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Dominated as the best web browser for few years, where is it now?
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white man guilt
It's still the browser of choice for male feminists the world over. And that's something.
stupids being employed by cuckzilla happened

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what the fuck is this?
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autoplay video from a website you visited, retard

>iOS 10
Block the ads you fucking retard
“Dark mode” notification center on a jailbroken iOS 10 device running Safari without using any ad blockers, open on the webpage 4chan.org, which results in ads playing in the background and resulting in being picked up by the audio source in notification center.

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Is there a way to download the mp3 file from a youtube video only with youtube-dl? I read up theres ways but you have to download a converter and all that. But for some reason I felt i used to download the mp3 only I just forgot what to do. Anyone know?
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youtube-dl --extract-audio --audio-format mp3
next time RTFM
I understand this, but it wont play on my pc, has to be converted it says.

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Is that true?
wow cool thread OP
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>1 TB of RAM

literally no way you aren't running some kind of server farm or data mining supercomputer. in which case there is no reason you would be using windows in the first place

i am a linuxfag but this is beyond retarded

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Pajeets hid the "cancel the update" button under the status bar
couldn't reachi it without keyboard navigation

How will microsoft recover?
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press the maximize button
Install the OS that respects your ass
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>using nonfree software

Why tho?

What kind of connector is this? It's for Mini atx.

Why is there not one standard for DC plugs and every manufacture produces their own horseshit?
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Some variety of barrel jack. There are standard sizes. Measure it and figure out which one you have.

Or if you're going to be such a little bitch, cut off that one and put one you like on

That's the problem, I can't find it from the "standards", who invented this shit? I'm furious.
They're called a barrel jack. Different devices require different voltages and more or less current and some devices may even use AC instead of DC. Manufacturers use their own sizes to discourage people from using incompatible power supplies.

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Do any of you anons work at BestBuy? My mom wants to get me a job there. I have never had a job before.
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you will be worked to the ground
just sperg out on the interview and you'll be fine for a while
if mommy were to do that to me i would lose it and scream non stop for an afternoon or so
Retail work is piss easy, even for an autistic manchild such as yourself

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1) Get 4chan pass;
2) train a deep neural net on thousands of pictures of asses (female bottoms);
3) write a script to scrape 4chan for images of asses;
4) the bot will then automatically reply "BRRRAAAP" to the picture.

Would this work? Would it be against 4chan ToS (I don't want to break 4chan ToS)

It is allowed on Reddit.
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where's the video
Has she got blue highlights? That's a little sad.

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>use battery saver
>phone dies faster
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>apps that have permission to optimize their own battery use run harder because system resources are scarcer
Operator error
>battery saver
the snake oil of smartphones.
>desperately need to update app while at work
>no wifi for miles

Why arent you running a Linux chroot on your phone?
Don't you wanna do some actual work on it?
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Why do you give a fuck how others use their phones?

And fyi, no i don't want to do work on a 5 inch screen. I have standards.
What "actual work" do you do on it?
Shits painful, even on a tablet.

I don't see why you guys hate apple so much all their products just work instantly rather than configuring a gnu/linux distribution.
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Heres a time stamp i love my apple products
But you're comparing apples to penguins, anon. One comes preinstalled and one you install yourself. Preinstalled Linux always just werks, pretty rare though.
I don't hate them.

I'm simply not mentally challenged so I don't need to buy products aimed at that public.

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Anyone use W10 Enterprise LTSB here?

How would I go about cracking it? Sick of Windows 10 breaking shit. I'd rather muh games work as well, so Linux fags can fuck off.

>inb4 give it back Jamal
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Buy it asshole
I got a free LTSB licence from my University. Easily the best Windows version, comparable to Windows 7 Ultimate. No microshit bloat and rarely gets updates.
Use this http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/17961928/Windows+10+Enterprise+X64+2016+LTSB+MULTi-20+June+2017+Gen2

Why does linux just not work?
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It works on my machine, you must be doing something wrong.
it does
this thread would've made sense 15 years ago; but Linux just works, it's ready for the desktop


>to use this app, you need to download a repository
>then update your repository
>then you can download your program

like why don't these retards just include the repo on their OS in the first place?

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ITT we invent technology that will make all passwords obsolete
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Key loggers built into every keyboard in the world.
"Scrape your fingernail on the sensor to continue"
a fascism in a box

I'm in the market for a new phone. Should I get the galaxy S8 or the oneplus 5?

BTW price isn't an issue for me because with Samsung's trade in program I can get their phone for about the same price as the oneplus
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If the price isn't an issue, get the Samsung. If not, get the OPO. You can't really go wrong here
I recommend the Apple® iPhone© 7s+™.
If price isn't an issue, why are you even on the fence about this?
Samsung is better in terms of specs, more innovative in terms of screen, higher resolution, same type of display.
What exactly is the question here?

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