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1.Your speed
2.Your country
3.How much do you pay for it
$5, Russia.
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25 down / 3 up
Roughly $30
3mbps down/ .3 up
Puerto rico

Fuck me amirite

>kill me

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Anyone else feel cheated? I always thought Intel being Jews was just a meme but now that Ryzen has been released, Intel has pulled off the chains lowering prices and changing the tiers of their lineup entirely.

>4c8t will now be lowend
>6c/12t+ is now highend
>10c/20t+ is now enthusiast

The price of 1700X and Threadripper are so god damn fucking good it makes the price we've been paying for Intel over the past 6 years look like an absolute scam.
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my rig is 10 years old so I don't know how to feel besides anger that everything is perfect for a new build except memory and gpu prices.
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>The price of 1700X and Threadripper are so god damn fucking good it makes the price we've been paying for Intel over the past 6 years look like an absolute scam.
That's because it was a scam.
>4c8t will now be lowend
That 4c8t i3 was a fake. But they were in fact price gouging the entire market for years due to monopoly status and lack of competition.

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can someone help me? I'm trying to figure out how to UNROUND the edges of my tumblr posts. i have a little css experience but cannot find any of the relevant tags, it's really confusing. no idea what to do... i'm using the official normal tumblr theme.
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you mean like a rectangle?

yes! for some reason the corners are rounded by default. and when googling i can only find how to round them, not how to make them hard edged.
on your own blog or the dashboard? either way its just editing css

Anyone else's YouTube theme/design keep changing on them? Past couple weeks my YouTube keeps switching fucking back and forth to I guess their new design they're gonna release, but for me it switches to it, then the next day it goes back to the current normal one. Shits annoying as I keep fucking having to uninstall the black theme extension on chrome when it goes to the new theme, and then reinstalling it when it goes back to the original one. Any way to fucking stop this annoying shit?
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Disable CSS
mpv+youtube-dl doesn't have this problem.
Great, but if you two lads could tell me what that shit is that'd help :) or how to do it.

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>find a useful project on Github
>requires VS2017 to compile
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Use cmake
Rewrite it to compile with Clang.
> he doesn't have vs 2017 already installed

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What's /g/'s approved password manager?
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a piece of paper inside my wireless mouse's battery compartment
Try neurons, it's pretty good. Open source, but very hard to read due to incredible amount of connections.

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sexy as fuck.jpg
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How did AMD's Tahiti architecture manage to last so fucking long?
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All the FineWine.
one of the last GPUs they did well
R9 290/x was the last GPU they succeeded with.
> R9 290/x was the last GPU they succeeded with.
Now, I have to say RX 480 is the same performance for half the power and half the price. Not bad.

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New Nightly icon and Firefox itselft with respective colors.
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I like it even though I despise the synthwave neo 80s thing.
Looks good desu
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4:3 aspect ratio is back on the menu, lads
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I never left
>not using 1:1
then why do you have 2 separate wallpapers, hmmm?

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In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpress, Banggood, eBay and similar sites.

>IRC channel
#/csg/ on rizon

>Discord link

>Chink Shit Randomiser

>Chink Shit Wiki

>Gearbest Deals Pastebin Updated Daily

>Chink Shit Infographic

• Anon receives stereo cable that's actually stereo >>61710241
• Anon's Teclast tablet is having battery problems >>61710756
• Chinese weeds still attract gullible buyers >>61712472
• Anon receives Ugreen branded package >>61712662 inside a micro HDMI cable >>61712696 >>61712852
• Anon's friend has a Mi5 with a vendor ROM >>61713566
• MagicTrickAnon bought more magic tricks and other stuff >>61715118
• Anon unboxes a Bobo Bird watch >>61714571
• Anon buys his chink shit locally >>61714860
• Anon bought a pen for his Huion drawing tablet >>61715154 >>61715124 >>61715208 >>61715713
• Anon gets a shitty Tamagotchi >>61719016 >>61719101
• Maybe? >>61719119
• Talk about 18650 battery charging boards >>61718649 >>61719141 >>61719246 >>61720569
• Shit goes down between team VE Monk and Team Seahf, with VE's Lee letting off steam on facebook >>61718674

Previous thread >>61709961
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Only half a day late. Good job, OP(s).
You're late. People where asking on /hpg/ where is the csg thread lol.
Where can I find amp with 3.5mm output?

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What is your go-to text editor of choice?
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vim on GNU user land
notepad++ on Windows
Windows: Notepad++ for quick edits of random files
Linux: nano for quick edits of random files
Sublime for real work cross platform

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Would be a good idea an modern operating systems that has an integrated language interpreter built in by standard?
Not something "obscure", but a regular application akin to your text editor or paint, that is designed to be easy to code for foremost?
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So what, something like what the MSX did with basic?
BASH or a shell like it already is standard on most OS'. Windows has PowerShell.

Obviously many people still use Python and so many other languages, but what you're asking for is solved already anyhow.
That's what an operating system does, anon.

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Why doesn't AMD/nVidia use their own GPUs for mining instead of selling them to miners?
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Because bitcoin is a meme.
When bitcoin loses value someone will be left holding the bag of shit.
>Why do they sell items for hundreds of dollars, instead of making $3/day
Frodo was a wuss. Sam is the real hero.
Because they make more money from selling to idiots that waste all their cash on GPU rigs.

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It feels wrong not having a /csg/ thread.
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RegularOP got fired by his chink overlords
I ordered a nightlight to stop myself getting blinded every time I wake up in the night needing my diabetic piss.
Any highish quality watches which are recommended? Like £200 or so?

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THoughts about Neocities?

>Neocities is a social network of 139,700 web sites that are bringing back the lost individual creativity of the web. We offer free static web hosting and tools that allow you to create your own web site.
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Is this basically just updated Geocities? Even that wasn't very popular when it came out a decade ago.
a decade?? no.
Sorry it was 23 years ago
>GeoCities is a web hosting service, currently available only in Japan. It was founded in November 1994

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