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i just bought dis and people already tell me that i made a mistake


what do you think /g/?
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Not even that expensive, don't sweat it OP
Do you enjoy your purchase? If you do then stop caring what other peoples opinions are of a better speaker choice.

Well, the goal was to get the best sound quality without spending a fortune.
Are you satisfied ?

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Reminder that if you're not using one of the following operating systems
> Gentoo
> Funtoo
> Ututo
> Slackware
> Void
> Source Mage
> Dragora GNU/Linux-Libre
> NixOS
> GuixSD
> stali
> OpenBSD
> 9front
you don't belong on /g/.
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>tfw trying to get void to work
Choosing the minimal ISO was a mistake
> Reminder that if you're not using an obscure hobbyist distro, you don't belong on /g/
OS is just a tool. I understand sometimes it's easier to use Windows and sometimes it's easier to use some developed Linux distro. I'm not trying to show my epeen because money talks.
>not including CloverOS

u jelly?
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To be honest I wish Mr. Tyrone to take your apple products and post shit on /g/
Bought a lighting to headphone adapter, huh?
I'm jelly you have so much money you can waste it on a Mac. I am not jelly you own a Mac, my PC has better performance.

Anyone else get stutter in almost all games on Windows 10?

What the fuck is microshit doing?
I thought my PC was defective until I tested windows 8 with it, games are buttery smooth on 8.
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Thanks microshit employee, why don't you fix your shitty OS faggot.
.05$ have been deposited into your account rajeesh.
Stop playing video games

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Are there any decent, /g/ approved tablets these days?

I'm spending a lot of time commuting so I would like a small device to watch movies. Being able to read textbooks (good screen) on it would also be pretty nice, as it would allow me to leave my rather heavy books at home. A pen to write notes with would also be cool, but it's my highest priority.

inb4 get a thinkpad. I have one, but its not convenient to whip out a 15" laptop all the time when i'm commuting.
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ASUS Transformer
just got a kobo h2o (version 1) a few weeks ago and am really loving it
Comedian much?

4chan is comfiest on Clover, wouldn't you agree, /g/?
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Dashchan is better.
Not really

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>tfw Android is unironically faster than iOS these days and the displays are inarguably nicer and you're an open-minded retard who bought iPhone 7 "to try if I'd like it" and you're too ashamed to get rid of it too soon
>tfw you gotta deal with muh animations, muh back button at the top and 100 MB download limit because you're SO open-minded and totally NOT brand loyal
>tfw you can only clean cache by uninstalling the app
>tfw safari

b-but at least we have confetti for congratulations in dat blue bubble messaging app, r-right bros?
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Couldn't tell you how modern android is doing. I tried 4 separate android phones during gingerbread, all of them flagships, and I wound up going back to a dumbphone, swearing never to give android another shot.

4 years later, I tried an iPhone 4. Not 4s. 4. And it was better than any android I interacted with. So I went with that, and I've been happy.

If you're happy with your android phone, I'm legit happy for you. I'll never give them another chance. I spent over a thousand dollars trying to make the android OS work, and it wasn't ready for primetime. That burned me forever.
i have never used fruit phones but isnt it possible to disable those animations? you can disable all animations on android.
No, there's a power-saving mode and some kind of accessibility feature that lessens the transparency effects but that's it.

Even when you "disable" the animations there's still the fading effect that lasts as long.

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What are you working on, /g/?

Old thread: >>62235587
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Working on my first Ruby project!
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Are you a little Anime girl?
Update for the programming intelligence chart.

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What programming language to learn to get a job?
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Just research it, anon. Most people here will be meme-ing you and arguing with each other, leaving you even more clueless than when you started. Don't come to 4chan for career advice.
C++ and Assembly

>8GB memory is enou-
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>I'm not a retar-

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I am a part of a game development studio that works on development outsourcing to support other developers with their games.

I was speaking with one developer who posted an ad in a Reddit/Discord style community who was looking for a couple of developers for a one year project for a PC FPS game. Our studio is the cheapest outsourcing studio on the market due to a couple of reasons, one of them being our location. As such, I question when someone says we are too expensive. Most people who tell us we are too expensive just stop talking to us after that, but 1 told me just how much the difference was. For a large scale project of a year or longer building a number of systems and multiplayer and such for a large scale FPS in this case would have been about US$100,000. Nothing to sneeze at, but relatively cheap as far as full length projects are concerned. However, this developer (lead of a large studio of almost 25 developers) said he had someone willing to build all the base systems (movement, aiming, shooting, interaction, etc.), AI, multiplayer systems, and full level design of 2 levels all for US$600.

That is a TON of work for NOTHING. What am I missing? How common is this? There is no way this is reasonable. The person I talked to did not use this to try and get us to lower the price, he was stating it as fact and was done talking to us after that. There is no way this is something seriously deliverable. What is the deal with this?
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That kind of outsourcing probably could exist and would cripple the industry if it were more widespread. I doubt he’s telling the truth but you should avoid anyone that takes that price at face value.
Bump! im curious about this
two possibilities:

1. Everybody involved in this deal is an idiot and it will fall apart in a week once reality hits.

2. He's talking about $600 an hour (or maybe day.) Not impossible for an expert contractor.

Good news /g/

We already have 3.37% desktop market share!

> past month: 2.53%
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96.63% to go
It truly is the year of Linux Desktop
Poor bait

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Heya /g/

If I was to get a laptop that wasn't exactly blow-your-socks-off but was capable of at least running say, Source games and Overwatch what Intel HD or AMD APU lappies can do it comfortably?

Or more specifically, what Intel HD series (I'm thinking 4000 and up?) or AMD A-x chips can do it. The sort of shit you'd find in old Sony Vaios or $500~ laptops.
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(cont.) Reason why i'm asking is I've got this heavy as _fuck_ Acer Aspire 5920g with an ATi Mobility Radeon HD 4670 whacked in the MXM slot. it's fast-ish but the CPU is getting a little old and the battery is utterly shot. Bitch is only Wireless G too, and I'm sick of using a USB WLAN adaptor. Too heavy to lug around comfortably.
minimum intel hd 6000
That is literally the exact same laptop model I'm using now

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Is this the right way to configure a 6SA7 pentagrid (tridode hexode) tube to modulate two signals?

Also can I use an external local oscillator as shown connected to the oscillator grid in black or do I have the use the Hartly oscillator I see in schematics online as shown in red?
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What're you making my man?
Depending on your answer, I will have to almost definitely recommend you to use a transistor instead
You probably want to ask this is /diy/. This is more a consumer tech board.
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6SA7 v2.jpg
333KB, 1640x1218px
Fuck I'm retard. I connected the oscillator to the cathode heater in the schematic instead of the cathode itself. Fixed.

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Prove me AMD is better
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>Prove me
No. Stupid frogposter.
The proof is left as an exercise for the reader.

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