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so is it Google that pays Nabisco to use the Oreo name or is it Nabisco that pays Google for the publicity?
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Was thinking the same thing to be honest.

Maybe it's mutual and no one pays?
Who got paid for nougat or jellybean?
Google is an ad company
Apparently, neither paid to have kitkat in its name, it's just for advertising.

Hi /g/, poorfag from 3rd world shithole here. I finished high school a year ago and I want to learn calculus so that I can have a base to study machine learning. I never had any calculus lessons at school but I am pretty proficient in algebra and trigonometry. What are some book recommendations to start learning basic calculus with little mathematics background?
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Ask over to /sci/.
Honestly this is the wrong board for this.

Try /sci/
Thanks anons, I will redirect my question to the more appropriate board.

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Should we be Unix?

That is, is it better to be a jack-of-all-trades, master of none or a specialist that does one thing, but does it well?
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I have a little webdev knowledge there, some sysadmin there, a little C# there, I even done some ARM assembly at some point, and I'm earning quite well.
What do you do?
yesterday I made 50$ in an hour migrating some wordpress site. The other day I made 200$ doing a laravel framework php job. I got 100$ to do a C linux thread assignment for an uni kid. I'm a jack of all trades master of none pretty much

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How do you autists carry around all your apocalypse tech?
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>a fucking comb and a flask

nice instagram pic, fucking hipster
Holy nu male horse shit

If only they made some sort of pack you could strap to your back or fanny.
I carry:
1 phone
1 wallet
1 bus pass
my keys
All in different pockets.

The only thing you need for apocalypse is knowledge, and you won't be dependent on your things. Local resources will always be at your disposal

VMpill me on Qubes OS /g/, is it good?
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It's shit.
Just like anime.
Just like your entire life.
Since anime is great and my entire life is great, it can be deduced that your definition of shit=great.

So it's not just good, it's great?
Yeah sure thing kid

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I mean, instead of having your computer do the processing, do the computing, instead of having your computer do the heavy work, you send a request through the internet to a server with a supercomputer and it does your work, merely transmitting the information back. It would be like the computer equivalent of having someone else chew your breakfast for you and it would allow devices with shitty processors to get amazing output from amazing input that it wouldn't otherwise get. I'm high on marijuana.
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Sure no one ever had this great idea before OP, good job.
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""""cloud computing"""
You know this idea isn't new, right? You know this has been done since basically the invention of mainframes, where you only had thin clients that connected to it, but all processing was actually done on a remote and powerful machine.

>I'm high on marijuana.
We can tell.

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Does this work?
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What can you do with it?
I used it to flash bios and play retro games
anything you can do with dos

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Why can't Windows designers do anything right?
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OP <-waste of space
OP is less than negative waste of space?

Outside of source code and rigorously defined academic environments, used TWO dashes combined with a triangle bracket to denote a 'pointer arrow'.

Why are you still alive? Shoot yourself

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No excuse?
How predictable
I don't get it.
reported for anti-semitism

enjoy your ban

I have unlimited broadband internet for the first time in my life. What are some realms of the internet I can access now that I don't have to worry about the data usage? I have already ticked "auto update threads" on 4chan so far and am excited for future possibilities.
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Just stream HD video from YouTube and Netflix and HBO and whatever like normal people do.
Just crack like 4 AAA games that total like 250Gb
First thing I did.
when i first got adsl in my life i never actually thought that i could fill my drive in no time

started with 720p movies with the biggest bitrate i could find since 1080p wasnt really mainstream back then then when i got my first 1080p monitor i realise the shit tier is 720p and started to find 1080p movies..

tl dr save money for a good fucking NAS first cause you will be filling it up so quick you will feel like an idiot later on when you will have to delete movies

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Auto conversion.png
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Can your FAGGOT browser do this?

Didn't think so
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Dumb Australia poster
i don't have money. irrelevant desu
Go to bed Kevin.

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ITT: Tech celebs/devs/entrepreneurs you hope suffer a career threatening and/or potentially life threatening injury.
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Zuck the Cuck 2020
anyone that self titles themselves entrepreneur can rot
Everyone at Creative.
Fuck that patent hoarder bullshit.

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Delphi banner.png
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Redpill me on Delphi
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It's not bad, it's just literally who.
how many projects did you finished with it?
press f to pay respects

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110,000 dependency files, 600mb disk space for a fucking boilerplate project. How is this allowed?
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Why don't you webfags just write HTML, CSS, JS and PHP and keep it simple?
webdevs were a mistake.
Honestly I'm fine with J2EE doing business applications but those JS hipsters need to get gassed.
How else are you going to build something that requires 6 gorillion bytes of RAM?

What's the minimum hardware requirement for a webserver that serves mostly static pages but also needs to have php enabled?
I need it to run 24/7 too, how reliable is a RasPi if it would run continuously for months at a time?
Any other anons here with such experiences?
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How big is the site, how many visits it?
RPI is fine for small numbers.
You can also try nginx instead of apache.
Hardware reqs are minimal but depends on load

I use Digital Ocean 5 or 10$ server

Sudo apt install nginx, go through setup tutorials on digital ocean tutorial site. Gl m8
>how many visits it?
1k visits a day at most. if I get a usb network adapter for raspi, does it make a difference for a lot of connections?

no I want to run it from home.

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