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>Cloak & Dagger is a new class of potential attacks affecting Android devices. These attacks allow a malicious app to completely control the UI feedback loop and take over the device — without giving the user a chance to notice the malicious activity. These attacks only require two permissions that, in case the app is installed from the Play Store, the user does not need to explicitly grant and for which she is not even notified.
>May 19th, 2017 — The a11y team confirms the a11y-related issues we reported as "won't fix".

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>the play store is malware
Get this guy a PhD

Choose one.
>using Linux
Insecure by design

With the PC market declining. Young people using their phones to access the internet. Old people dying. The future is clear. Mobile, always ready computing devices as clients. Linux for demanding computing needs. The end of windows and mac os as "desktop" platforms is near. Mac sales stalled, PC sales down YoY. The whole market will divide between people who can only tap on icons and people who have profound understanding in origin legacy computing. As the technology spreads to the general public and hence needs to became simplified, covered, with minimal user input those people know nothing about it and have zero understanding how it works. When things broke they will just stop using them and ask for help. They can't fix anything, they don't know what anything means. They only use it by taping on things. That's why you have engineers and people who can't even turn off Bluetooth on their phones. AI will help them use technology by asking for what they need. In the future you will either be the smart ass or the sheep slave for big tech companies who harvest your data and control your choices. Closed ecosystems, with the user unable to even understand what's going on. A great tool for the ultimate control of the general society.
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One thing that looks very certain is that Linux desktop keeps growing.

Linus desktop has grown over 12 months now and is probably goong to pass 3% mark this year for the first time.

Some people have estimated that 5% mark could be possible in 2018.

But after all this was just matter of time. Linux is alreaady everywhere else except in desktops. Servers, IoT, supercomputers, phones, cars... all run Linux and it looks that soon so will desktops.
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I think you are pretty spot on. Desktops will be more and more a thing for geeks or powerusers. I know that some businesses started to go back to the terminal-server infrastructure with thin clients. Lots of businesses go with tablets and mobile solutions.
Like you said automation will play a big part in it. You don't need a keyboard and a big screen to type in contract details or bills if a computer is doing the work instead.

> minimal user input those people know nothing about it and have zero understanding how it works

See pic. It's really astonishing how tech illiterate the vast majority of people are. Most people learn this when they enter the workplace.

Secondly, the young people in Western country don't show so much interest in tech (anymore?) or don't want to put in the effort ("Why study linear algebra when I just want to make websites"), on the other hand, east and southeast asian students are showing a lot of interest in the field in comparison.

So I think you are pretty right when you say that in the future there will be a lot more consumers and less people understanding the tech. We will probably see more comfort over everything else (see the development with Amazon, Alexa, Google, etc.) What matters less is effort, understanding, crafting or repairing(!) things but feeling good, happy and exciting
>What are businesses

Well anon, they're places people with jobs go to do work. Those businesses run on various versions of windows, and will until people stop working as a whole.

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>Be murifat tech company
>fail on an annual basis

Petroleum engineer here. If this happened in our industry, we'd be hung from a tree. We had ONE major disaster equivalent to this like 7 years ago and I still hear people talking about it despite the gulf being perfectly clean for the last 6 years.

Why is the tech industry so incompetent? Why can't they be more like the petroleum industry, which has no room to fuck up, no room for "glitches" or disasters like this?

I'll tell you why, because most of you are a bunch of beta cuckold faggots. I see the average computer engineer, and he's a total pussy. He is such a cuck he is letting scrawny pajeets take his job while accepting sub par wages for his own job, probably taking orders from a female boss. We make on average more money than you faggots, yet you still think you're all that. Get your acts together and stop being an embarrassment to your profession.
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None of this has anything to do with computer engineers. You would know this if you actually went to school like you're implying.
>b-but our job is h-harder!

Really, cuck? All you do is write an equivalent of a novel on a laptop. Big fucking deal. We extract liquified plants miles underground at high pressure hundreds of miles out from civilization. One false move and people die.

Take for example an oil rig. It employs probably 150 people. About as much as Niantic employed for this entire event. Every fucking thing has to work or else. Multiple points of redundancy are placed just about everywhere. There is no room for mistakes.

Now imagine this oil rig had 1 year to plan and prepare drilling for oil for just 1 day.

The oil rig with a crew of 150 men, had a year to do this. They even had 2 years prior of testing and actually performing oil drilling. But now they have almost unlimited money to do it.

The day has come.

The oil rig explodes, killing 30 people

The engineers blame it on the rig, and call that normal

That's Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago
sorry, computer "software" engineer.

it doesn't deserve the term engineer. Do we give screen writers engineering degrees because they know how to write proper scripts?

