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>Measly 128GB
>Shitty post-"Western Digital buyout" SanDisk
>It's Nintendon't, so WILL """""naturally""""" cost at least two times more than the non-branded analogs from other manufacturers
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let your laptop soak in rain to get a nice cloud background for your BIOS setup screen
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>not owning a waterproof thinkpad
wew lad
>not owning a waterproof thinkpad
you arent stupid enough to think that having a water _resistant_ keyboard means the entire laptop is waterproof, right?
>He doesn't own a waterPROOF thinkpad

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Just got diagnosed with keratoconus by an optometrist. Haven't visited corneal specialist (was on vacation at the time) but she says "mild" in right eye and "moderate" in left eye.

anybody on /g/ had this and gotten CXL? were you able to continue programming? I'm too aspie to do any other job. I'm so fucked if this ruins my vision.
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just program from memory. Do you not know your syntax?
Why not just zoom in and make the font size 42?
I got CXL like 9 years ago my condition has stabilized but I have to wear special contact lenses. But my condition was pretty bad on both eyes so that may not apply to you.

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>he calls building a PC a "Project"
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What do you call it?
>he calls the process of assembling "building a PC"
>he assumed my gender
fuck off, retard
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building a PC is a project anon

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pc die.jpg
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Did it die or not yet? Did Tablets and Smatphones kill it?
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>Turns out it was clickbait after all.

No one is surprised.
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PC sales grow.jpg
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So why did this happened? It was supposed to be dead.

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What are some comfy internet radio streams that /g/ reccomends? There was an anon here once that posted his site where he had a stream with flac music, but I lost the link
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lainchain radio - cyberia

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Installed Ubuntu on my laptop but battery life is not so great comparing to win. Any better distro?
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Install tlp.
Install inxi and type inxi -b to see your battery's maximum watt hour rating.
Ignore the distro specific stuff.
Install Gentoo.
Install laptop-mode-tools.

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>a shitty product with no future to begin with fails
Tell me, why exactly does anyone care about this?
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The juice has been eliminated.
File: yeyeyeyeyeyelu.gif (34KB, 500x482px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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did it at least drag a few VCs down with it

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These Corsair Magnetic Levitation.



and any of you noctua, typhoon overpaying cunts are just stupid.
also buy a fan speed controller, so you can tweak them more.
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you gotta the RGB ones for speed, coolness and power saving tho
Then why do they only have a 5 year warranty?
Nice. I could buy 10 decent case fans, or one of those.

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Let me ask you one thing /g/, why the fuck are you such consumerist whores? You just talk about macbooks, netflix, iphones and crap like that, whine all the time that GNU/Linux doesn't support something proprietary etc. Instead you should be happy that something is still there to be done, that you can implement something that's not available for free software community, that you can do it maybe in a different way than it's done already by proprietary software companies. Stop expecting to get everything on a silver platter already prepared for you, be creative and do something yourself, become a producer. Install Gentoo.
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fug off gommie xd
take the vargpill /g/
i like that they put the icons in the relevant part of the brain. good design

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Are there any actual good tech podcasts?
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All "tech" podcasts are really just business, lifestyle, infortainment entertainment, consumer shit podcasts. Stay away from tech podcasts.
I like GeekNights.

Two dudes that talk (and work at tech).

Beware that they are furries and at least one of them is a closeted homosexual.
Level1techs is love Level1techs is life.

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Is this a good deal? I want a good used office chair with 2-3 years left in it. Preferably not too many farts.
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Is it a fart proof chair?

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>Reliable web hosting
>Cheap web hosting

Do I have to choose only one? Or is there any decent one in which I can run my shitty website without running out of shekels?
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Do you think $ 25 - 30 a year is expensive?
A small orange is a reliable cheap website hosting service
What's your shitty website do. If it doesn't have any dynamic content you can host it for nothing like a freeloader with Github or Gitlab.

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Computer scientists of /g/ how do I go about writing my own hypervisor?
I have a fairly good knowledge of C and UNIX/MINIX/LINUX kernels. Can someone guide me or tell me books to refer?
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check out the exokernel project @ MIT and go from there
I don't see ABAP on the list.

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>Linus Tech Tips
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>Linus Gay Tips
Suits him.
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>loonis posting

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