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Math teacher here, I've got a question for you guys:
Schools are pushing to integrate chromebooks/ipads into classrooms, but I feel these are completely wasted on math. What I want to do is teach students to actually use computers in a more mathematical and substantive way through teaching programming. I organize my math classes as being more of a workshop where students have multiple options to get points for the week by completing various activities of their choosing. One of the activities I want to introduce next semester is to allow interested students to use python to program stuff like algorithms for solving certain sorts of math problems, or use it organize and analyze data, etc...

What's the cheapest way to offer this to students who don't have a computer of their own and want to work on this stuff at home? I thought about scavenging craigslist for old laptops and stuff I could wipe and load mint or ubuntu onto, but I don't think administration/parents would feel comfortable with me offering the students old mystery-origin laptops. Another thought I had was to get pic related, but the students would still need a mouse, keyboard, and monitor. Any ideas?
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Programming without a keyboard is dumb. Just my $.02
PythonAnywhere website and have them program at the library?
get off your fucking ass and teach them how to use long division you fucking idiot

what a dumb idea

I narrowed it down to the "All New" Fire HD 8 and a second hand iPad Mini 2 Retina.

In my third world country the Fire Hd 8 is 110credits while I found the iPad Mini Retina 2 for 120credits.

Which one would you buy /g/?
Any of you own either?
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Better Buy Thinkpad
I have the HD8 2017, it's good but the iPad is probably better unless you emulate a lot.
1280 x 800 (189 PPI) screen is a deal breaker for me desu.

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I fell for the ryzen meme and now i cant get a read on any of the programs about the temps. Did i get a bad one?
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check the bios? of course you'll only get the idle temps

What about the AMD Ryzen Master Utility?
use Ryzen master
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even bios shows the lower than ambient temp. Ryzen master doesnt help either pic related

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why has Fraps not been updated since February 26th, 2013?
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who uses fraps anymore?

Shadowplay or OBS is all you need

doesn't that only record for 5 minuets?
if a ten second clip wasn't 1gb I would like it a lot more

as for shadowplay I can't even increase the quality without it returning to baseline or resulting in choppy video

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ok /g, wich OS use Putin ?
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Windows ME.
Red Star Linux
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an other view

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Which one would you buy?

>2015 MBP 8gb ram and 128 gb ssd for $929.
>2016 MPB non TB 8gb ram and 256 gb ssd for $1189.

They are both refurbished and they are pretty much new since apple's refurbished quality is amazing.
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But if you absolutely must get a Fagbook, then your choice is going to come down to whether you can get over the new keyboard.

I personally type like a caveman and smash down on keys with force, so I can't get on with the new ones: they make my hands hurt. Light typers may enjoy it, though.
suck your friend's cook
eat poo

why not both?
Tell me what's wrong with a $929 mbp with 0 cycles on the battery.

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What's your excuse for not helping this transvestite build the worlds best linux handheld computer?
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>this transvestite
But you already answered for me. Trannies are bad news for any project they get involved in. Mentally ill attention whores, every last one of them.
F to m is not comparable to good for nothing attention whores m to f
mentally ill is mentally ill..

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What's the best (and cheapest/reasonably priced) chair for your computer?
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Go to a store that sells computer chairs and sit in them until you find one that is comfortable for you're body. There is no universal "best" chair.
Personally I've got the issue with chairs simply collapsing on me after year of use. I'm a massive 6'9 guy weighting 19 stones with something that is probably non-diagnosed ADHD which leads to me constantly wriggling and moving my legs in my chairs to the rhythm while I listen to music.
I just let my computer stand on the floor

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>browsing internets
>check youtube in boredom
>see this in recommended
Why can't LinuxTechTips stop pandering to children with the gaymen RGB meme?
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The vid is a joke
To be honest even if it is LTT is the epitomy of normie rbg gaymen crowd.
Do you believe the target audience of cuck tips is anything above gsymer children?
He even had a video where he makes a server hack RGB.
There is a shoddy video where you can see how shill for Intel and how flawed methodology he have on a delid video. He concludes that delliding Intel isn't worth, considering he is benching at stock with a stock cooler. You see the comments just idiots like "so the CPU is inside this metal? Who would figure"

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I currently own a thinkpad x201 and I was thinking of selling it and buying a t60(with the best cpu and display I can find) and upgrading it to the best of its capacities in order to install libreboot on it via the software method.
Should I do this?
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>He does not safely dismount his dongle

What's it like risking data corruption?
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>He uses removable data storage

What's it like having autism?
It's 2017 I'm not using that shit anymore besides for installing operating systems
Also windows automatically flushes the cache when copying over files before closing the copy dialogue because it knows about this issue
>Not using DVD'S for operating systems

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Red Star OS CD.png
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Why does it take so long to install?
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the code is communist
Because it's designed to be equally slow on every machine.
Downloading things from Best Korean servers

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crypto JUST keeps on giving, i don't care that the gaymans don't have a cheap gpu to buy at the moment, go play angry birds on your iTurd or something, you can have your cheap gpus when the mining boom is over but right now fak off and let me collect these jeezy profits mmkay.
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i hope you know that you are a cunt and i hope the price crashes so badly you have to sell your mining shit to make your money back
Also make sure to watch my video and don't forget to like, subscribe and comment, i am giving away one dead rx 580 to one lucky winner.

crypto is here to stay so are my profits.

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Does /g/ like AdNauseam? What do you think of it?
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To fight the botnet you have to become the botnet
How is it botnet?

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How many people on /g/ only use linux? Do more people dual boot than not?
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install gentoo
I try to stay on linux as much as I can, especially for making side projects and light gaming (indie titles) but sometimes I have to use Windows for work related things
There's no reason not to dual boot. Still I prefer to run Linux on VM.

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