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What does /g/ use to browse IRC? Also, how can I keep track of everything? I'm in about 20 different rooms on 4 different servers, and I'll glance from time to time at all of them, but there is no way I can keep up. Feel like I'm always missing out on some great discussion that you can't find on on forums (mainly on Freenode to learn more technologies).
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kopete is also gud

used to use mirc, but it wont let me run unlicensed version anymore after years of usage
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forgot pic

Can I browse 4chan on a smart watch?
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why would you want to?
Depends if the smart watch has a built-in browser and access to internet. If both apply then yes you can.
Might fork clover to make a smartwatch app desu

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Is this a good deal.

please let me know what you think Im not to computer savvy.

Thinkpad T61
4,gb ram
500gb hard disk

It's second had

60 pound

Is that a good deal in your opinion
Any info is good thanks
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Make sure that the BIOS has no password
60 pounds of what, exactly?

>Not LPG
Fuck off

Any piano players here? I'm about to start learning and need a good digital piano to practice on.

I could get an entry level one for around £600, or I could spend more and get a decent intermediate one for £1200-1500. Is the jump in price going to offer a noticable difference to a beginner? Is it worth it?
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If you can't get a real piano get at least something like a kawai vpc1. It's a controller but I'm sure you'll be able to get sound from it if you try really hard
I got the Kawai cl26 and it's pretty great. If I had more to spend I'd get the cl36
getting an entry level piano is alright. if you can't get a "real"piano (i.e. upright or grand) or if you want MIDI capabilities, get a digital piano not a fucking midi controller.

Here is a link to a nice exercise book. It's like $8 on amazon but if you don't want to buy it here you go.

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I don't know which to choose
Should I use Firefox or Google Chrome
Since Google Chrome gone to crap and is barely usable and works like a turtle on mustard gas I might just use Mozilla Firefox because it got an update that makes the browser use multiple processes instead of just one and has a little chance of crashing and is also faster and uses less memory than Google Chrome
What do you say /g/
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Oh yeah, forgot to mention the new Firefox Nightly
Lol this is a good post
if you're sarcastic

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download (16).jpg
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Should you always encrypt your data before sensing it to a US-based cloud provider?
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If you use Windows you're already dead
If you use Chrome we've already had your funeral.
>sell unprocessed milk
What is this, anti-pasteurization because anti-vaccine crap wasn't dumb enough?

My vive arrives tomorrow,
whats the best way to set up the light boxes if i can't put holes in the wall?
also how much am i going to regret this purchase
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>how much am i going to regret this purchase

800$ much
Could you not have just got the Oculus? no need for holes in the wall and you save a couple hundred bucks. Better screen and touch controllers.

Help the forgeforce font i made doesnt work with windows 7
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get this then https://fontforge.github.io/en-US/

BTW it didnt work!

>install Fedora 26
>read release notes

>recommended to replace xorg-x11-drv-synpatics with xorg-x11-drv-libinput
>recommended to replace xorg-x11-drv-intel with xorg-x11-drv-modesetting

>xorg-x11-drv-libinput makes my touchpad practically unusable
>xorg-x11-drv-modesetting causes terrible screen tearing

>look up bug reports
>oops, there's been problems with touchpad movements for 3 years, not a high priority to fix
>oops, there's no vsync available in modesetting, probably not worth it to implement

>reinstall legacy packages and everything works perfectly

This shit is going to backfire so hard.
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>install fedora earlier this year
>installer is very comfy
>installed fast, reboots into the desktop
>"GNOME has crashed"
>click OK
>everything works fine despite the "crash"
>delete fedora anyways because it literally crashed in less that 5 seconds
That was my only experience with this distro.
I hate the fact that I need to use 3rd party repos for mpv, but other than that it's a great distro.
Use wayland, it's tear free.

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living the dream.jpg
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What's the best free video editor?
-or all they all shit and I should not be a cheap ass?
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DaVinci Resolve
Where I can get more pics of the meme weeb?

Will we ever see a invisiblity cloak in the next 100 years?
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No, invisibility cloaks are for kiddies that can't handle real life
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So, I wanted to build a pc today. And found out that all fucking gpus cost an unbelievable amounts of money. What the fuck happened? I know only its because of cryptocoins, but when will it end?
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If cryptocucks start buying up mining GPUs it could end there. If they don't, who knows? Whenever the bubble bursts and whenever the next bubble starts.
Now that ram prices are through the roof never.
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>/g/ says waiting for new tech is always better
>ram prices go up
>ssd prices go up
>gpu prices go up

lmao @ all the retards who kept waiting

This entire time I've been trying to buy a tablet on chink shit general yet walmart is selling this fantastic 11.5" tablet + detachable keyboard for $87. can I root it and install gentoo?
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>4 coeurs processeur
"coeur" means "heart", isn't that beautiful?
idk, google it, I'm guessing you'll get a much better answer than getting memed here

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Ok guys,
What's the best thinkpad of all time and why?
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one that has debian in it. Fight me faggots
so my w520 is the best thinkpad of all time, it has debian in it

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What can I do to protect my and other peoples cyber rights/freedoms?
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Use TOR.
recompile programs that work for windows and make them work for linux, that'll help them convince to make the switch to gentoo and arch
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Altair 5.jpg
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Install linux in your aunt's PC and put a 98/XP/7/10 skin so she doesn't notice

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