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What the fuck am I looking at?
Why is this board so shit?
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'cause of you
You won't have to worry about seeing threads much longer, don't worry
I know, right? Look at this shit!

This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well as the micro-engineering and materials engineering that are required to make a fine watch, clock, or other timepiece.

>Required viewing for newbies:

>Strap Guide: http://pastebin.com/SwRysprE

Previous thread:
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Which design looks better for casual wear?
AW5000 (blue/black) or
AW5005 (lime/black) or
BM8470 (black) or
BM8476 (black)?
but also why do you want a solar powered watch that costs 150 dollars?

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The absolute state of web development.
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>website is loading images
Try upgrading from your celeron processor and 2GB RAM, anon

Works fine here

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How did every browser become simultaneously shit?
Would making a browser non-free solve this problem?
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>How did every browser become simultaneously shit?
jews and sjws

>Would making a browser non-free solve this problem?
use opera edge or any other proprietary binary blob botnet and tell me if it does
internet explorer is non free as far as i remember
and it was shit from day one
Indeed. Edge is fucking garbage

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>computers literally made of shit and sticks brought us to the moon
>in 2017 some memeJS app doesn't find 8 GB of memory to be enough
What went wrong?
BASIC from 1980 can have the same capabilities as some JS does and it's a basic language to teach people to program (hell, it's B-A-S-I-C). But why people make more and more bloated programmes?
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BASIC from 1980 is more like interpreter assembly and JS isn't at fault for the 8GB.
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>What went wrong?
That's what happens when you want to teach people how to program, yet they don't even know how does the computer work.
Hell, not even some of my classmates know how to build a computer despite having studied the architecture of the cpu and operative systems.

>Caveat: I'm a code monkey, not a scientist.
Why do many programmers have such low opinions of themselves? And why don't they do anything to improve their situation? Pic related, why doesn't this "code monkey" just learn some math and become a scientist, or at the very least less of a code monkey?
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>le scientists are better than everyone meme
If you know programming and are also familiar with at least one field of science or maths, you're literally better than knowing nothing but programming.

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Oh man, please let's discuss, i did that stuff with the AI, i don't think i'm supposed to even think about that.
[email protected]
So, E=mc2 right?
So, what i'm supposed to do now that i developed my AI? There is no point in coding it, what do i even need one for?
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E is not mc^2 tho my man
It's E2 tho.
Because E1 = T2-T1.
they say that as you approach the speed of light you stop accelerating and just gain mass, but what happens when you achieve infinite mass?

What is the best software to keep tracking of your goals in your life?
I'm using emacs org-mode with the app Orgzly on android with dropbox sync.
I was using calcurse but it was too limited for reminders and it was a pain in the ass to sync with android.

Feel free to share your life manager setup and your tips.
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i have a bash function that adds a TODO line to my existing file, that's it, no need more atm

Also no one uses org-mode here, most of this idiots only shitpost and call you out if you post a black guy in a wallpaper.
This thread is going to get 10 replies at max.
A pen and a pocket notebook. But really if you have so much shit going on in your life that you can't remember all of it you should be simplifying your life, not adding organizational technologies.
Org mode probably. I've been using it for a few years. I find it annoying for ongoing tasks but it's great for project management. Also it's very useful for doing reviews or keeping a very simple journal.
Though I think I'd like some kind of inter linked planning system.
I find org-mode to be pretty bad at connecting pieces of information which is at least half of the point of having an organized system.

>dual boot Windows 10 and Linux
>Windows decides to fuck up my Linux partition without my permission

The year, last I checked, is 2017. Why do we still let this happen?
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>le current year

Fuck off
>Dual booting win10 and linux
>After a few reboots, corrupt bios
Thank god for dual bios, otherwise I would be fucked
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we don't, only MS cucks run dual boot.

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>preorder item
>release date is today
>see this

It's never coming, is it?
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Sorry, did you mistake this anime forum for Amazon customer support?
Scamazon lies about release day delivery.

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Firefox is turning into another Chrome
Why should I keep using it over the actual Chrome browser?
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yes goy use chrome be a good goyim
You shouldn't. Install Gentoo.
Firefox is still free software and Chrome is not. I think it's obvious you should stick with Chrome. If they became the same, what would be the point of switching? You're creating more work for yourself for no reason.

