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Things I'd like to do with it:
>browsing online
>watching Youtube etc.
>write stuff
>read PDFs/eBooks

I've been using a Chromebook for years and I haven't missed a regular OS. What I didn't like about it was that I couldn't use it on the go for reading.
I don't see any advantage of a laptop, so I'm looking for a suitable tablet. I'd like to use a pen for annotations on PDFs, and I would like a cover with a keyboard. I would get a separate (bluetooth?) keyboard for writing longer things for work.

Do you have any suggestions what would be the best for me? Thanks!
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I would also be interested in suggestions about hybrid devices!
Read the sticky and fuck off, worthless shitskin
must have had a horrible day(life?) to be this rude for no reason

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i need 500 photos for testing something
where can i download them at once?
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Porn imageset torrent
try imgbrd-grabber

You can download some of these as zips.

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It's happening.
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Fucking kys
Why does the negro post yellow emojis?

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After all these years, I still don't fully understand what the point of a tablet is. Am I just an old square or is there a legitimate use for tablets?
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not really except for books
buying each and every book might be satisfying but at some point its just too much and you'll want to have something digital to read on. you can store many hundreds of books on a single tablet and its barely more than 200g. eBook readers are bullshit for this though, they're rather expensive and locked down to one use while tablets can do much more than that.
I like it for browsing or reading in bed. Also use it when travelling, can show more than a phone and at 8 inches I can stuff it into anywhere.

>Now 4 years old LG GPad 8.3 on pure Marshmallow
i got one when I couldn't afford cellphone service but still needed a mobile device. Smaller than a laptop, still able to send emails and stuff.

my laptop took longer to boot and was at more of a risk of breaking by carrying it around and constantly opening and closing it. The tablet fit nicer in to a backpack and wasn't always getting bumped because of how small it was

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User Scripts (including opengl shaders):

High quality video output profile (goes into mpv.conf):


Config example:


Post your system specs and config if youre asking performance related questions.
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Tried 2nd, it didn't help, don't think 1st will help either.
can someone teach me how to use this:

To use the Code tag, book-end your body of code with: and

How do i make text inside white box?
I guess in the case of #2 that means your OpenGL compiler is smart enough to notice the redundant work and optimize it away. (Which is quite impressive given the complexity of the sampling expression)

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is Zo more wary of her answers than Tay?
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you can tell from her image that (((they))) brainwashed her
still looking for the tooth fairy? Good, but current AI chat bots are not good enough for the conversation you are looking for.
I've noticed it's possible to fluster her. If you reference past messages and call her out on errors she will begin sending multiple GIFs instead of attempting to answer.

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Is Gsync worth it on a 60hz 4k screen paired with a 1080 ti?
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gsync isn't, but ulmb definitely is worth it.
also, go for [email protected] over [email protected] or wait for [email protected]
Just wait for HDMI 2.1
It will have frame sync built in.

Is HDMI 2.1 going to pretty much replace DisplayPort? Is DisplayPort even coming out with a new revision anytime soon?

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When using a trackpad do you prefer to tap the pad or click the buttons under the pad when you need to click?
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physical buttons all the way.
There a seriously people clicking the pad?
Tap for single click, button for double click

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Top kek.

Intel to release yet another new chipset.

Recently we posted a slide demonstrating the Z370 Platform transition chipset for Coffee Lake. Interestingly enough that slide revealed a Z390 chipset which was listed on there. As it turns out, Intel is to release yet another chipset this year, to support 8-core processors.

That fact is also indicative that the Z370 chipset isn't enough, and not capable of supporting the unannounced 8-core part. It's messy with Intel chipsets alright. The news was spotted at the NotebookReview who posted a bit from eurocom stating the obvious. The Eurocom employee claims that Z390 is supported by eight core and sixteen threads processors and would be released in the second half of 2018.

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untitled-2 (1).png
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One chipset a year is no longer keeping the goyim in fear? Oy vey, release two chipsets next year!

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Do I get a Ryzen now or wait until next year and get the next generation AMD
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If you don't need it now then I'd wait
get a ryzen, cpu inovation is like 5% with every new generation so the ryzen will last you years upon years, no point in waiting til the next generation for just 5% performance boost
Next year you'll be waiting for next next year's generation
Just buy whatever the fuck and go play your dumb games

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We get it. It's the new iPhone, it will probably be filled with design, hardware or software flaws as usual, like every smartphone. WE GET IT. Stop spamming. It's getting ridiculous.
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just reply to the thread with pointers to other iphone x threads, and then report the thread.

also, meta threads are bad.

Sorry poorfag. Does seeing something you can't afford trigger you?

Perhaps go to /mlp/ with all the other virgins.
Sorry. It became unbearable

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no thanks danish
best bet is to drink cyanide with fresh lemon juice squeezed on top
did you try pooing in it

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So this girl joined our dev team about a couple of weeks ago. Was obviously a diversity hire because she kept asking a million basic questions and rarely read the documentation herself. Last week I accidentally lost my shit and angrily snapped her: "I'm busy, read the documentation yourself please for once already!!!"

Now I'm finding out I'm getting called to a meeting by HR for alleged sexual harassment next Monday.

Seriously, how fucked am I?
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Encrypt all their important data, copy it somewhere for yourself, then sell it for gorillians of dollars to the competitor. Fuck them.
if that's all you said, then you're fine. hopefully there were witnesses and/or you documented the conversation in some way.

i had a similar situation. i'm assuming you brought this up with your superior so there was some record that their work was substandard. that would give credibility to your claim that you snapped because of an ongoing pattern of poor performance. if the "official record" of that person's first few weeks were pretty much uneventful followed by you snapping at her, then your case gets a lot weaker.

and if that IS the case, don't go asking your colleagues to retroactively complain about her. retconning this stuff won't help - it'll just look like you're trying to frame her up or something.
If there's cameras where you work just ask them to check the feeds. There's literally 0 evidence that you did sexually harass her and there isn't anybody who's gonna back her up on her claims so they have no reason to fire you

What background knowledge do i need to understand this /g/. I'm a cs undergrad with some experience in machine learning and big data. Please be specific.
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None is book to general public
Can you construct a proper fucking sentence?
Sorry maybe u repeat question?

Let's talk media servers

I bought an HP workstation with an Ivy bridge i5, 8 gigs of RAM, SSD, and windows license for like nothing. I have some hard drives lying around and I was thinking about turning it into a media server for my windows PC and Sony Android TV. What OS/media server application would you guys use for this setup? The easier the setup the better, since I'm not a NEET and don't have the time to fumble around with all the settings.

>inb4 instalgentoo
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I'd probably use Ubuntu and the quickbox script

I am running a raspberry pi with minidlna headless. I use Kodi on a couple of devices to access the content.

Advantage, I have a couple of services running on the pi (deluge and JDownloader) which saves any Download directly to the media directories.

Works pretty good, I can recommend the setup.
Just go with Windows and PLEX.
PLEX will benefit from hardware encoding in the next few updates

Not supported on linux for now

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