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Who else here /devilish/
>Roommate has a shitty router
>Too poor to buy my own, but that fucker has bux
>Restart the router from the config page to make him think its broken

It has the added benefit of making him stop yelling at vidya for 10 minutes
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>too poor for $20
>things that never happened
kill you'reself
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>too poor to buy my own
How fucking poor can you be?

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>just sold my AMD stock
>tfw you didn't buy the stock despite everything pointing to a good er

If only trading wasn't so expensive.

I feel like you have to jump into the deep end immediately.
Should've bought in at $2.

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>doesn't run 3466mhz on your ryzen computer

Are you a consolefag, mentally handicapped or both?

>b-but 3200mhz+ kits are expensive

And? Was life a contest about who spends the least m oney?

>I-it's hard to configure the subtimings!!!

It's not, as long as you're not a gay stock settings running console fag that built his first pc in 2017

>it's....IT'S UNNECESSARY!!!

Who forces you not just fucking learning how to do it, fucking peat-gavel
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the performance benefits of running 3400+ mhz over 2800 are almost completely negligible, and not worth the cost of said ram.

Also DDR4 is a fucking meme
i love these posts
I do it even though I have to keep my memory past 1.4v to do it.

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>a backdoor is vulnerable
Wow. What a revelation.

Which came first?
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Your father. Which was a mistake.
So, the hardware?

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Just though about something Linux needs. Whenever I handle rather large files on linux or actually do something that requires more ressources things kind of freeze on Linux. Since I'm doing things I'm aware and let the application finish what it's doing and have it unfreeze by itself but thinking about it, it's not a nice way of doing things. I think, linux needs a better way of handling things.

How about a general "I'm busy" something. I mean I don't want the screen go gray and a spinning mouse cursor like OSX does shit, I mean a way for applications to gracefully indicate it's doing something instead of just freeze.

What does /g/ think? Any Linux Programmers present?
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Gnome needs to die
It's dying since 3.0 Release. Anything to say related to the thread?
Look up ulatencyd. It makes the system responsive under heavy loads.

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Haven't built a PC in 10 years. Got some help from IRL friend assembling something excessive. Is there any room for improvement?

> Graphics: GTX 1080 Ti Founder's Edition
> Processor: Ryzen 7 1800x 8-Core 3.6 GHz
> Mobo: MSI X370 AM4 Gaming Pro Carbon
> RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws V 64Gb DDR4 SDRAM
> Power Supply: EVGA Supernova G2 1600W
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Yes. Get rid of that (((Nvidia))) botnet.
>RAM with heatsinks
Good lad
I'm an AMD fanboy too anon but AMD doesn't have anything in the same league as the 1080 Ti.

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HookTube is a hook for YouTube that uses its media files directly without tracking you or activating any of its scripts, enabling you to download YouTube music and videos or just share YouTube videos without giving Google and its partners ad revenue or views.
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Can I watch the videos on hooktube without downloading them?
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>not just using an adblocker
Haven't seen a youtube ad on my PC for like 6 years.
You're still giving views for the youtube video

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If she doesn't know who this is, she's too young for you.
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>concrete monkey
Fuck bonzi buddy. Loudmouth nigger can't keep a secret. I told him in confidence that my cousin Stephen was a faggot and he repeated it when the family visited for Christmas.
This guy is a real cock slut

u want sum fuk?
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Looks like a Starcraft building. Does it take off and land?
>five x16 slots
fucking why
It's got more lanes than an express freeway, that's why.

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What are you working on, /g/?
old thread: >>61560889
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Lain is a fucking slut
anime != proper

If rust really not having a String::reverse function then you can always just add:
trait Reverse {
fn reverse(&self) -> Self;

impl Reverse for String {
fn reverse(&self) -> Self {

How do you people use so much data? Leave some for the rest of us.
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No. Fuck you.
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Can't help it. uTorrent 2.2.1 is just too good.

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What will happen to the FSF and GNU/Linux once RMS and Linus Torvalds die?
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What will happen to what when who die?
Red Hat will take over and eventually kill it
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>implying there is no a viable replacement in 4chan to a stinky neckbeard freetard and a decent programmer with "just werks :^)" principles in mind

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Is there any way to burn this retarded fucking format with having to buy Nero? Just modded my old Saturn and nearly every single game seems to be dumped in this format. A google search turns up shoddy looking links. Pic semi related?
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Find something else that supports it. IsoBuster, UltraISO, etc.
Even free shit like ImgBurn supports .nrg
There are loads of conversion tools.

I'm a full tard trying to play one of my favorite game on virtual xp.
the game was succesfully mounted and installed
when lauched to play
the fucker is showing me "pic related"
Any ideas how to bypass this shit?
the iso is mounted
the game is installed
help me feel like a kid once more
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Try finding a crack if is not in the .iso.
no crack
only serial n cd contents
What's that ViTALiTY folder?
looks like a typical crack/keygen folder

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