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>1 of 1 seeds connected
>0kb/s dl 100 years remaining
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mfw i never seed
Literally, LITERALLY double Hitler.
>find a simpsons torrent for dvdrips...not that easy to find
>spend three weeks downloading it since number of seeds is low, but eventually I get it all
>think, man, it was a real pain for me, maybe I should seed this time to help out
>...nah *delete this*

>tfw fell for the 20 inch Android tablet meme
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I'd be curious to see what it's like.

It probably sucks for phone games, since mobile games are designed for phones and small tablets
like a meme fucking buy a laptop
why tho
like.. how could anyone think this was a good idea

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Is this the worst program of 2017?
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>t. bought this shit then realised he got scammed

Top kek. Cry harder dumbass.
It's not even on my os
>never used it
>not even exist on his platform
>"hurr durr this is the worst aw mah gawd"

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Why do glossy screens look better? Why do rural hicks always use matte screens?
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Fucking low iq rural retard donald "smallhands" drumpfy voters only use glossy screens.

Smart city people use matte.
>Why do glossy screens look better?
Less obstruction for the light coming from the screen.
>Why do rural hicks always use matte screens?
Because matte eliminates reflections.

This isn't fucking magic if you seriously couldn't figure it out yourself you need to get off this board
you definitely have autism and living in a city wont ever change that reality but go on about how not living in a rural place makes you better than those that do

how can I become lain /g/ ?
I don't know shit about computers but I want to be closer to lain, I want to die and pour my soul into my computer and become the internet,
so i can live on the internet with lain forever and do cute things while we both wear bearsuits, what to do ?
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keep your meat fresh enough until the alpha testing starts, then give yourself up. might get wiped, but worth the risk.
install gentoo
You're already part of the botnet

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Previous >>61471324

This thread is for the discussion of NyaaPantsu (pantsu.cat), a free (FOSS) torrent indexer, and other nyaa alternatives.
The aim of this project is to write a fully featured nyaa.se replacement in golang that anyone will be able to deploy locally or remotely.



>Why is Pantsu down/error 502?
Most likely because the team is deploying changes. Wait for a bit and refresh the page. It should be mostly stable now.

General updates on the site
>Torznab api
>RSS feeds fixed
>Performance issues fixed
>Python uploading script
>Torrent file generation
>More frontend fixes
>Editing and deleting torrents
>Public mod log
>Filesize searching
>Audio captcha
>Language flags like anidex
>Mobile app
>Customizable mascots by URL
>DB clean up
>Text board
>Refactor done

As for the coming weeks
>Improve scrapers to scrape more sites
>Move db dumps to just nginx to prevent any issues/corruption
>Optimize the code
>Anidb integration
>Add in the nyaazi and anidex scapers into the main program

Dev live server:

Database dumps:

Local Client:
>An anon made a local client in case the online sources are down: instructions and download at
qBittorrent plugin for Pantsu.

Development roadmap:

NyaaPantsu Status:
>Copyrighters wall of shame

Development and discussion channel:
>#nyaapantsu on Rizon
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First for cartel
kiloutre kys plz
Support Pantsu - Get your sticker today!

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just a random question /g/, what are your least used F keys / what F keys have you never used? I use all F keys except for F6 and F7, which I've now remapped to Previous and Next media controls since I realized I never use them.
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f6 enables spell checking in sublime text.
I have no use for that.
I don't use F3, F4, F7, and F9-F12 all too often. II keep them mapped as they are just in case I need them for some obscure program.

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Opinions on Light Table IDE?
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dead and written in a gay language so nobody wants to extend it
gay and tons of wasted space not unlike whoever made it
just use emacs and stop smokin cock
web dev crap

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>Get into intense argument over surveillance and terrorism
>Unrelated sleeping laptop in the room suddenly flares up its fans
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The Botnet applies to all.

I repeat. Mass surveillance is by definition not targeted.

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>be windows user
>wake up
>have these news apps installed without my permission

I'm started to not like this any more.
Winfags of /g/, give me a reason not to intsall GNU/Linux right now (using an older Windows version is not something I wish to do).

You have an hour.
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install gentoo
Gaymes gaymes
Don't do it! Stick to Windows ™
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Why should I care about you OS choice? Go outside and stop being autistic.

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There is any way to avoid normalfags using my computer without encrypting the drive?

Rent increased like 300% on my area so I had to move and now I have fucking room mates

I don't really care about they looking at it since I only have the finest 2D porn on it but if they try to play LoL on my computer and delete some work/backups I will be bretty mad
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install gentoo
A login manager and BIOS password?

Yeah, no

BIOS password looks good enough, can it be bypasses googling how to bypass password of computer in black screen?

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What's a light Linux distro I can install on my Chromebook that only has a 16GB HDD?
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>only has a 16GB HDD?
Time for an upgrade, Rastus.
Haha well meme'd friendo! Now fuck off
even a bloated distro could comfortably run on it because Linux is an amateur, tiny and weak os

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