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I've built over a hundred computers in my life. About 10 a year for friends, family, and my local area for almost 10 years now. I've just about had it with everything and will probably just go back to recommending prebuilds. I'm done, I've lost patience over this crap and can't imagine how 14 year olds are building their PCs without trouble.

>Windows 10 is shit
It's shit. It doesn't even work right and it's actually slower. I have to spend an extra hour adjusting the settings so it doesn't update in the middle of the night or during a movie/game and disable all of the UI crap on it. Oh and Control Panel was removed in the last update. Fuck you Microsoft

>Latest chipsets are shit
"Let's put an m.2 slot and not have it work with anything!" Even the bios doesn't recognize it. Windows doesn't see it. Drivers don't work. Motherboard manufacturer doesn't know what the fuck to do. Chink SSD manufacturer won't respond. Seriously fuck this whole standard. It doesn't work and always gives me issues.

>Prices don't even change
Hard drives and memory prices have remained stagnant for about 4 years now. They've literally never changed in price I swear. Graphics cards traditionally go down but now thanks to miners that's not the case. Processors take like 3 years to go down in price, with the exception of the Ryzen release, but even then only the top end Intel CPUs went down maybe 20% at most!

>Jewegg treats you like shit
Given them over $100k in sales and they can't even respond to my RMA request I made 10 minutes after making a mistake order. These idiots still shipped the item and still won't respond. I'm done with them, I don't care if I get banned but I'm just doing a chargeback for the first time. They also have shipped me bad parts and won't offer a replacement, they always say go the manufacturer. Nobody else does this.
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cool blog, where can i subscribe?
>falling for the egg meme
amazon prime or no one. newegg a SHIT
fuck off faggot we're closed.

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im using avast free edition at the moment.

i asked my friend if thats kay or are there any better alternatives.

he laughed and told me im a fat retarded bastard for using antivirus program in the first place. then he deleted me from the steam friendlist.

is this true? im usually not downloading animal porn from brazil or russia so i should be ok when downloading stuff.

but is it really necessary to delete my antivirus program? does it slow the PC so much down?

also should i then activate window defender?

or how about this : i keep my antivirus program installed but deactivate it. then once a week or once a month ill activate it just to do a full scan.

so what is your opinion on this? is antivirus program necessary? ( probably not )
but does it slow the PC down enough to actually care to delete it?
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Patching your shit and having backups are both a hundred times more important than having an AV program. The main reason AV still exists is as legal protection for companies. "No, we're not liable for that data getting destroyed. Look, we had antivirus, and we still got infected!"

Also quit using a shitty operating system.
>also should i then activate window defender?
windows 7 defender is basically worthless
windows 8 and 10 replaced old defender with actual AV (microsoft security essentials).
Long story short if you are using 8 or 10 you might as well use defender, your OS is botnet anyway and those are built in with no way to get rid of. Otherwise no.
yea thats fine and all but does AV slow down the PC alot ( general use and games )

because some people say yea and some people say not noticeable.

so while its probably true what you said, if i dont notice any difference then why shoul i delete it? even if that makes me just 1% more secure thats still better than 0%

however being 1% more secure at the cost of having a slowed down system and possibly lower FPS when playing games, is not worth it.

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>Fix /g/

How about we make /g/ have the same rules as /r9k/ to cut down on the amount of shitposting?
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You can't fix /g/ without fixing 4chan. /pol/ was a mistake.
the only way you can fix /g/ is by bringing back desktop threads
That would involve moderation.

The mods here are lazy fags

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>Choice for customisation?
>Choice for security?
>Choice for performance?
>Overall choice?

Brave need not apply
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Waterfox. Literally Firefox with Soros spyware removed.
>trusting a kid project

>Unironically posting this on a Vanuatuan Knitting Board that was made by a 15 year old

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Tell me /g/, are arm monitor arms/versa mounts a meme or a quality of life must have?
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very very nice to have. if your desk is small it frees up a a lot of space too.
Pretty pointless if you have one monitor, nice to have if you have two, highly recommended if you have three or more.
Depends on how you're set up.

Generally speaking, there is no reason to move a display around.

But for example if you mount a big 60 inch screen and the best place to place it is a sofa pointing towards a fireplace with a chimney, having an arm is obviously a good idea in case you want to access the chimney to heat / grill .

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There is a bad boi scammer and i have his ip just i dont want to run any ddong attack stuff on my pc, so if you can "help" i'd like that alot
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>ddong attack
sending a million dongs to his house as we speak

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James Damore is currently being blacklisted amongst other tech companies for his "problematic" stance on the way he viewed certain co-workers
There is 0 diversity in the workforce, for these sick animals its either "follow what we do or you are out forever"
There is no deviation from tech company to tech company and just proves that we are going backwards instead of moving forward
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Literally who?

His life is made. I am more concerned about the fuckwits that outed themselves in Chville.
idk some dang hunk that thinks he's knows

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How many years until devices can connect to the Internet on their own (no router, ISP, etc.)?
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Probably about 12.
I'm an optimist guy, so 11.

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Is this /ourdistro/?
Also unironic opinions on Gentoo
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It's a pretty good distro I run it on one of my servers but unfortunately they thought it was a great idea to have their package manager and tools run on top of fucking python instead of plain bash
are you for real? I was going to give it a go today but there's no fucking way if that's the case.

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>/g/ shills amd constantly
>"it's a great value"
>amd has a reputation for not lasting very long

why not spend the extra $5 and get an extra 2 years out of your cpu.
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>amd has a reputation for not lasting very long
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>amd has a reputation for not lasting very long
I've never heard that. My previous CPU was Phenom II before I bought Ryzen. That thing was ancient and still works perfectly. I gave it for free to a friend since I had no plans for it in the future.
>not lasting very long
>had my 8350 since launch, ran stable 4.8Ghz since mid 2014
>only a few days ago upgraded to an 1800X


>Don't mind me, I'm just going to enable my AD blocker on this website"
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pihole is da way my nigg*
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>don't mind me I'm just turning my tv off during these commercials
Don't mind me, just running nonfree javascript on your computer without your consent.

Guys, i'm getting this error while trying to restore a backup file i made inn recovery mode on my alcatel tablet with android 4.4.2 kitkat. Can anyone help me the way top resolve it, because the backup conntain really important things, and i never backed them up on google.
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It's your own fault for being an idiot.
Ask Erdogan for help
>Lenovo smartphone

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Is decentralized web a meme or projects like Yacy and Mastodon are the future?
Do you use any of the services that are like them?
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A decentralized web is the next step, however, you know big corporations are going to fight against it. IPFS is really cool, although not much content on there right now and some limitations.
i2p and Freenet
I have retroshare and cryptocat set up but i never use it because I have no friends.

Some real tech advice /g/uys

which of these should i get



I already used the xps 9550 and loved it, but wonder if i should get the newer model with a better gpu and smaller storage

or get the i7/512 gb ssd/16 gb ram

Also if anyone was wondering, yes the 4k screen is amazing for just about anything.
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dellxps 15 9550.png
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this is the current model i was using, im giving it to my sister

Better gpu

or (Better processor, and )more ssd space
>which laptop should I buy for school?
why aren't these threads banned yet?

>the 499 was a "launch price"


What a mess
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they just cant deliver because of desperate greedy manufacturers. sad.
There are no reason to buy this turd
This sounds like there must be some confusion here because there's a lot of shit flying around between 3rd party sellers, and sellers putting it way above MSRP, plus the bundle packs.

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