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Who here is apart of the /tor relay club/?
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Have though about, how much bandwidth does it actually use on average?
What's the point? Aren't all the exit nodes compromised?
No, look at HOnion, they look into what nodes/relays misbehave.

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Yo I got this cool portable arcade machine by My Arcade and I wanted to know if I could program Doom on it any help on how to do that would be much a precise
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install gentoo
Are you new? Go ask >>>/g/sqt or >>>/v/
Well first you need to know if that arcade machine is running some OS (probably arm) with an emulator on top if thats the case then porting doom should be easy.
If its custom hardware well.. it'll be a bit more difficult

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Show CRT monitors some love.

Post your brand.
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patrician case
reddit baby. he's fucking insufferable
crts are shit.

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/g/ often discusses VPN's but I have seen no discussion about using one on 4chin. I have used VPN's and was unable to post on here due to blacklisting. How can this be circumvented? How can this be circumcised? Are you posting here over VPN? If so, how?
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You can only post with a VPN if you have a 4chan Pass.

i doubt that many von users on 4chin actually buy passes, and i I have previously used VPN on here without a pass, though the ip range was eventually banned.

i wonder if anyone else has insight on this
That makes sense. You're anon here to a point.

I finally switched to loonix how do i rice ?
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install macOS uwu
you don't

you now productive
get out of my thread REEEEEEEEE

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the game.jpg
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Is windows 10 still in fucking beta?
>two separate settings (Windows 10 Settings and Control Panel)
>Metro is shit compared to Aero. Sure I appreciate a flat design like material design but metro is so bland.
>100% on disk all the time due to telemetry and botnet
>Default apps (Groove music, Movies and TV , Settings, hell even Explorer)take forever to load or just crash.
>Metro is still not in use in many ui elements throughout w10
>Edge a shit
>so fucking bloated
>turning off telemetry does nothing
>searching via cortana is shit slow compared to windows 7 searching

W10 Is a literal meme. I have no idea how Microsoft can call it a finished product, and how people use it instead of using w7, mac os or gnu/linux
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Idiots want something that "just werks™" and people who have knowledge switch to GNU/Linux or hell even macOS
Xubuntu doesn't have these problems
Let's see

>separate settings
Who cares
>Metro is shit compared to Aero
You daft? Aero sucked ass and looked bad
>100% on disk all the time
turn off all that telemetry and botnet crap, my disks are never 100% constantly
>Default apps
What the fuck are you doing using default apps? Also the only good default app, the photo viewer, is actually good.
>Edge a shit
Why the fuck would you want to use Edge?
>so fucking bloated
My fresh W10 install does not feel bloated at all. What exactly are you complaining about?
>Turning off telemetry does nothing
It actually does
>Searching via cortana is slow compared to W7
Funny, I have the opposite experience, though I never use Cortana because I have no reason to

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> Good, accurate results
> No SaaS spyware
> Bangs to search on other websites (i.e. !eb <keyword> to search ebay)
> No crippled web browser OS thats useless without a connection
> No shilling of a """"Free"""" botnet browser
> No """""Free""""" services used to take personal information to sell to ad companies

Why are you still a filthy g-drone and not making the switch?
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Damn you used many quotation marks and the word botnet. You just got 85 /g/ points. Epic!!
I'm using it
just for the !bangs, tho.
1) DDG is a botnet, stop falling for the buzzwords they use
2) its results are terrible, bing is better

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When are we gonna make these into one device
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When your fat mother stops being fat.
She's not old enough yet
why not a ESP?

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Why aren't you using the Void GNU/Linux distribution /g/? Do you enjoy the systemDick?
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I confirm Void is comfy as fuck.
Yes, I enjoy systemd.
Now stop spreading fud and get a better job Microsoft shill.
>Microsoft shill
>I enjoy systemd


Ryzen is perfect, powerful, cheaper, low TDP. The only issue are the gaymers
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Zen2 chips with higher base clocks in the range of 4ghz~ are going to really rock intel across the board.
Just you wait for the OCed 18 core intel flagship
>mad incel
Even a moderate IPC uplift combined with higher baseclocks is going to eat up intel's marginal serial performance lead. Intel is losing ground and management is crumbling internally.

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Do you peel these off? Why or why not?
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I peel off the windows X sticker
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Picture isn't mine but it gave me a good laugh.
yes, they're ugly

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anon5 redpill.jpg
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An anon on /pol/ has been claiming that there is a coordinated campaign of cyber hackers that are embedding illegal images or "Deep Drive CP" into images. Can /g/ explain if this is indeed possible or is this guy full of shit?
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Reads like schizo rambling. Yeah I buy it
same reason I'm more inclined to believe.

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10/10: Gentoo, Arch, Salix, Devuan.
8/10: Chakra, FreeBSD, TrueOS, OpenBSD, Antergos, Manjaro, Guix, Parabola
6/10: Ubuntu, Lite, LXLE, Mageia, Kali, antiX, Bodhi
4/10: Sabayon and Q4OS

bloatware/botnet: Netrunner, deepin, Elementary, Solus, Mint
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> no nixos
>Init: systemd
Where is fedora and SUSE or debian?

10/10: Fedora, CentOS, FreeBSD
8/10: Debian, OpenBSD, OpenSUSE
6/10 Arch, Antergos, Manjaro
4/10 Mangei, Chakra, Bodhi,

Botnet/Lmoaingaturlife: Ubuntu, Netrunner, Deepin, Solus, Mint
Literally Who?: AntiX, Guix, Parabola, Sabayon, TrueOS

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How do you expect to become a hivemind capable of great change in the world if you are sitting around arguing about console vs pc and mac vs windows?
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Why would I give a shit about changing the world?
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What do you think we are doing here? What is the point of technological progress if we are not going to use it to influence the world around us for the better?
For my personal comfort and enjoyment?

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How the fuck am I supposed to watch .webms with this piece of shit operating system?
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use any open source file player, is it really that hard?
You don't. Go sell that turd on ebay and get a oneplus 3t or moto g5 plus
>install vlc
>open webm in a new tab
>select open in vlc
>watch it

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