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is there a command to open a lot of google chrome windows with notepad?
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Put a lot of lines saying:
C:\Program Files\Google\Schmoogle\Whatever\chrome.exe
in a Notepad window. Save it, but change the file type to "All Files" and name it nigganiggy.bat

The .bat is executable. So you run it and it'll open however many Chrome instances you told it to.
wipe your keyboard down with butter
post here if it still doesn't work after you tried it
i dont get it, pls explain like i'm 5 yold

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>get a notification that Google Assistant is available for me
>load it up
>requires access to record almost all my personal information (location, browsing history, voice, etc.)
is it worth it?
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I tried it out and it didn't do anything for me that I hadn't already figured out with other apps.

I can't believe I just failed a captcha because I put "ss" when there was an eszett in the picture.
Hell no. I wouldn't touch anything made by Google at this point. Pure evil.

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amd mining evolved.png
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>amdpajeets are literally on suicide watch

It is still shit-tier because of power consumption and upfront costs. It might have attracted miners if it was released back a few months ago. ETH is about to hit the difficulty wall soon.
Then they'll move onto monero. The client is also not optimized for Vega yet, much less Vega with these new drivers.

What is the best custom rom for android?
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lineage os

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How can I make myself learn coding? I want to bcome great programmer except there are too many distractions on my laptop.... I really wanna be great but I cant bring myself.

What to do?

thanks /g/
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im using void linux and im generally good with computers
i have some python, html and C knowledge so i mean its not exacly hard for me

i'd be learning python3
Stop playing video games
Dude just force yourself to get into it then you kinda just go with the flow.

Read a good python PDF (learn python 3 the hard way), and set increments for yourself.

Good luck anon

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amada tiles.png
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How many Amadas per second can your CPU and/or GPU handle?
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8570 Amadas
over six gorillion on my 7920x

Y u don't use Plan 9 OS?
Built-in graphical window manager, nice colours, good mascot, good C libs.

Seems pretty good for programming in C.
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>Seems pretty good for programming in C.
no? it uses its own dialect of C, you won't be learning shit
Because the shit I want to run doesn't run on it.
>build-in window manager
so does OpenBSD
>nice colours
>good mascot
so does OpenBSD
>good C libs
so does OpenBSD
>good for C programming
so is OpenBSD, and actually good, just read up malloc manpage and util.h

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>turn on PC
>this shows up on taskbar

I have never manually installed realtek HD audio. The fuck is this shit? I never got a notice of Windows updating anything either. Has this always been installed but only activated when I changed my speakers from back panel to front?
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You can disable the tray icon either in realtek's UI or by disabling automatic startup in task manager
>using malware10 and thinking you have any sort of control over your computer
lmao fucking idiot
It's probably windows update. It installs drivers for hardware that doesn't have newer versions of signed drivers already installed.
They improved the driver detection on Windows 10 which actually makes it really simple to setup new machines with it.

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what is laravel for?
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code monkey street shitters
>street shitters
>implying indians just doesn't copy and paste
Laravel is for people too dumb for Symfony

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Why would hardcore people like nasa and openfirmware use forth if it wasn't legit?
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What even are ya?
answer me

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Which software is the best to use? Tor?

Help a noob out.
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That's probably the easiest, yes.
What even are ya?

Hi /g/, I have an old Inspiron 14r from 2011 with a core i5 2410M. Is it worth it to upgrade to an SSD and more RAM to bring it into the back half of the '10s?
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I'm surprised you'd even need more RAM. I'm seeing in the spec sheets that it came with 4GB DDR3, right?

Yeah definitely throw an SSD in there. That's a perfectly good machine for today.
Sweet. Yeah, 4GB is probably enough, but Chrome eats RAM pretty badly.
>Using chrome

Hey /g/. I am looking for modern mobile phone (NOT smartphone) that has same feature that good old Siemens phones had: easy access and modification of firmware. By "modern" I mean:
- must be available new from local shops/retailers
- must have microUSB charging
That's practically all I ever need. I don't need internet, color screen, 9000 gigapixel camera, etc, etc. But I want to take firmware dump, load it in IDA Pro, study it, make adjustments, create patch, apply - just as in good old days.
Is there any such phone available? Preferably with ARM processor, but I'm fine with any. Or maybe I should just solder microUSB to one of my old Siemenses (and lose the ability to patch it offline, because there is USB2COM adapter required for this)?
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Just get a smartphone mate. Don't be afraid of change, they're objectively superior. There are plenty of smartphones with physical keyboards, before you make that argument

>they're objectively superior

They are better in some respects but not all, battery life being one area in which they are inferiror.

It might be argued that they are overall better phones, but it can also be argued that they are overall worse for your mental development.

Look into a brand called Evolveo. Don't have enough information to say if it has what you want for sure, but worth a peek.

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Suicide Frog.png
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>tfw will never "Sex with Klossy"
how does /g/ cope with this feel?
>"hello world"
>changing directories
>divided windows on one monitor for ants
>1/7 of the desktop space is fucking unused
>showing off 16 dollar organic meal from hipster food mart
>showing off overpriced chemical water
>showing off manicure
>uncomfortable jewelry
>almost 100,000 "likes"
>this is the state of startup developers

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All memeing aside is it actually true the ceo of apple is a sodomite? How can people support such a disgusting agenda to turn children into sodomites?
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> All memeing aside
>> All memeing aside
You may laugh, but it has to be said these days.
Speak English.

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