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Where do I get my own wifi cable?
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I imagine the same place you buy a bluetooth wire.
>wired wifi
That's fucking genious, you can have wifi without having to worry about wifi strength
Yeah but what if someone just cuts the cable? I think this is just a fad.

I can't believe I need to ask for help over something so seemingly simple.

I want a browser (or plugin for a browser) that can delete all cookies on exit EXCEPT for domains on the EXCEPTION list. This is proving more difficult than it sounds.

I have tried...
Firefox: It's either all or nothing. It deletes all cookies on exit (even on the exception list) or keeps them until they expire or are manually cleared.
Chrome: I think my installation is fucked or something because it keeps all cookies (even sites not on the white list) despite the fact I have it set to clear all on exit.
Internet Explorer: No, just no. It doesn't even seem to have an exception list, anyway.
Opera: Behaves exactly as I want but the entire program looks like a big giant ad. Seems kinda ironic.
Edge: I automatically dismissed when I saw flash is either on or off with no click-to-start or white list option available.

I mostly want to do this because it sucks using multi-factor authentication constantly. I only use it for a few sites, like chase.com or coinbase.com. It's not so bad doing it every 30 days or when signing on from a new device... But every single god damn time sucks.
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just write a simple addon, dummy
>Browser that clears all cookies but exceptions
This is exactly what I do on Firefox 54. In fact, 4chan is the only exception I use currently. I would be very surprised if Chromium doesn't allow it.

If you are having issues with setting it up natively on FF then you should look into using an addon.
Self destructing cookies for Firefox. I don't think in chrome is possible, extensions can't access or modify cookies.

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>Linus Shill Tips builds a AMD Vega

wtf i like twink tech tips now
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I think Vega is a compute gpu. That's why it's not efficient and also suck on gayme like the 1st Titan.
Why do you guys talk about this particular youtube channel every fucking day?
>Gamer Nexus
Don't they gimp their benchmarks for AMD?

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Is gentoo a dying distro?
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No, its just a dying meme.
Yeah, switch to FreeBSD.
Was Gentoo even alive in the first place?

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Any alternative for mixtape.moe?
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Thank you anon! and here i was expecting* non-helpful posts since it is spoonfeeding ;-)
Fuck. I just switched to mixtape from pomf.cat. I can't keep up with this shit anymore.

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>He spent 400 dollars in a monitor
>forgot to buy the anti-flicker model
enjoy your headache you autist
It's 100x worse than 60hz CRT flickering
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isnt that just your camera's shutter speed out of sync with your refresh rate?
pwm is real but /g/ wouldn't care

op's still a fag tho

So with the latest developments in Google land, I'm finally starting to de-Google my life.

>inb4 hurr choosing your technology based on identity politics

Sorry but I just can't support this sort of liberal fanaticism.

Below is a list of possible alternatives I could think of thus far, but one particular point proving difficult is the browser. What with both Google and Mozilla being eaten away by the "diversity" plague, what is left?

>Search: Startpage, DuckDuckGo
>Email: Airmail.cc courtesy of cock.li, and just interface it with Thunderbird or Mutt; alternatively pay and get Protonmail
>Browser: I'm lost here
>Maps: Open Street Map is quite good I hear, sometimes even more detailed than Google Maps
>Cloud storage: Roll my own with OwnCloud. Shouldn't be hard... Just need to read some guides and docs
>Contacts: Migrate to some form of CalDAV and host it with OwnCloud?
>Calendeering: the same.
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>Sorry but I just can't support this sort of liberal fanaticism.
are you literally shaking?
No google news replacement?
I guess I'll just use /pol/ and /new/ for news aggregation.

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Does /g/ have any experience with these new delivery systems? Seems tailor made for hikkis but I've never used it before.
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Yes. Literally haven't left my apartment in 6 months other than to take out the trash. I get my groceries delivered from the local Japanese grocery store.
How fast do they deliver? What can you get besides food? How much is it? Etc.
2-3 hours. What you can get depends on the area you live in. It's free with Prime, you're supposed to tip but fuck that.

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I need help

So I bought a computer to build myself I got

Ryzen 5 1600x


I bought a TX3 evo cooler, couldn't get it to screw in threw it out.

Bought another cooler from coolmaster and it's too big for the case

And my motherboard is a miniature size so the cooler is touching the graphics card.

I'm binning the case, motherboard.

Can /g/ reccomend a case and a motherboard? thank you..

(I don't have a phone for pics I'm poor)

Really need to get this PC working ASAP because I'm three weeks into my semester at college and I'm using a fucking cafe to post this please
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gotta pay attention to those measurements my dawg.
It's the only AM4 cooler I could find for sale.
Any case literally. Motherboards don't matter too much with a budget setup.

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i don't usually come to /g/ because for the most part this stuff is beyond me

i was out for a jog today and found an iPhone 6s intact and in pretty good shape in the grass along the path. I decided to take it and be a good guy and try to contact the owner, but its locked and lacking any form of identification, and the SIM is from some no-plan provider.

What the fuck can I do with this?
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Give it back you filthy negro.
Give it back jamal
i'm trying my best

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Hey guys, I'm going to attempt on creating a triple boot for my Asus Vivo Book Flip, any guide recommendation? I'm going to create my three partitions first with Gparted, then install Windows, GNU/Linux and OSX at the end so I can install Clover.

I have some experience with Hackintosh btw but it can get really messy if OSX don't want to cooperate with the drivers.
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>homOS X
What are you, gay?

It gives me money, people wants OSX in their machines.

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m e m e
>current year
It's breddy good for heavy duty scientific computing. If you work around a super computer, you will probably use it.

That being said, super computers are usually only used for research or government voodoo. If you're not part of that, it's probably a waste of your time.

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sup nerds Is it possible to connect a router to a Ethernet cable connected to a password protected router to broadcast the signal without needing the original password? I do so with my t430 and was wondering if a dlink dir-815 router could replace my laptop in this process
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If you want to get charged with a serious felony, sure.

I would just use my unlimited phone internet through usb tethering if I were you.
so it's possible but non-discussible in thread?
Just make a cantenna, if you don't know what that is Google it. Then steal free WiFi. Also stupid questions general.

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What's better /g/?

1) Constantly plug in your phone/laptop/mouse so it charges and the battery level never drops below 50%


2) Charge only when the battery is almost dead and your phone/laptop/mouse complains about it and asks you to plug it in.

I've read conflicting reports about this. Not sure what's right.
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OR get a non-shitty phone like the LG V20 and pop in a fresh new battery every 1-2 years.
I go by 2 but from what I've read it doesn't really matter much.
old battery chemistries like nicad and nimh wanted full discharges or they developed a 'memory' where they would adapt to have only the small capacity demanded. You needed to let them discharge fully every cycle.

For Lithium-ion batteries the deeper the discharge the more stress you put on the internal structures, so keeping them plugged in is better.

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I'm starting college next week for CCENT and numerous CISCO certificates, Linux etc and I don't know what to get. I have a Macbook from 2013, is that fine or should I get a thinkpad? Can someone who studied to become a network engineer in college recommend some good stuff
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get a working computer
or don't, it doesn't affect me either way
You sound like a huge faggot. You consider blowing men in public bathrooms for a living, you'll probably become rich.
>I'm starting college next week for CCENT and numerous CISCO certificates, Linux
You are going to a vo-tech school but there's nothing wrong with that.

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