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Share your GitHub profiles. Discuss your interesting projects.
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>share your github profiles
>doesn't share his
I'm not that much of a git anon

good one anon, gonna show my mum
Not my own but I find this one interesting. They find exploits on iOS.


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What addons do you guys now use on Firefox since 90% of them don't work anymore
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Your own fault for going above stable
Adblocker Ultimate. famlam
>using Firefox

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is the dark web worth shit if you're not a pedophile?
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only if you are not a racist

get drugs on, yeah
>using the term darkweb unironically

Redpill me on Void. Why should I use it instead of Arch?
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to increase your autism level
>no real doc
>nobody use it
If you have any specific problem with it, you're fucked
I personally use it because of runit, which is superior to systemd. The xbps package manager is also very fast.

There's a helpful community and most documentation in arch or debian wiki can be applied to Void if you aren't an imbecile.

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härjad need.png
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>full-time job as software engineer
>get home
>only hobby is programming

Anyone else needing to strap on their hobby-finding helmet and lauch into hobby land? At this point I feel like I need to actively look for something non-computer related.
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I don't know how you do it, working as a programmer completely killed my drive to work on things for fun.
Buy a camera and go outside.
Get into hardware. In decreasing order of computer-likeness: digital electronics, analog electronics, wood/metalworking (cnc), same but manual.
Find a maker/hackerspace if you don't have totally crippling social autism (most people in those places are autists too)
This. Now I picked up reading and hiking.

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 if (result == 0) {return false}     

Why is this code bad? Does the compiler even differenciate between this and a good code?
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because you could do 'if not result return false' which does less to accomplish the same thing.
return result == 0 ? false : true;


return result != 0;
You write code equally for the compiler and for the people (even if people means you in 6 months).
Do you wanna look at your own code with loathing at some time in the future?

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I have reason to believe there's a conspiracy between 4chan and Google. Here are a few things that raise mighty suspicion:

• Even though there are captcha alternatives, 4chan continues to use recaptcha, directly wiring posting information to Google. Google essentially knows what you posted and when you did it. Does 4chan not care about deanonymizing anons to 3rd parties?
• webms don't get sound enabled sitewide because it would offer competition to Youtube. All the criticism of sound webms has been proven wrong by other imageboards countless times.
• Mods are extreme leftards as proven by leaked longs, they only allow /pol/ so Google could profile the users using recaptcha.
• moot found himself employed at Google in mysterious circumstances. It's clear the conspiracy has been played out for years.

Did you notice anything else, /g/?
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>moot works for google
>google recaptcha
Enjoy your honeypot
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>webms don't get sound enabled sitewide because it would offer competition to Youtube
>captcha alternatives
like the ones that show you an offer before you type the thing? or the ones that are impossible to solve? recaptcha is the best captcha that's why they use it here retard

>webms don't get sound enabled sitewide because it would offer competition to Youtube
are you high?

>Mods are extreme leftards
no they aren't, we can literally call anyone here a nigger or make fun of transgender people that got depressed after doing surgery and has suicidal thoughts and they won't ban us

>moot found himself employed at Google
moot is fucking hot, i get a boner just by looking at his face, he can find a job anywhere he wants, no surprise

i guess that's enough internet for today alex jones, go get some sleep

>What are nootropics?
Nootropics are a wide range of substances that are supposed to:
- make you smarter
- increase fluid intelligence
- increase cognitive functions
- get you more focused on your work
- improve your memory

They are used and abused by:
- esports gamers
- CEOs
- Soldiers from the French Foreign Legion or US Air Forces
- students
- people who are forced to work with disobedient computers

>Are they magic pills that work like in Limitless or Lucy movies?
They are as close as it gets.

>Will they work for me?
It depends on the person. Most first timers tend to be positively surprised, some feel nothing, some feel bad side effects. Keep in mind that there are n+1 substances that you can try. Dave Asprey claims to have been taking 180 pills a day, modafinil for decades, and he is a fine motherfucker.

>Name a few
Modafinil (Provigil, Modvigil, Modalert) - the king of nootropics (most famous)
Adrafinil - if you wish to try Modafinil but you cant get a prescription
Noopept + CDP-Choline - memory like a motherfucker, love learning
Caffeine, Nicotine, Green Tea and many things that you are already familiar with.

>Will they fuck me up
The trick here is to not be an idiot. Consult your doctor, read user reviews, scan through whitepapers.
- neuroprotective
- long-term safety
- dopamine
- side effects
Keep in mind that nootropics like *afinil are a relatively new thing and not yet well researched. Most of them do *seem* safe long term.
Whatever you try, don't be an idiot and consult your doctor.

>Why on /g/
Tech-savy guys from Silicon Valley try crazy shit like LSD in order to improve their creativity. If there are any uses best suited for nootropics, they are coding, reverse engineering, abstract ideas, design, and being a worshipper of strange and exotic machines overall.
This is closely related to biohacking and cyberpunking.
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>I'm sold. How do I try?
First of all, consult your doctor and never be an idiot.
Even after your doctor tells you to take 200mg, first you try 50, then 100.

>Prescription or not
many nootropics can be bought without an prescription in most countries. For example - noopept, cdp-choline, piracetam.

Some nootropics require a prescription (they are Rx drugs).
First of all, you don't need them. If you want to try the famous modafinil, you can buy adrafinil without prescription and it's going to work the exact same way.

But if you must, keep in mind that in most countries:
1. It is legal to own and buy Rx drugs from anyone, it is illegal to sell them.
2. It is legal, easy and cheap to import them from India or other countries without bullshit patent laws.
3. You can get a prescription.
4. Buying them on the street may be easier than buying weed.