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Seeing how every thread on /g/ is a general or a war thread, here's another general. Post a greentext story of your day at work or your job in general and how're things going for you. I'll start:

>work as a junior java dev in one of those 'flat structure' companies, making a custom storage system
>boss is a horrible programmer with a tendency to overcomplicate shit
>he's the lead dev on a huge, hopeless, overambitious project
>takes expensive shortcuts every time something should to be thorougly thought out
>turns out flat structure doesn't mean your boss can be your buddy, it just means they're too lazy to deal with management
>you also have to work directly with your boss with all the negatives it brings and more
>nonexisting morale, people quitting or asking for project reassignment
>I worked in a smaller project for a longer of my time being here, that had nothing to do with that shitheap and was actually decent but overall pointless
>suddenly boss reassigns me to do a Django project with a 2 weeks deadline
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Had 4500 user passwords all set to 'August2017' by some IT company on a mutual customer in response to a phishing email, then after 300 users had been given their 'new secure passwords' they were re-reset to random ones, not excluding those already reset, and including service accounts for critical apps.

It's not a customer I'm involved with but the office was a bit hectic regardless.
>get up at 8:50 am, get dressed and junk, walk out at ~9:20am
>get into work, take a look at email for a couple minutes, get coffee
>pick up what I was doing yesterday, either working on:
> kubernetes deploys/services the new elasticsearch clusters, fixing up some relevant ELK stack stuff, doing some tooling/scripting to automate some of our workflow for all of this, help out the new guy with getting up to speed on submitting his changes and testing them
>work on junk & banter with with coworkers until a bit before 11:30 am and go get lunch for an hour
>come back and pick up work, might have a meeting possible depending on day of week
>do work until 4:30ish, if I don't have any short tasks I can look at in that time I start to wrap up and make sure things are good for the night and head home
>go home and play games

>keep in back of my head that eventually we're going to do hadoop/hive (preferably not bigquery) and that I should look up how to do most of the operational junk surrounding it but then not care because it'll be 4-6 months before we think about moving it in-house from GCP once its prototyped so there's plenty of time to look at that once we finish migrating the legacy elasticsearch cluster

Work is pretty chill, coworkers cool, nothing really pressing and being on-call is usually quiet so :).
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I just spent 2 hours on the phone with a spic who had no idea how a VPN tunnel was supposed to be configured. Literally had to explain log messages to him. The worst part is this client is a bank. Don't worry goyim your money is in safe hands.

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Redpill me on net net neutrality. I know better than to trust something so heavily endorsed by the likes of (((Google))), (((Moz://a))), and ((((((((John Oliver)))))))).
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Just tech companies not wanting to pay for bandwidth and having 100% control of the internet.

These same tech companies have no problem censoring/blocking right wing websites yet they demand the ISP's not do the same thing as them.
ISPs will be legally obligated to not discriminate among any of their bandwidth.
Oh yay, another one of these threads.

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Did I install the right https everywhere or did I install some pajeet botnet? I just don't understand why eff would be using a gmail address because that would literally be against everything they stand for
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depends on where you installed it from
wtf? lol I get the same.

Stupid Questions Thread for stupid anons to ask stupid questions.

Me first: Trying to understand basic computer architecture. Can a CPU directly access data from a solid state drive?
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for the past week or so ive been having problems with any videos that use html5 player. Happens on both chrome and botnet browser. Ive done the usual generic tips from googling solutions like updating browser, clearing cookies/cache, and just restarting browser but it doesnt work. They sometimes work after repeated restarts but they go back to shitting the bed quickly. I get either this error message or something akin to "error decoding media resource". Any ideas?

Also with the newly updated firefox they are dropping support for legacy addons and they are disabled by default. I have enabled them but only half of them seem to enable. Im trying to get ublock origin to work again, and I know it can because I can remove and reinstall the addon and it works just fine until I relaunch the browser. Any tips there?
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wrong picture
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I upgraded to firefox 55 without reading anything about it. I don't like the new changes and it seems to be running slower.

Apparently you can't downgrade past version 55, so how would I go about getting a good older version and rebuilding my profile? Also what version should I downgrade to?

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