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>Getting started
Get a good understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
MDN web docs offer a good intro (independent of your browser choice)

>Free online courses


https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web - General documentation for HTML, CSS & JavaScript
https://stackoverflow.com/ - Developers asking questions and helping each other
https://caniuse.com/ - Check browser support for front-end web technologies

>Youtube channels
https://www.youtube.com/user/TechGuyWeb - Traversy Media
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8butISFwT-Wl7EV0hUK0BQ - freeCodeCamp
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO1cgjhGzsSYb1rsB4bFe4Q - funfunfunction
https://www.youtube.com/learncodeacademy - codecademy

>in-depth comparison of VPS hosts
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First for PHP
Anyone here tried out PHP 7.2? What is it like?
Need help Anons. I want to have a popup of somesort, that works when i click a table cell, but doesn't have any ID's attached and is unique for each table cell, is that in any way achieveable?

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Previous thread: >>61751754

Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread.

Users of all levels are welcome to ask questions about GNU/Linux and share their experiences.

*** Please be civil, notice the "Friendly" in every Friendly GNU/Linux Thread ***

Before asking for help, please check our list of resources.

If you would like to try out GNU/Linux you can do one of the following:
0) Install a GNU/Linux distribution of your choice in a Virtual Machine.
1) Use a live image and to boot directly into the GNU/Linux distribution without installing anything.
2) Dual boot the GNU/Linux distribution of your choice along with Windows or macOS.
3) Go balls deep and replace everything with GNU/Linux.

Your friendly neighborhood search engine.

$ man %command%
$ info %command%
$ help %command%
$ %command% -h
$ %command% --help

Don't know what to look for?
$ apropos %something%

Check the Wikis (most troubleshoots work for all distros):

/g/'s Wiki on GNU/Linux:

>What distro should I choose?

>What are some cool programs?

>What are some cool terminal commands?

>Where can I learn the command line?

>Where can I learn more about Free Software?

>How to break out of the botnet?

/t/'s GNU/Linux Games: >>>/t/769497
/t/'s GNU/Linux Videos: >>>/t/713097

/fglt/'s website and copypasta collection:
http://fglt.nl && https://p.teknik.io/wJ9Zy
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When will you be done with your silly hate thing?
no u

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Install mpv:

FAQ and Manual:

>But why should I switch?
If you have to ask then it's not for you.
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wm4 a cute
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Reposting from the last thread. Which pic you like more? Ill tell algos later.
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>22c/44t Xeons BTFO by stock threadripper.
Oy vey. Delet.
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I agree that TR makes the entire Xeon lineup obsolete 20 cores and down if you don't care for support.
But Sandra is a really garbage benchmark
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tr amazon.jpg
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It's selling like hotcakes already. That is crazy high placement for a $1000 CPU.
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What do you think is google too big atm? Should it be split in to smaller companies? Google has monopolies in many sectors which causes lack of innovation and competition.
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Yes they're probably getting too big.

But we shouldn't be concerned. They're probably going to do a damn good job of shooting themselves in the foot soon enough.
Trump should force google to GPL all their software like google search and YouTube
People should stop using the search engine. They currently dictate which websites make money and which ones don't.

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I have a shitty old laptop spare, what can I use it for? All I can think of is to cannibalise the HDD and maybe RAM, but I don't have much to gain from that.

Is it possible to turn it into a monitor for another machine?

Pic related
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You can give it to a needy student.
Sometimes you just gotta get it go
OP here, specs:

Intel i3-370
2GB Ram
320GB storage

I've seen somewhere that someone turned an old computer into a handheld N64 emulator, would something like that be possible?

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>have to rely on random people on the internet just to keep your software up to date
holy fucking shit how is this fucking acceptable?
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It's embarrassing. I just love receiving updates for it with no change log.
Wish I just got google android with no gapps.
>being cucked when Applel don't update your overpriced silicon wafer
well, do you personally know the people who make any of your other software?
why is this a problem, but running linux on a desktop isn't? it's the same thing, software made by people you don't know, for hardware not explicitly designed for that specific software

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I know nothing about monitors. I need a new one though. What's the best I can get for 350 dollars? 4K seems too much for me, as the monitor would cost as much or more than the dekstop.
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Bad kot! BAD!
Stupid dumb smelly likeable cat
There are 4K monitors out for $300. Depends what your plans and hardware are. If you can drive it for whatever you plan to do with it, may be an avenue to look down. Otherwise, eh.

Do not challenge kot. Kot will cut it. Do no aggravate kot, pls.

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>his internet is data capped and/or censored

ahahahahahah how does that feel?
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Wait, is this really a thing??????? (((Data caps)))
No cap, downloaded 12tb this month. Netherlands doesn't censor anything except CP I think.
The only real "censorship" I have is that incoming traffic on port 25 gets blocked, which prevents me from hosting my own shillary server. I'd understand if outgoing were blocked, it would prevent spewing out spam mail, but a block for incoming traffic makes absolutely no sense to me.

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Gatebox is the hero we needed.

Are you ready to live together with your waifu, /g/?

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Not interested until I can hold and smell my waifu.
Uh, what
I want to bury my nose in her hair and take a deep breath.

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Am I the only one who hates faggots on youtube who claim to "browse the deep web"
Nigga "the deep web" is just the tor network, the cia niggers use it so they can mask themselves in the crowd, if there wasn't any people on the network when the cia niggers access a site the owner's gonna be like "yea i see the cia is checking on my website, that's nice"
So y'all faggots btfo with this clickbait shit
this niggas be fucking briandead i don't want to say the n word (normie) but i just need to cause these niggas be braindead
and no i'm not black i just say nigga a lot
the "deep web" doesn't even have much illegal shit just drug sites that are scams and spooky args made by 15 year olds
if you find CP, then good for you but those are rare to find if you don't know how to
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I agree anon, the Deep Web is often confused for the DARK Web. Fags need to get their facts straight. It's just about generating ad revenue.

Half the time I'll see shitty ass stories on Reddit saying how people will go onto the "deep web" and then their web cam is on and a hacker knows their name and shit. It's all fake people. It's so cliche.
This site is 18+.
yes, i am over 18, did you just ASSUME MY AGE???

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/mu/ doesn't seem to give a shit about hardware

What's the best way to get music to play around my house without having to use my phone or any apps. I.e. CD Player/HDD -> Speakers everywhere
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Run some speaker wire.
Have a studio apartment and use speakers. If you need more than one room, you're a normie. I can't even imagine what a non-normie would need multiple rooms for.
aiwa hs p02 mk2 and headphones

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How botnet is Pale Moon?
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>Pale moon

Sounds white supremacist
wtf I love Palemoon now?
As much as IceCat and Iridium.
Now what about WaterFox? Is it good?

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What are some cool websites and programs you know?
Everything from just random websites to file sharing, image sharing, peer to peer sharing, utilities, sandboxing, virus scanning,mail, music and audio, encryption, privacy, network tools, media players, screen sharing and screenshotting to defragmentation, text editors and etc
Just share programs and websites you think are useful, dunno
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looks aesthetic

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How does /g/ drink it coffee?

>inb4 with milk and sugar
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>drinking the caffeinated jew
I drink tea like a normal person. Straight, no sugar, no milk.
i drink it black like your wife's son
>not drinking the caffeinated jew
wow, edgy.

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