>OP's story
Nootropics don't need to be used long term in order to become a better person. Nothing beats a good diet and healthy lifestyle. However, sometimes you can help yourself.

Say, your mind is in ruin, and you waste countles hours on 4chan, youtube, facebook or Runescape, and you find close to zero dopamine from productive tasks like learning how to program.
It is the power of the habits, and habits need to be reshaped. That does, however, take time.
Say you get your substances that help, and you believe they are safe for you long-term. They do give you the initial kick to get up from your bed. The effect, of course, is about 50% the substance and 50% the placebo. Whatever works, works.
You would spend the next 3 months doing exercise, throwing away junk food, and replacing old habits (League of Legends) with new, desired ones (reading SICP). This would be made easier than ever with a little help
>Keywords: dopamine, inhibition, modafinil
I kid you not, after 3 months I no longer felt any desire to watch porn or open Facebook, and I felt the most fun when compiling the fucking Linux Kernel.
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Thus old habits were replaced with a new one, my brain got sharper, my mind more clear, my memory stopped leaking, and I stopped taking any pills for half a year.

Now I do again, because the journey doesn't end here.

You may find better benefits when stacking crazy shit!

Coffee nap: drink a coffee and go for a 20 min nap to reset your brain during a long day.
Coffee + Tea (L-Theanine)
Anhydrous Caffeine + Grapefruits
Noopept + CDP-Choline
CDP-Choline + Omega 3
Modafinil + L-Theanine (tea)

To exponentially increase the positive effects of nootropics, hack yourself and enforce some or all of the following:
- meditation
- improve your sleep by any means necessary
- the healthiest diet you can afford financially and mentally
- cardio or whatever exercise, several times a week
- dual 'n' back or other bullshit android games that supposedly increase your IQ by 20 points
- intermittent fasting

All of the above never worked for me, but fucking magic substances made me rediscover anew.
Good idea for a thread.

>Coffee nap: drink a coffee and go for a 20 min nap to reset your brain during a long day
Tried it a few times, always ending up in sleeping few hours.

>Coffee + Tea (L-Theanine)
I assume you mean natural (non-instant) coffee and green tea? Any specific type?

>Anhydrous Caffeine + Grapefruits
Yeah, these works like a charm

>Noopept + CDP-Choline
Tried it at least three times in at least 3 weeks periods each, no apparent effect.

For me if brain and productivity boost is needed best results are with caffeine and ocasionally more potent stimulants. Not that healthy, but effects are quick and certain.

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Why isn't there some GNU version of fucking google translate??? I don't want jewgle tracking me.
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and what are you translating? 80% of the internet is in English
retarded post
I'm not a native speaker. And sometimes I just want to quickly see a definition of a word rather than to translate.

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Is Microsoft stuck with supporting and upgrading Windows forever?
They're not making as much money from it as they used to (don't they make the bulk of it from cloud and Office?) and the code complexity may get to a point where they can't fix it anymore (took them 2 years to fix the windows 7 update 100% CPU problem).
what will they do at that point? dump windows? tell people to use another OS? rewrite a new OS from scratch? historically the only successful "OS switch" was when mac OS classic went to unix-core OS X. could they pull off such a thing? a win32 layer (or whatever it is they use now) over a unix kernel?
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dos > windows nt was p sucessful too
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I realize the point may be moot if desktops and laptops disappear in favor of tablets and cell phones.
They've tried making some new OS's, actually.
>a win32 layer (or whatever it is they use now) over a unix kernel?
I always love when freetards think Microsoft is gonna switch some Linux or whatever other unix kernel, because reasons.

NT is well made, architecturally, and even Google is abandoning Linux&friends.

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Can I use OpenBSD as an ultra-secure host for virtual machines?
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bump for interest
get a grsecurity kernel instead
oh wait
It only has Qemu (despite Q standing for quick it's pretty slow) and native vmm that can only run BSDs and non-systemd Linux distros (Alpine is good for this).

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>not making your code as cryptic as possible so it can't be used if it's leaked
commentcucks BTFO
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>obfuscating code

does your day entirely consist of JUSTing up as much as possible of other men's lives?
>if it's leaked
>open source

>and the words, "Get out of bed. Do not touch the keyboard," were ringing in his ears.
wwyd in this situation?
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Well, my laptop is boot encrypted, and my battery is completely dead, so the computer powers dies the second the power is pulled. I also have it powered off when it's not in active use. Also, I don't live in an apartment complex, or anything like that.

I guess if they kicked in my door, I would immediately tap the power button, which would shut off the laptop, and leave it fully encrypted.
>what is a cold boot attack

Sure, you wanna see what I'm working on at the moment?

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I'll start
>ungoogled chrome
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half of the list you posted is garbage

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When have you found your favorite distro and how did you get there?
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/g/ memed so much about arch being shit that i tried it just to be contrarian

it's actually pretty good
was quite okay as babbies first Loonix but stopped using it after Amazon botnet shit and because I hated Unity

>Ubuntu MATE
really comfy but buggy, had problems with graphics drivers, crashes.

>Ubuntu Gnome
ran really well, but I disliked Gnome 3

KDE was very interesting but what a buggy nightmare

>elementary OS
buggy nightmare 2: electric boogaloo

>Arch with Xfce
love the AUR, pacman, the wiki. Nice!
About a year ago i found void linux and since then i haven changed the distro.
My road was Ubuntu Server > Debian > K/Xubuntu > Arch > Gentoo > Void

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