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I just got a raise at work and to celebrate I'm upgrading to a PC and replacing my 2500$ Mac which I invested in in 2016

What's the best PC for me if money isn't an issue (within reason). I use it for personal use, browsing, gaming, multimedia etc
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>Windows 10
Neck yourself
He posted a random pic off of a battlestation thread, are u still throwing a tantrum because your mommy deducted some good boy points?

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Lel, applefags and yuropoors will probably defend this.
>Say the line shill
P R E M I U M E X P E R I E N C E ! ! !

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Please help me choose a bestbuy laptop today. I need something that can play terraria, runescape, stardew valley, risk of rain, pixel indies on high settings 1080p.
idk how big the screen should be, 14"-15.6"

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thanks for the bump.
I dont think am i going to get much help
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Anything not too underpowered will do
Something with an A10 or A12 and a 1080p screen would work well and those are usually pretty cheap
HP has some nice ones

would this be a good deal?
or too small of a screen?

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>current state of /g/
Tove would step in.
It's over. BSD is finished.
>six-time Finnish national karate champion
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Leave Linus to me.

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>Album torrent is the .cue file and one or two flac files instead of being split into multiple tracks

Why do people do this? What advantage is there to this?
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Yeah man, wtf is the point, it just forces whoever downloads it to split and tag the files
Burning a CD that's identical to the original
sounds like a pretty niche application, especially nowadays

but usually I see this for vinyl rips, so what would be the point then?

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whats the best free email client?
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I have been using thunderbird since ever but I have to admit it's kind of slow. Never really tried anything else
I never used Thunderbird before.
Can you access multiple email accounts from different services at the same time with it?


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why do so many guys in tech put women on pedestals?

some even do their work for them, preventing shitty cunts from rightfully losing their jobs to more qualified people.
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it's an obvious, desperate attempt at getting laid friend.
If you weren't a normalfag you would know.
Now go back to facebook
I'm no normalfag, but I don't put cunts on a pedestal because I have some self respect.
I love my work, it's my hobby and my passion. I gladly help anyone who asks, either man or woman, smart or stupid, pays or not

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what do you use for anonymity?
what adblockers?

what protection (anti-malware/virus)?
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CommonSense 2017
Tor for anonymity
Ublock/umatrix for adds and noscript for otherwise obnoxious sites (clicking on pictures gives a copyright notice etc)
No AV but I have a firewall and IDS
uMatrix & uBlock Orgin

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so I
>moved to another floor with no direct ethernet to router
>now am using a WiFi USB adapter
>solid 4-5 bar connection, videos load well, etc.
>online gaaaaymin loads well except for the random massive ping spikes during gameplay

To solve this last issue, should I: go for a Powerline Adapter, or buy a Range Extender and place it between my PC & the router?
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Could be a problem with DHCP - as in the router releases new IP addresses while devices are connected.
You could maybe fix this by giving your computer a static DHCP lease before buying new stuff.
If you really want Ethernet though, powerline adapters depend on the wiring in your house.
If it's relative new, it's great, if you live in an older house, it might be worse than wifi.
Avoid range extender like the plague, it just gets you double the issues with wifi.
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Thanks anon.
I guess I'll try powerline and see how well it works compared to what I have now, else I'll return it.
It also just hit me that I'm using a non-USB 3.0 and non-AC USB adapter that I bought about 5 years ago, so that may be the problem too. I just bought a Netgear R7000 recently and they may just not be talking to eachother as best as possible since the adapter's a bit old.
pic related, adapter im using

what was the best computer in the 90s?
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a mac
That grey box.
nice bait

the '90s was when the previously called "IBM PC clones" started being called "PCs" and got to a price point where middle class families could actually get one. The sweet spot in my opinion was in the late '90s when the pentium II was released and win98 came out. Any computer with those 2 things was the shit back then. You could go online, play cool videogames like Quake 3, Age of Empires 2 and Half-Life and the computer would not explode. You could even emulate the nintendo 64 that was completely current at the time. Imagine how cool it would be to emulate the PS4 or xbox one right now in an average PC.

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>mfw someone commits code that uses spaces instead of tabs

why do these retards still exist?
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Their sole purpose in life is to annoy you
This, just reject the commit, and, if you're not in charge of accepting the commits, why the fuck do you care?
>he doesn't have an editor that can seamlessly translate between whitespace styles and save in the original format

It's like you just want to be a retard or something

Hey I'm a poor fag can anyone recommend me a somewhat cheap build for gaming?
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What's your budget OP?

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How does this even happen? How is it that fucking hard to keep a phone from getting this fucked up? I have an Alcatel (knock off iPhone come to find out but it's still decent) and it's been in pretty good condition for almost a year. How is it that everyone else can fuck their phones up and go through like 20 phones but I still have the same one?

My mom has gone through like 5 phones this last year.

Why do people end up doing this? The only thing I've honestly gone through is 2 chargers cause they got bent.
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take better care of your shit, retard
Most people don't realize how much these phones cost. And they don't care cuz they can just get another one. Also most people don't get good cases. I always get an otter box cuz my phone was $700
surprise, normal people are literal retards

i have tremors in my hands, is there anyway to avoid shaky photos on android and iphone, i keep finding tutorials to increase shutter speed and shit but they're for professional photography cameras
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Go to your doctor and let your tremors get fixed. I had this problem for a long time.

Short term solution is taking beta blocker pills like propranolol.

Long term solution (+4 years) (for me) was gaining a lot of weight trough weightlifting (more than 40kg's (88lbs) mass.

Good luck
i'm getting treated for my hands numbnuts i want to know how to make my phone take steadier pictures in the meantime, you dingus, that's why i'm on /g/, you fool
set it down on a stable surface, or use a tripod

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It's like they have suddenly stopped normalizing the audio in videos, and now you need to blast the volume to 100% to make them audible in a lot of them

from old ones, to new ones... it is pretty inconsistent
what is going on? do you know any fix? some people are blaming win10 for this
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-7 db is an acceptable level.

Or are you not talking about your pic?
i have to blast to 100% to hear the video
acceptable levels are -1 to 0.0db
that is the usual levels: you can hear everything on 60% volume

one of the videos in question

maybe is the other way around, and now YouTube is normalizing videos, and that is the reason some get masively lowered down
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another video with the same issue

it is like now they have incorporated a replay gain calculation of some sort

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