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Russian President Vladimir Putin has called on IT companies in Russia to use domestically developed software, saying that soon the use of such foreign products will no longer be possible in certain sectors due to "high security risks."
The IT industry in Russia should aim to develop more home-grown products and raise and train specialists, Putin said Friday during a meeting with representatives of information and communication companies in the Perm Region.

At the moment, the amount of Russia-made software used in the country stands at around 30 percent, the president was told.
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invest in jolla. sailfish is going to explode straight to the moon. you heard it here first folks.
He says that every fucking year and then wannacry happens.
Every country should rely on its own software desu.

Which cursor you use, /g/? Classic? Modern/Aero? Dark?
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The spinning blue orb
The dinosaur

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Hey /g/oys, just started learning the basics of java.

I would really like to start playing with UE4, yes i know its using C++ languange.

My question is, how do i get started with C++? Should i ditch java and learn C++ instead?

Any tips or advice for a noobie like me?
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gril name?
>droopy, veiny tits
you post a girl to get attention and this is what you pick???????
pls tell me thats a boy

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Don't let Solaris die, make Solaris GPL!
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> Expecting Oracle to do the right thing for once.
I fucking hate Oracle, but they are probably not botnet enough to see this post.
we don't need GNUtards shitting up slowlaris with pajeet-tier code

fuck off and let it die an honorable death

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What's your answer to this?
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Everything is correct if you're a Mac user.
stupid thread
> projection
Money/gold musulman buy bad things.

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Are internet privacy and security impossible nowadays and everyone who would say "yes, they're possible" is just spouting memes?
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You will understand that It's impossible once you learn how the internet (and networking) works. But you can definately make yourself harder to track by using tor, i2p, etc.
Learn about networking, friend.

Yes it is impossible, your ISP knows everything about you and your hardware (everything has a unique ID) is associated with everything you do online, so let's say you make two email accounts using the same hardware, they're both associated with each other and you. Let's say you make two email accounts with the same ISP, they're both associated with each other and you.

Just be a good citizen and don't worry about it
it's only possible if you access it from a remote location (not your home), also under different name and so on
yes it still means you don't have privacy and security, but your true identity is practically invulnerable

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Is there a social stigma with emails and who gets an email sent to them first?
Meaning the people in an email chain, if you are the last name on the email chain, does it matter?

Your name is last and doesn't show up first on the list
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no it doesn't matter
>this is your brain on autism
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Don't you feel bad if your name is behind someone else?

Basically they sent an email and mentioned your name last as if you mean nothing at all, why are the autismo tech guys last on the list?

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hey guys, i came across this old 90´s all-in-one pc and have no idea what it is
here some more pictures:
imgur . com/a/l3Htn
it is seems very similar to a compaq portable iii but the hardware is completly different, also there is no model number anywhere
if any of you have any hints, please help me out
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Can it play Doom?
Only thing I could find is this ad


which says it's a 486 DX2S.
it's not really an all-in-one, it's a luggable, which is pretty bitchin'

Would you be able to get rid of your home+phone Internet connection and live like that for 2 years?
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No. You're always online even when you aren't. Google owns your soul
It would be extremely painful
u u

I've been learning python on and off for a couple of years now and I've gotten to a point where i cannot go any further with it and find something useful to do with it. What programming language would you suggest to learn that is useful and reasonably easy to learn for someone with mild programming experience?
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If you want to stay in brainlet tier then learn lua.
in a CS curriculum the most common choice would be C. C is usually taught for a couple months in the second semester of the first year, as preparation for learning more advanced topics. you have to learn pointer programming at some point, and C is the traditional way to do it

don't stick with C unless you really like it. after C I would learn a basic functional language. you can swap the order if you really want to

by the time you know Python, C, and a functional language you will be capable of having your own opinion about what you want to learn next
(cont). having said that, C is hard to make "useful" from a consumer's perspective. if what you mean by "useful" is you want to make programs like the ones you use every day, then I would learn C# or JavaScript, because these have much better user-facing libraries and are not particularly abstract

I've been using drive for work because sheets+keep are convenient as hell, and my work isn't too sensitive. I didn't mind uploading stuff to the drive botnet because it was all through a browser and I could choose to keep my private life private. But now it looks like I'd have to install some program that wants to crawl my whole filesystem, in secret in not openly.

What do I do if I need spreadsheets that sync between my computer an phone on the fly? Set up a vpn server? Is there a spreadsheet app that will sync the way I want it to?
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>Goolag Drive
"backup and sync" is way less marketable, what a terrible decision
Take the long route and stop being lazy.
or set up your own FTP server.

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Saddam Hussein.jpg
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I wanted to buy the amazon TV stick but I'm sure there are better solutions out there

lets her them
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killing yourself
Raspberry Pi?
Raspberry pi with kodi

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can stallmen sue me for selling cds with linux distros to clueless classmates?
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You're allowed to sell or distribute software under a free software license any way you want as long as you follow the conditions of the license. Selling linux distros is perfectly legal and its how Red Hat operates.
If the source is open, no.
How much do you sell them for?

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What's the evangelion of programming?
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>posting a shot from rebuilds
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>evangelion of programming

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>Download Clementine.
>Doesn't support USB devices or iPods on Windows.
Kek wtf.

>Download Amarok.
>Complex, crowded, ugly piece of shit that after fiddling around on it for 45 minutes I figure out it can't open an iPod either.
Kek wtf.

Open source is shit, but I suppose the one in ten that might get it right is better than an adware or botnet program.

Which iPod managing software is open source, works for Wangblows, and can actually manage music on an iPod (delete, rename, edit, add new songs to it, etc.)?
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The iPod manager plugin for Foobar just works
>buys proprietary brick
>surprised when it's a proprietary brick
fuck off
Just rename the files in the folder then drag them to your mp3 player.
Also, stop using idud

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