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Ungoogled Chromium >>>> everything else
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>Google API
>Implying they didn't remove all traces back to google
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Ungoogled Chromium not in Debian repos!

What do?

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>replacing all my HDDs with SSDs
>have a bunch of slow-ass HDDs collecting dust now

Would it be worthwhile setting up an external RAID 1 storage solution to back up my shit? Do any /g/entoomen use RAID 1 at all outside of an IT/work setting?
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>Would it be worthwhile setting up an external RAID 1 storage solution to back up my shit?
Yes if you don't already have a dedicated backup solution

>Do any /g/entoomen use RAID 1 at all outside of an IT/work setting?
RAID is usually not worth while outside of an enterprise setting because of the drives needed, unless you just have some spare drives lying around like you
Wow needing 3 whole disks rather than 2 is totally not worth it. Haha it's not like a backup should have any redundancy
I use RAID 1. Though I'm a hoarder and have a lot more stuff than you probably have. There's a few reasons to use it - two is the minimum number of drives needed to get redundancy (this is why you'll see a lot of servers with RAID 1 boot drives), it's simple and fast to implement, and (my situation) if you're using ZFS its the easiest way to make an array that's easy to expand later. ZFS has the irritating limitation that vdevs are immutable and can't be changed or removed once added. If you make those vdevs mirrors, then you can add disks, or replace disks to expand storage, two at a time, instead of three or more at a time.

Anyway you might as well use your old disks for backups, if you've nothing else to do with them. Can't hurt, might help.

RAID isn't a backup, but if you're a hobbyist with more data than you can afford to keep proper backups of, it'll do. You don't get anything offsite, so you're vulnerable to shit like lightning and fires, but you get protection from drive death, bit rot, and some history if you use snapshots.

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>download one season of a show in x264
>12 gigs
>download entire series in x265
>15 gigs total
>same quality
why the fuck isn't x265 the standard yet?
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Because VP9 exists and is the child of prophecy.
Storage still cheaper than processing.

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post your breads guts. bonus for ryzen bread.
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I'd like a better picture, but I can't justify buying a new smartphone or a camera
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I kinda messed up on the cooler placement.
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guts july.jpg
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The optical isn't connected at the moment, turns out I am short SATA cables

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>Every other website has an "app" that just opens up website and people actually install these things rather than just using their web browser
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Apps run usually on Java or ObjectiveC, while websites are giant spaghetti of JavaScript with dependencies. This makes apps faster and more stable.

And it's easier to collect private data in app, rather than in browser.
Not true at all. Apps are better optimized and more useful on mobile platform

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X.com [bought by Elon Musk a few days ago] outputs 'x' normally, but when you change the link, it outputs "y", any thoughts?
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He's just asking you why you are changing from x.com. He likes x so when you change it he's just asking you
Makes sense, but maybe it's x:y format? Like a GPS or something? It's quite ambiguous desu
x.org is a better domain though.

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>no interactive firewall software for linux
why are linux programmers so shit? even pajeets can write things like that for windows and mac
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What do you mean by interactive?
Buzzwords used by /v/ manchildren to rationalize.
you update your rules when new apps try to access internet

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Scratched my Apple Watch on a wall corner. Its really annoying, how do I fit it ??
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Scratched my Apple iPhone 6 on a wooden table. Its really annoying, how do I use it ??
be a good goy, throw it away and buy a new one
Buy a new one

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Would anyone consider forking this?
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Flash is finally dead, so.. no?
Why? Flash will be permanently dead and gone in a few years.
I've been hearing this since 2010 lad

It's a meme, there's always gonna be a website using flash, specially third world media websites (tv channels and whatnot).

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Why do they do this? It is my right to block your stupid ads.

Also how to bypass without disabling it?
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i bet you only leech torrent
block scrips

I mean they make their money off of the ads and while it is your right to block the ads it's also their right to block their content for people that prevent them from making money

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How sustainable is a computing ecosystem where every desktop application is now written as a node.js webapp wrapped in a web browser, and you now need 8GB of memory minimum just to have a good time running 3 applications at the same time?

