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So, when are new processors coming?
My 3570k is still godlike but my mobo is half dead and you can't fin z77 mobos nowadays so I was thinking about selling my computer this Christmas
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why wait
People buy a lot of crap on Christmas

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Anyone own this and use it on a daily basis?
Some people say they use it for school, but for what? Does it help?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Is it worth learning esoteric bash scripting for small automation tasks when python is available?
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Yea, using subprocess is for scrubs
Yes, it's comfy desu OwO

What type of monitor panel is least damaging to your eyesight? What kind is the worst?

I don't want to go blind in later years
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Just get a monitor that has a Blue Light Filter.
You can also get a Blue Light Filter with glasses and software.

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what are the first steps for me to become a bad ass hacker who could create a paypal type company or a bitcoin type company or something like Instagram...what are my first steps...I want to be a smart guy whos good at programming and computers and internet stuff.
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Being naturally intelligent is a prerequisite. Look at the biographies of Zuckerberg, Cuban, Thiel. You're not cut out for it.

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Is this quality tech youtube content /g/?
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Fuck off Linux
Fuck Off Windows

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Ok gentopan, tell me how to test my DNSSEC setup. Someone here reccommend me to install DNSSEC on top of DnsCrypt (all this on the router, running LEDE/OpenWRT). After some issues I think I finally got it. Now, how to test this thing? I tried this https://dnssec.vs.uni-due.de but apparently it only sees what resolver do you use and if it accepts DNSSEC or not, nothing else.
Is there any webpage that loads only if you got dnssec setup on your router or something?
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Read the arch wiki on dnssec on how to verify if you are using it or not

t. The guy who told you to use dnssec the other day
Alright will check it later and try to implement unbound while I'm at it. Ty.

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Do you know of any older ones?
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No, but the oldest meme I personally remember is


How much can some browser tabs actually spy on what's going on in other browser tabs?

Non-techie here, and because I was never sure, I just used different browsers for different things. But I'm getting tired of being autistic and just want to use Firefox for everything and be done with it.

So lets say I'm logged into my main personal Google account, with Gmail and Calendar open in tabs. Then in a new tab I go to xvideos and browse a few vids, finally settle on one, then have my fap. To what extent could Google (and any other tabs open) track my fapping session and habits?
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they know everything

build faraday cage ASAP
A lot. If you're concerned about being watched, always run things in Private Browsing and only do one thing at a time. Completely close the browser and reopen before you switch to the next thing.

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pls reroute the heatsinks into my keyboard PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

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What are the essential web add-ons for the most recent version of Firefox, because most of the old add-ons recently became obsolete. So, far privacy badger, and ad block are dreplacements for U-block until the repo gets updated for Mozilla's new standards.

Unfortunately, I have not found any good tab mangers yet.
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It doesn't matter, just use the ones that feel right to you.
I found vertigo tab for tab manager.

I'm really wondering what people use for bookmarks and tabs these days.

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Is /g/ sitting correctly while at the computer?
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Yep. I also have my feet up. My recliner opens up under my desk and I use a lapdesk for kb/m.

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>tfw fell for the APU meme
Fuck you /g/
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pls no bully
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do you hate equitable price:performance rations, and glorious HBM compatibility?

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Negative zero can signal underflow in an IEEE floating point number.

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Who here uses Slackware or its derivatives? I'm been playing around with Salix and it's quite straightforward. I'm interested to jump straight into Slackware but I'm worried it may be a bit too difficult but I want to learn it. However, the twist is that I only have about three weeks to get totally comfortable with it because I'm starting my PhD soon.

Why do I want to move to it? I have been curious about SW for years, ever since my brother, a Unix whizz, told me used it back in the early 2000s. I never thought I'd get into Linux at all but I started with Ubuntu in Feb and have been with Debian stable since April. Slackware has always fascinated me, and with Salix being quite straightforward I think the jump could possibly be made.

Thoughts and experiences?
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Got Salix on a VM with the intent of dabbing it once in a while. If it does everything right and most things I can otherwise do on Windows, I might install it alongside Windows.

Would otherwise use Slackware but the installer is just too user unfriendly. It's not difficult, but you have to do a lot of manual planning and actions. Salix is much better, though I don't think there's any Linux that installs as nice and easy as Windows Vista/Windows 7.

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