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Gentle reminder you are a brainlet monkey if you own a home server and you are:
Not using nonstandard ports
Not using a *bsd distro
Using samba/smb protocol
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Why the fuck would I use nonstandard ports on my FreeBSD home server that serves up files over nfs?
Security thu obselenity

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Daily reminder that macOS is the greatest mainstream operating system in the world.
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What did he mean by this?
>What did he mean by this?
That macOS is the greatest mainstream operating system in the world.
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If you want help:
>Assemble parts list
>State the budget for your build (and country if not USA)
>List games/software you use often, as well as your monitor resolution + refresh rate
>Clarify your goal for build improvements: lower price or improved specs?
How to assemble a PC, select components & more (outdated)

No i5 unless discounted
>G4560 - poverty-tier builds
>R3 1200 - Budget builds (<$500)
>R3 1300x - Good stop-gap between the 1500x and the 1200, only get a 1400 if you absolutely need multithreading
>R5 1500x - Good but up to 1600 if you can
>R5 1600 - Best value for higher fps gaming / mixed usage; 1600x if you want higher stock clocks
>R7/Used Xeon/Threadripper - Compute/Multitask/VM/mixed use; Not for just gaming

Coin miners have driven price up and stock down, waiting to buy a GPU might be wiser
>Integrated CPU Graphics - Desktop stuff and very light games
>GTX 1050(Ti) - Lower end budget cards, drop settings on newer games, RX560 beaten by both
>RX570 - [email protected]~hz maxed, running most maxed older games at 100~Hz
>RX580 and GTX1060 6GB - [email protected] maxed, [email protected] at lower settings; RX580 better in newer games
>GTX 1070 - [email protected] /[email protected] at high
>GTX 1080 - [email protected] / [email protected] maxed, [email protected] in a few games; Probably the highest end card you need for 1080p/1440p
>GTX 1080Ti - [email protected] and [email protected] maxed/high in many games
>Vega soon.

>Check your Mobo QVL before buying any RAM
>Ryzen CPUs benefits a lot from high speed RAM

Always consider an SSD. Try buying a large SSD for what you'd pay for your SSD+HDD combined, and add a HDD later
NVMe SSDs aren't for a faster OS boot, they're for productivity/scratch disk/VMs. NVMe and M.2 are not the same thing, M.2 is a form factor.
The Ryzen lineup comes with surprisingly good stock coolers. consider using them over any <$30 cooler.
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Previous thread:
First for Thotripper
I want to upgrade to Coffee Lake when it comes (sometime this month)?
Stuff marked as purchased is what I can reuse from my current build
Any thoughts? And is the FTW3 iCX cooler quieter than the 2 fan version?

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What is the most botnet-free way possible to watch Youtube?
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mpv + youtube-dl
mpsyt for music
Have a sacrificial lamb rig connected to tor next to your main rig, and remote into it.
You'd only be able to watch videos to which you have the link beforehand.
This sounds like a more effective way to browse

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Alright, vim, emacs, nano, Sublime or whatever are great to whip up scripts or small programs quickly.
But what do you use when you need to work on an actual, big project?
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An IDE specifically tailored to that language.
If one does not exist, vim emacs nano Sublime or whatever.
I really like Microsoft's development software(and the rest of their productivity stuff too for that matter) even though I'm an avid Linux user.
It's just really good man
Is there no C/C++ IDE that can also handle most other languages (with or without plugins)?
Is Visual Studio that good?

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Why don't you have 16K monitor, /g/?
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Stop posting linus
How many 1080 TIs do you reckon I'd need to run a game in 16K?
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>big black lines cutting through the overall image
maybe if you could take the bezel off the monitors and hugged the monitors completely together

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>be me
>go to school
>drop out in favor of an IT job
>job sucks because no HR and boss harasses me daily about politics
>get fed up with his shit
>yell at boss
>get fired

That's pretty much where my IT career ended. I got a job at a ski resort as a cook and now I make pizza for money. I still study diligently and write bash scripts or python to suit my own needs, but I do it alone. No co-workers in my field who I can talk to about technology, just cooks. None of my friends understand, and the people who are close to understanding are windows gaymurs and they totally still don't get it.

I have a Thinkpad X201 with Fedora 26, a 60% mechanical keyboard that I built, and my phone's a Samsung Galaxy S3 with no GAPPS and F-Droid as my app store. You all know the type, some of you are probably pretty similar to me. But I've never met a fellow gentooman irl.

It's a lonely life, so I come to /g/, and discuss technology with you neckbeards. Does anyone else have this same issue?
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yeh . im also a hipster pos so it makes it even harder 2 get along with g type
I suck dicks just like (You).
I'm an English major who shitposts for a living.
Technology is an individual cruosity mate, you need to stop trying to share your technological experiences with other people. They'll be interested themselves (if they are ever going to) if you don't judge them and act friendly. You don't need a best friend or soulmate who uses Linux. You need people that like you and respect you. That how you get to know people that might share the same interests as yours.


>he got a cs degree instead of teaching cs himself

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well you need proof.
i licked a negro once.
Math with a CS minor master race tbqh.

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i have a filezilla server running on my machine

i have a remote machine with a filezilla client i use to transfer files from here to there (the remote machine is accessed with vnc and then i initiate the file transfers using filezilla)

my local filezilla server is configured to only accept connections from my remote machine's IP

given this setup, is there any reason to enforce TLS? can i run into problems (hackers? i dunno) if i only require a normal login with a user/pass and no extra encryption?
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You're doing it wrong, anon. Google "SFTP with key authentication"
you will get and probably are already pwned, there are people constantly scanning for this

use asymmetric key auth with sftp
its the internet, if someone wants into your shitty little ftp server they will get in. or find you

>no clover thread
ITT: We bully Floens.
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Why is no one else working with floens?
Link me to newpipe faglords
>Still no copy image url.
>Can only "share" by saving to device.
What the fuck.

/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread

Ask your stupid questions ITT.

Please take few seconds to try your preferred search engine (searx, startpage, duckduckgo, etc.) before asking and read the board sticky first.

old thread >>61681325
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Whats 'healthier' bongs or joints ?
assume a 50-50 mix of weed and tobacco
That's a nice ThinkPad.
I want to make it so that I can use irc inside firefox

specifically, my idea is to use the url bar. basically type "irc" in the url bar, and then have something it access a running irc session like weechat or irssi 'embedded' in the little drop-down search suggestions/url history suggestions bar

how hard would this be

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I'm looking for a 'sjw' free browser.

Dont wanna support sjw developers
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>no mention about quality being important
make your own
wich distro op?
Windows and Debian

Why aren't you using macOS Sierra /g/?
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too hard to set it up so i settled with linux
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because I'm using high sierra
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Nvidia shills on suicide watch!
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truth is, the only reason Intel's CPU share on Steam is so high is that laptop market is dominated by Intel mobile shit
Save us, Raven Ridge. Intel Integrated is the bane of my existence.

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last thread >>61673400
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