CPUs are not getting faster, multithreading can only take you so far and since people are too stupid to do regular multithreading, they offload it to their javascript interpreter through asyncs and promises which handle their multithreading needs in a suboptimal way.
C and all languages like it are quickly being cast aside as "arcane magic".
Will we see a revival in the importance of software optimization in the coming decades, when software becomes so goddamn slow that they run more slowly NOW than they did 20 years ago?
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Incredibly sustainable.
Software optimization is completely fucking irrelevant to the average user.
if the hypothetical applications can run in an optimized, shared context, kinda like browser tabs AND they make use of wasm for expensive computations then it's very sustainable
and it will happen sooner than later

btw I can run vscode (electron), streamlink-twitch-gui (nw.js) and a dev build of my game (electron) on 4 gigs of ram and I have plenty left for shit like a browser, video player and terminal emulators
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they don't give half a shit about the user's computing resources, they assume they're abundant and are content to waste them. Dev time though, that costs them money.

I guarantee you they'll be resistant to changing the current dynamic because of this. They'll want people to accept it as the status quo, it saves them money.

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Russuian gov....putin Is trying to limit VPN usage and implement WEB-blacklist.

How We can help them?
Start Tor Bridge?
What else??
If ru-gov will win once other govs may try too...
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Technically VPN usage won't be limited yet, since a lot of companies use it for it's intended purpose. Current ban implies ban on third-party VPN services, which is not a big deal since you can always set up your own VPN server in yurop.

Also there's not much an outsider can do. "Tor bridges" is Mr. Robot-tier activism because it doesn't solve any actual issues with laws and government. If you have inherently malicious government after you, you're fucked. Tor can be made illegal, so no one will use it. As a matter of fact, there is already at least one russian in jail for hosting a tor node.

The problem is that Russians are fucking stupid and don't heavily oppose this kind of shit since goverment have been tightening the screws very slowly, with a lot of support from mainstream media heavily demonizing any opposition. There's so much propaganda on the TV, every censorship or anti-privacy law introduced since 2012 is actually being cheered upon.

Only thing the onlooker can do is learn and be more politically active to prevent the same situation in your country, don't repeat the same mistake many russians did years ago, because it's a give an inch / take a mile situation. "Being politically active" doesn't mean torching cars, though, it means educating other people and motivating them to stand for their rights. And don't meme on them because they don't use your favourite flavor of Linux, because then no one will take you seriously, and you will be in a minority. And if you're a minority, when the society and the goverment come after you, you won't be the leet hackerman in a hoodie, you'll just get squashed.

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Don't ruin your wrists, anon.

Thanks a ton to the guy helping me on the earlier thread. Really appreciate it.

I'm probably booking a new appointment soon as my current doctor is not taking me seriously and her ultimate solution is to "stop using the computer". I don't think she understands how much I need it for work and education.
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I'm guessing using an ergonomic keyboard didn't help much.
My hands are permanently fucked (thritis). I'm 22.
Holy shit. I'm sorry for you, bruh. Care to steer your story?

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Hey /g/

Can you figure out what this file means?
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Nigga wut
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I was thinking of building an old off the botnet internet PC just for kicks/nostalgia/retro gaming/video editing/etc.

So I was wondering what would some really useful old software that can be had for cheap? Not just any software but really useful stuff that even today works just fine for whatever you want to do.

My firs thought was The OS to use. I could dual boot 98SE and XP. I think XP might be the best assuming the PC has the hardware to run 95/98 software on it.

Some good software to run.
Alias/Wavefront Stuff
(before Automess took over)

Office XP (Not sure which distro though)
Emagic Logic
Pretty sure the CS2 version of adobe suite is technically free, but not sure if it was the best version for XP or 98
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If you have a decent card with hardware Midi synth, install Voyetra MIDI Orchestrator.
What kind of vidya do you like? I might be able to find some /vr/ recommended lists.
>tfw I still use Adobe Photoshop 7.0 in Wine and prefer it over GIMP

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