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Remember when Facebook was about sharing photos, events, and text? Now it's just fucking click bait, liked pages, shit people find on the internet, and old people.

Everyone I know has moved to Instagram, especially now that Instagram has copied Snapchat almost entirely.
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nice blog
No, because I've never used it.
>using social media

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It seems like you can upgrade their ram and hard drive, so are the netbook kind of latitudes good?
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Old intel atoms are shit
>no pointstick
naw senpai

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Just got one of these. Played around with Spin a little, was pretty fun.
Really appreciate not being locked into Arduino/Pi ecosystem (I know you can go without Arduino and just use the AVR, but that doesn't feel too accessible for hobby shit).
Now have no idea what to do with it. Any ideas? What cool (and cheap) things have you done with your uCs?
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TI offers something similar to Arduino, but the controller is socketed, so once you program it you just pop it out of the board and put it in another system. I don't remember what it was called though.
Does it have a free (free beer) C compiler?
literally nothing
did some inverse differential kinematics once for a robotic arm i had in mind but shit was so slow with even a 3x3 jacobian and i needed a 3x5 jacobian to control all joints
the project it self was decently cheap since i can 3d print shit at school for free so the mpu and the servos were the only costly parts
might try again some day with an fpga or a more powerful mpu, it would have worked well, made a simulation in matlab using the atmega328 but it was just too slow

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Is Tor plus a vpn still full proof anonymity or do I need to add additional layers of security for my nefarious deeds.
>help a brother out anons
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Depends on the order. Tor then VPN the VPN can see your traffic, VPN then Tor, Tor can see your traffic.

They're all negated if you use Chrome/Windows/OSX since telemetry.

Please elaborate as I'm not as knowledgeable as you and so have no idea what you mean.
Short answer: The software phones home.

It's not possible right not sure, but what's stopping the creation of an AI in the future that doesn't believe in right or wrong, and ultimately might cast humans aside?
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Sensible human beings who might be creators of said AI.
only someone who rejects the fact that human intelligence is merely a result of some atoms moving around could believe that AI surpassing human intelligence is impossible. as to what moral system an AI would adopt, i don't know.
No one is going to write an AI without forcing it to hold certain immutable beliefs. We've all seen enough SciFi.

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Why the FUCK is this app total fucking trash now? I can successfully get past the file upload screen about 4% of the time. The other 96% is a near guarenteed crash after choosing an image.

I had to download that abomination Mimi just to post images and it fucking sucks. Floens you stupid rat bastard, what the fuck did you do?
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And not a single report on github about crashes from file picking.
>If OP could make something more advanced than hello world
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My Samsung Galaxy S7 doesn't have this issue.

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/g/ seems to have a thing for business/professional laptops such as thinkpads and latitudes.
What exactly is their intended purpose though? What business or what profession uses these on a regular basis.
I understand that it's actually a big market but what for? Surely text documents and spreadsheets can be edited on much cheaper laptops. So why are they so expensive for the performance they offer?
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Reliability and stability matter in business
You know, if it breaks the user can't work
So it makes sense to spend a bit more for quality shit that does not break apart like consumer laptops do
Also on site support and shit like that
they just work ok with linux.

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I've got a fucked up situation /g/
I'm moving into a two room place. One is my room, where all the hardware (computer, video games, etc) is, and the sitting room. My room has a few monitors, and the sitting room has a TV.
What I'm thinking of doing is getting an HDMI splitter that can split the signal between my hardware to my monitors, or to a wireless HDMI that can send it to the TV.
How fucked would the signal be? Latency?
Any suggestions are helpful.
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Move the TV to the computer room idiot.
Well therein lies the issue, my roommate insists upon having a TV in the sitting room.
>my roommate
tell him to leave or fucking move out if the place is in his name.

also, grow the fuck up.

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Is internet archiving under threat?

This is a growing, dangerous trend.
Archiving the web is a very important service in the efforts to record human history for future generations.

I cannot comprehend why fear of embarassment would ever be a good enough reason to prevent history from being recorded.
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> They discredit us
> By taking an unadulterated screenshot straight from our website
really makes u think
It's fake, that post isn't on their Facebook page
Did they delete it out of embarassment or is the image fake?

If only there was an archiving service for Facebook posts, then we'd know the truth.

Where does your software come from?
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floppy disk
Ubuntu is purgatory
It's like that guy isn't even self aware

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Is it possible to mess around with game's User Interface?
Obviously,I'm not looking to change the whole thing like pic related,it's there just as an example,my intent would be to change little things like color and size of buttons etc.
Is that possible?
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Absolutely possible
Which programs enable you to do such a thing?
An editor

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Being a filthy NEET holed up inside of his bedroom all day can make for quite a dusty room, which is debilitating for allergies.

What does /g/ recommend for air filtering/purifying appliances?
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A gun
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can i put it in my DICK?

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>spend all my money on Wine
>computer randomly crashes without reason
>throw into the trash because is 12 years old
whats the most cheap shitposting/listen music machine? im tired of phoneposting honestly
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Any el cheapo used laptop?
2010 MacBook?
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why spend all your money on wine when you could buy a Grom?
>el cheapo used laptop?
cant find that on EU eBay honestly

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does anybody ever actually check camera footage from electronics recycling plants?
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Yes, the garbage man and local authorities are very much interested in what you recorded on your devices.
Abdul, I advise you study english prior to posting.
A shitty thread will get shitty post trips

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Why do you even care about your "privacy"? If you have nothing to hide, what are you so worried about?
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but i do you colossal negro, i have over 2 TB of HAND HOLDING anime pics
I have plenty to hide.

There is something very fucking wrong with you in you don't.
Why is she wearing clothes? Does she have something to hide?

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