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Hey /g/spot. I was out for a bike ride and I found an iPhone 6 on the side of the road. I did everything I could to locate the owner. For whatever reason it won't connect to a network, so I can't receive potential text messages that could be waiting. So is this thing a paperweight to me or can I reset it? It's password locked.
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take it to your nearest Apple store, Jamal
I tried that. It's against policy to reveal customer information.

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Give me one genuine reason for not using Perl.
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Python exists
It's write-only. Fun for code golfing, though.

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ITT: Tech celebs/journalists/devs/entrepreneurs you hope suffer a career threatening and/or potentially life threatening injury.
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for leaving it to hiro
Fuck off
Who the hell are you? My post should be the first and the only one! Idiot

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Make it stop.
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i like it
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Why do normies insist on using 10 year old memes
Stupid frog poster

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This is definitely not cherry picked.

>pls dont buy that 1600, be a good goy and save those shekels for us.
I'm getting a 6 core i5 and there's nothing g can do to stop me!
>>61964238 (OP)
I bought skylake and others waited for kaby lake I'll wait for ice lake i7 9700k instead of jumping for coffee lake i7 8700k. Hoping if everything goes well I'll put up my vanilla ice poster and play ice ice baby and dance dance the song of my people.

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How did AMD succeed with Ryzen/Threadripper while monumentally fucking up Vega?
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Two different divisions.
How did you brilliantly succeed with 4chan shitposting but can't run a profitable blog?

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How does my cable management look, /g/? Spent an hour organizing them.
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You don't like it? What can I do to improve it?
I just want to be better as a person.

Case or no case, /g/?
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there's always a case for a case
thanks for the advice dad
I like how designers got the idea to put glass on the back of the phones as well, so if you drop it both sides get fucked.

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Welcome to 1984
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Who watches the watchers?
>infographic with red arrows and jew photoshops
well I'm convinced
>muh L├╝genpresse
>get all your news from InfoWorld instead

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Currently, I have an HP EliteBook (I couldn't find a ThinkPad). It works fine, and it seems indestructible (it fell off the table and either the screen or the HDD were broken). But It's heavy af.
Next year I'm going to have to carry it a lot, so I decided I'll buy a lighter one, but I don't want the average "beautiful" case which breaks when you close the screen a bit too fast. What do you guys recommend?
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Stop being rude.

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So I bought a gaming headset, but my pc only has 1 audio jack. So I used a combiner, but now Discord picks up the sounds from my pc, like the music I listen to. I tried everything from changing headsets to disabling stereo mix. Can anyone help?
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>but my pc only has 1 audio jack
Did you check in the back?
there is nothing in the back, only the battery
Why didn't you say you have a shitty laptop?

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Hi all,

This is where we wait for the latest AMD graphics card which AMD will surely release in a timely manner and will definitely blow all of our minds, no questions asked, 100% guaranteed, no chance it'll fail, just you wait.
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fuck Navi, I'm waiting for next gen

I'm waiting for Navi as well. I've already bought a 1200 watt PSU, so I'm set.

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Can anyone link me up with information about designing decentralized account system?
(in the registered user sense)
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I guess I'll try asking on Reddit
Go away.
maybe Matrix protocol specifications for Identity Service API

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Any review and/or opinion for this upcoming dev board?
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The ESP32 is great.
But buy a cheap module for 6$ instead of this overpriced noob shit.
What anon said. That is a little aesthetic, I grant.
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it look kind of functional for 9$ though

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Riddle me this /g/

If Sony makes such good cameras that are being used in other phones, why are their own phones using such a trashy piece of shit sensor that struggles to take good daylight outdoor photos?
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Excuse you?

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