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How was it possible to fuck up this bad on the most expensive smartphone ever?
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>hold phone sideways
>no longer miss anything on screen
Ahahahahahahahahaha, lagdroid cuckolds will never know this feel
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Just admit it kid. Apple is superior.

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What were they trying to accomplish with this one?
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One botnet to rule them all.
Does a more abused waifu exist?
>tries to fiz herself and bring a better experience for its owner
>gets constantly ignored, restarted and many of her traits denied
>barely survives 2 years until she can not longer be useful
>get instantly trashed or handled to some sweaty pajeet to mind break her

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Do you think cryptos will be basically what the internet was in 99?

I want a smart discusion of tech, /biz/ is too busy shilling their coins to discuss tech.
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>trying to evade the global banking cartel
Rothschilds control a large percentage of bitcoins and will manipulate the market forever

>Welcome to 2017

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could you not have just uploaded the webm instead of the picture retard

also that's already been existed for years
why is his nose so big?
/g/ doesn't allow audio in WebM's you fucking nigger.

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Just bought an amazon fire kindle

Can they sue me somehow for having illegal stuff on it like pirated books and stuff? l have my amazon acc linked to it
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Flash to LineageOS, the amazon bloatware is crap anyway.
Will it actually run faster than the current OS it has? l read it's not actually android but some custom OS amazon made with a lot of android code
the kindle is a botnet OP, they can delete your books remotely. what makes you think they wont do it to your illegal books ;)


why dont they just say 1000?
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0.99 and 3.99 sound less than 1 dollar or 4 dollars.
last 1$ is you buying an image recognition app.
saves space. that fourth character (and, god forbid, a comma) costs money

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>literally most powerful smartphone ever produced
>poorfag /g/ undergrads hate on the price
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Most people who buy the latest iphones are poorfags. They spend all their money on the phone or get one 'free' on some jew phone plan. People with money dont waste it on frivolous shit.

T. Richfag
>1000 dollars for 150 dollars worth of chink shit

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Do people not realise that it's actually physically dangerous to solder Intel chips?
Every time you melt indium on top of silicon you'll get tiny cracks on the processor's die. Those cracks will get larger and can permanently damage the processor if the thermal resistance increases too much or the solder preform cracks entirely.
The occurrence of void and cracks is affected by the solder area: thus the die size. Small die size CPUs (below 130 mm2) such as Skylake or Kaby Lake will substantially facilitate void occurrence and cracking. However, CPUs with a medium-to-large die size (above 270 mm2) such as Haswell-E or Ryzen show no noticeable increase in cracking during thermal cycling.
Does everyone think Intel avoids soldering just to spite AMD because it's something that they do?
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(0.02 shekels have been deposited to your account)
So anon, since you're implying that I'm shilling, what part of my post tipped you off?
Was it because I said the name "Intel" without prefacing it with the word "Fuck?"
Or was it because I mentioned "Ryzen" and "Soldering?"
I'm genuinely curious.
>being a cpu circumcision apologist
Jizz TIM will always be shit for all eternity.

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Are your tents ready? Que will be long.
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>see line
>toss current, now outdated phone into the crowd
>it's a note 7
>blows up the entire line
>walk up to counter and get my shiny new iphoneX
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>3mm all around bezel
>8mm male pattern bald spot, for it's prematurely balding nu-male target audience
>Can't do 1440p but the pricetag can
Why would you ever buy this?

>lmao ur poor
I regularly spend $1K on computer upgrades and would be fine dropping a grand on a phone worth a grand. This shit isn't.

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The petit bourgeois will buy this garbage
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>when your screen can't do 1440p but your pricetag can
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Why does he not use or not want to use Linux?

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It's not a desktop OS, only anime ricing NEETs seem to think otherwise.
Wtf I hate Gentoo now. Buying a MacOS laptop immediately

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Here hoping normies will finally open their eyes, and critique the new iphone x by what it really is, and not get caught in the paid media impressions

This is the first time in years Apple doesn't offer a truly competitive product. Nothing in the new phone is new, different, or an advancement in technology. Every other manufacturer offers a lot more, for easily 200-300$ less

I am dreaming about youtube bloggers saying the truth, and laughing at the iphone display, the price, the size, or the pathetic flap, the face recognition... or the ridiculous iphone 8 launch, that got obsolete in literally 20 minutes
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>the face recognition

Wait, I've never been a phone fag, but hasn't this software been available for years? Is Apple trying to say that shit is new?
Not gonna happen. In this country people are drooling over the new iphone... on tech sites. But they are people who consider themselves enthusiasts because they have liquid cool their hardware.
the entire product is like that
I have to be honest here: I don't buy Apple products, but at least i have always enjoyed the Jobs era. They offered true advancements back then, no stupid shit, and solid products
today's keynote was cringeworthy

>the future of phones for the next ten years
the fuck

Why did they include this emoji in the presentation?


The Pooh’s dun killed you.
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someone post that comic where the apple fag is eating shit and tells other people they're poor if they can't afford shit

that is what they meant in the presentation
>talking poo like slump and arale
it's always shit funny
Hollywood product placement.

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Whats stopping me from mounting one of these on my GTX1070?

I dont get why gpu watercooling is so fucking expensive? Is it just a shill scheme?

The gpu is literally the loudest part. The cpu makes almost no noise. Why is cpu watercooling so mainstream but gpu is almost impossible without paying with your blood?
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rip vram
The initial investment is expensive. Just save up for custom loop. If you really want to use AIO (like the shit u mentioned) then you have to wait for mounting brackts to be available (like NZTX Kracken G10). Then just use some copper heatsinks to cool the vram

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Samsung will buy it cheap.
Good. Imagination are jews who wanted to be paid for drivers.

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