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Where does /g/ hide their tech? What are good ways to hide stuff like this?
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in ur anus ;^)
nice try jamal
in the microwave

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What happened to Terry?
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He's literally dead
Went to a mental hospital.

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>Buy 8TB hard drive
>it's 7.2TB

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the ABSOLUTE state of /g/
>local man doesn't understand how storage works
bro you didnt check for terabyte mites before you installed that HDD, did you?

New mail from Firefox dev mailing list as a heads-up:

"After lots of recent discussion, it is finally happening. The patch to flip the default setting to disallow legacy extensions is in autoland at the moment and, barring some snafu, should be in tomorrow's Nightly builds. This is a bit anti-climactic since a few other changes that have already landed that broke a bunch of existing extensions.

Also this has been discussed in a few other threads but repeating here for folks that may have missed it: there is a preference that Nightly users can flip to re-enable loading of legacy extensions in the addons manager (of course this setting won't magically make extensions that rely on the sdk or any changed internal interfaces work). We will continue to honor this preference in Nightly builds and in unbranded builds, but when 57 (and later versions) go to beta and eventually to release, that preference will be ignored. If you're familiar with addon signing and the circumstances in which we allow it to be disabled, legacy extensions are handled in the same way.

If you notice any problems or have questions, you can contact me directly, use the dev-addons mailing list, or drop into #webextensions on IRC.

:highfive:s all around!


What do I do
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install iridium
install gentoo
Chromium-based browsers are shite
You can use Waterfox or Palemoon, but I strongly advise staying on Firefox since new extensions are better and faster

What is the best browser and why is it Indian Browser?
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>postulating an initial open ended question then changing the question to one that seeks validation for your own opinionated answer to the initial question disregarding that the initial question is open ended and has no definitive correct answer
>literary shit
I can already smell the shit.

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What is the worst programming/software related incident you've ever experienced?
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Accessing this website.
Using Windows.
one day I tried a simple print function, and my cpu exploded

to this day I dont know if theyre related but I still blame it on the mac

Anybody used this?

Is it a Russian botnet or is it okay?
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Literally anything these days is botnet.

If you want a botnetless browser, just make your own.
It's literally Russia government spyware.
Stay away.
Works great. I like it. Very useful for Euro languages and translations. Is the same idea of google chrome. Just slav version. Remember who is ranked in top three for best code (not murcia )

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Vivaldi web browser is the next /g/ browser. Has a better icon, runs faster, reader mode is finally useful, more customization, and more.
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Isn't Vivaldi proprietary?
I was using Vivaldi master coks
>License Proprietary freeware

>he doesn't clean his monitor with a soft microfiber and distilled white vinegar
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>he needs to clean his monitor
Why are you eat next to your monitor?
>He doesn't shoot loads of cum on his monitor
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>he faps

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What's your score g/?
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350 cpm 70 wpm.
I'm usually a bit faster.

On my phone currently or I'd do one now

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so pic unrelated?
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Pic very much related my dude.

Very little of that software works on linux, even via a VM.

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tldr; Name the best Android music, video and photo app.

I finally upgraded my Xperia Z1 (for HTC U11).

But now, I realize how much quality is lacking in some core apps from Android, because the Album (photo), Video and Walkman/Music app were apparently all Sony exclusive and are not on the play store.

Sony's app are awesome, but how come Android comes with google's shitty photos app, and no video app, and no music app either? Why is Sony allowed to make android apps that are not available to other android devices?
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Play Music, Play Video and Play Photo
gay, gay, and shit
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dunno man, check the engineering dept

>Headphone purchase advice:

Please put some effort into your requests and questions.

If you dislike a suggestion, explain why and try giving a better suggestion to whomever asked.

For sub-$50 headphones and IEMs, check out the infographic in >>>/g/csg

>/g/ wiki headphone FAQ:

Previous thread - >>61819328
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Looking for some decent wireless in ear headphones that are not physically connected to each other.
Normal shit, or chink shit.

These will be used to listen music at work, and cycling. I don't want to any wires, and at least 5 hours of use.

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Just got some bose QC 35's


>The clock speed reported by 3DMark is a peak clock, it may or may not mean that the card was overclocked at the time of testing (1247 MHz base/1546 MHz boost vs 1630-1750 MHz boost for this test)

>for GPU score it doesn’t really matter which CPU is being used, but since some reviewers already started testing Threadripper and Vega, I thought it might be interesting to know where the performance of AMD HEDT platform sits
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Are AMD, dare I say it, finished and bankrupt now that Threadripper and Vega are both confirmed flops?
Pick one
>1080 performance level with the 1080ti TDP

At least Ryzen is good

>inb4 sry for creating a lame thread

The title explains my question. Currently I am using FF stable release with uBO 3rd party frames disabled and a few hosts and NoScript with scripts globally enabled. I do not really care about privacy much, I'm more paranoid about hitting an exploit or something similar to that. Do you have any better configs for me to try out ?
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bump, OP, I'm on win10
is anyone going to help me?

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