

I have 1gbps internet, it would take a small server to provide the CPU power required to encrypt that much traffic in real time. So if i were to route all of my traffic defacto through a VPN it would limit my connection to ~100-300mbps depending on the router. More than that requires custom ASICS from companies like Cisco and others with their business class and enterprise class routers, or pure raw CPU horsepower in the form of a desktop CPU or server CPU.
You just add users through the web portal and you're good to go, but it probably just has a built-in PPTP server, which is as good as not using a VPN. Some routers have IPsec but you'll rarely see OpenVPN support.

Samsung galaxy s5 plus user thread.
So I was wondering the following:
>how much screen on time does you s5 do?
>do you have any custom roms? if so, what roms?
>how much do you like the phone?
>what would you change at it?

I disabled everything within the phone, from sync, google bloatware except maps youtube and chrome, disabled auto brightness and set the screen to cinema mode. Also i disabled vibrate and touch keys light. I removed samsung link platform, text to speech, and a bunch of other unnecessary crap. I use whatsapp, maps, youtube and chrome to surf the internet. Usually get about 4 hours screen on time.

The only custom rom i had on this s5 plus was lineage os, but it was way to buggy. From internet not working to screen changing tone from warm to bright daylight when i was using maps, to data being on the same time as wifi. The list goes on.
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sorry bud, youre alone.
give it back, Jamal.
I only have a normal s5

Is Kali Linux\Reaver Pro the best way to test the WiFy router securite?
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If you actually know how to use it and its tools, yes. Since you don't, just use wifite to test your router security.
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And how to learn how to use, since everywhere I ask I'm told how dumb I am for asking, instead of answers?

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