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Perfect OSs don't exi---
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that isn't GNU/HURD
>start computer
>99% disk usage while Microsoft services do inexplicable shit
>disk usage goes down
>shoots back up to a hundred while Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry revs up even though I've disabled it 3 times now

Fuck this piece of shit. I regret upgrading. I want Windows 7 back.

Will a microwave act as a faraday cage and protect my hard drive from solar flares?
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only if it's running while the flares are happening to counteract nasa's sham sun energy.
>Nignog wants to put stolen phones in his microwave

tl;dr probably not

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How do i subtract the percentage of a float in python?

On a calcumoloater i can just do this: 600.23 - 20% and it gives me the answer. How do i do this in python?
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edit: thanks kind redditor for the gold!
Haskell is the right tool for this job.
600.23 * 0.8

I apologize for my noobness in advance. I'm a network dunce.

I have a DVD attached to my home security cameras. I've had them for about 5 years. The instructions that came with the DVD are a poorly-translated Japanese-English mess.

What I'm trying to do is connect the DVD to my network so I can view the cameras from my PC either within my house or remotely.

The DVD has a ethernet port which I can cable to my router. Right now the set up looks like this:

Comcast router->Linksys wireless router->My PC and wife's PC (both hard-wired to the Linksys router). My PC is dual boot (Windows 10 and Ubuntu) and wife's PC is Windows 7.

What do I need to do to view the cameras from the PC's at home and remotely?

Any help is appreciated.
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Desperate bump for help from a networking guru
Yes. Digital Video Recorder. It records up to 8 cameras. I have a monitor attached to it but also want the output to be seen on my PC or from a remove PC.

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>windows 95 was introduced 22 years ago today
How does it make you feel?
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Yeah since I'm turning 21 in a few weeks
>2011 was 37 years ago
lik if u cry everytim
Reminds me how I used to open up the sound recorder and paste sound clips from Streets of SimCity together to make skits

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Why don't you have an Intel®Core™inside™?
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I have a 4690k and I don't have the money for ryzen.
Bc I have a xeon
I have an i7 4770k

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Does neofetch misreport your core speed too?
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JK, ya'll jelly of my 6.0GHz stable OC?
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There's a few options in the config for which file in /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq is read.

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For some reason, any person that has made a project on Iris recognition seems to never share their code.
And I'm not talking about companies here, I'm talking about mere students that made a class project on it and thought it would be a good idea to share a demo with P code in Matlab and try to jew other people out of their money to get a glimpse on the source code.
What the fuck is wrong with this world?
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Jews made everyone a Jew since they're getting Jewed on tuition, hourly wage, etc..
Only 30% of the world pays for university tuiton fees.
It's called "capitalism" and "not being an idiot". They are just trying to make a living out of their work.

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Bribing officials, price fixing, shilling, and bullying investigators. This company is actually more powerful than the S.K. President, and they get away with everything. Are they organised crime with tech front?
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Nope just true capitalism
The more I read about them the more they seem like organised crime.
The cyberpunk dystopia is now anon.

I'm trying to 'hack' my poor neighbours Xbox 360. Is JTAG and rgh really the only things. Any alternatives?
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you should prolly do him a favor and setup a super cheap gaming pc

He's like 10 and can barely get through GTA v. Giving him a PC would be too cruel
Install gentoo.

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So my 250GB SSD isn't enough and so I'm going big. Which one would be a better pick of these 2 SSD? A 2TB 850 Pro or a 4TB Evo?
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4 tb
At those sizes, I'd go with the Pro since it has higher write endurance than EVO. It's also marginally faster, but it's the endurance that matters.
But doesn't higher capacity also mean higher endurance as well?

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its red and black and smells good
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I bought your mom. She's also black and smells good.

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What is /g/'s go-to phone???

Pic. VERY related
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iPhone 7
My phone is a Do You Even Know Who The CEO Of Apple Is?
This is the worst thread on /g/ since op decided to samefag.

I need an advice on which editor to use instead of Sublime for programming in general.
I've used sublime for a couple of years now for basically everything: C, Python, Javascript, Java, MySQL, Haskell
I like because of how simple it is but for larger projects it does lack some utilities. I have already installed some plugins (like for the OpenCL library since the overhead code was killing me) but instead of continuing to filling it with more and more plugins maybe it's time to step up to something more complex.

I am not looking for IDEs. I use them only when necessary and don't like them very much.
So the alternatives I was thinking of are Atom or CLion (i do mostly stuff in C and soon in C++).

Any suggestions?
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only command line editor I use is nano. sometimes. when logged in remotely
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not a rebuttal
learn to use Vim, its got plenty of plugins for spoon-feeding you if you want

How many of you ever used instant messaging or XMPP?
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I used conversations for a month with my girlfriend, but she didn't like it and we switched back to Threema. I still have it installed, but nobody to talk to with it
qtox has worked better than any and all XMPP solutions I have tried.
I'm using ICQ right now.

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