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Firstly, funny enough, coming to the tech area the first thread I saw was a guy saying this wasn't tech support. While I understand his frustration I have no where else to go for this matter. I am in the process of making a cosplay of an NCR ranger. I'm making the chest piece, have bought a duster and am making the simpler parts. But my road block is the helmet (yes I'm getting to the point) my deadline is Saturday and I'm already behind schedule. I was going to do a paper model of the helmet but I've never done that before and following the file instructions I almost fucked up a computer. I am not a very educated computer user, and have hardly a clue about files and doohickies. I've never had the money for my own computer, and I feel I wouldn't use it enough. But then it hit me, the local library has a 3D printer. The site: pepakura had 3D textures of the helmet, I may be wrong but I'm ASSUMING that these are for 3D printing. So here in lies the issue, how do I use files to 3D print? I know I'm asking a lot, hell I may even be in the wrong forum but any help would be appreciated. I know, I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm just looking for even a hint. Thanks. This means a lot to me
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>no tl;dr
Get fucked OP
Ask people responsible for the said 3D printer to help you

Now delete the thread

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What browser will let me open the most tabs before crashing, I'm currently running chrome, opera and firefox at the same time on a 16gb system to avoid losing my tabs.
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Pale Moon 64-bit.
Get the latest Firefox.

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>Graduated as a physics and mathematics major
>Did 3 yrs of physics research using lots of OOL
>International student (Latin America)
>Can't get a job in the US as a pro/g/rammer
It seems I fucked up big time. I made few networking opportunities in college and now I am stuck applying online. I am telling you, networking is probably more important than degrees nowadays.
I leave to my country in four weeks. /g/oodbye, America. It was fun.
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You need to go back.

pajeets don't speak Mexican.
you need to learn hindi

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Does anyone have Google Fi?

How is it?
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Do you use a lot data?
No its not worth it. It's $10 per gig

Yes, probably. Unless you get the bugs some ppl have. Then good luck getting a hold of Google tech support.
It's pretty useful I'm able to stay at a constant 4-5 bars of service as long there are towers. If you use a lot of data it might be a pain, I have the 2gb plan and only really pay $22-30 dollars each month, only major downside is the cost for the phones.
Works fine for me in multiple cities across the US. I bought it for overseas data use which works flawlessly around Europe (UK + Italy). But yeah, if you are a data hog it'll be pricey.

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Someday are people going to ask "what's on fiber?" just like we say now "what's on cable?"
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Fiber cables are cables
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>just like we say now "what's on cable?"
Who the fuck says this...?

I say what's on TV, if anything.

But since I don't even have TV service anymore, it's a fairly unused phrase in my life.

Does anyone still use Rainmeter?
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Who on earth believe this looks good
I think it looks pretty cool, looking to find out how to make my desktop like that
I do use it, but only simple stuff, like clock and CPU load/swap size

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Would non-binary computers be faster? Is there any benefit to using them?
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show me a non-binary computer
No because it would be ridiculously complicated to make a processor that handles trits instead of bits
in the 30s and 40s decimal was normal thing, there is still decimal arithmetic built on of course on binary hardware in IBM processors

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>tfw women don't want to date programmers
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>'I make $120,000 a year'
>yeah, I've made some really cool shit
>Oh? Like what?
>really cool shit, you know, custom calculators, I've revamped databases, fizzbuzz generators, just real cool shit
>sounds cute, do you have a job?
>sort of, nobodies hiring right now for real devs, just hairy Indians that know java shit ya know?
>I'm promoted at Geek Squad tho!
I make 70k
I didn't make anything cool I work ob a website

>install hydrus client, fuck yeah a tag system for all my shitposting images
>hydrus client deletes my entire archive
>undelete the fuck out of the hard drive & put the results into one folder
>pic related is all the images I have to sift through. Numerated filenames and file creation dates are today.
I just wanted to say Hydrus is a massive piece of shit. 4+4 chan should be ashamed of their faggotry.
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Why are you saying it on /g/?
Who else am I going to bitch to? Do you think /b/ or /a/ or /tv/ is smart enough to understand having to deal with 60,000 unorganized images? I have to write a fucking script now to delete all the thumbnails and after that there seems to be an entire browser cache of 6 months in there. I found porn thumbnails that I don't know where they came from.
On the flip side, would BASH or python be a better starting point for this? I just need to check the dimensions of an image and delete it if they are 250x250 or smaller.
Hydrus is a huge meme and so is image tagging. Just like, use folders brah.

How do these pieces of shit always break?
I've tried multiple models and it's always the same
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What the fuck?
Since when have they made fleshlights for SD cards?
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Get a non-shit brand.
My trascend one hags been working for like, 5+ years, its similar to this.
That looks like a fleshlight

What is this for. Bees?
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no, jews
Cum bucket for convenience
Office been honey holder

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>login to gmail on university computer running chrome
>As soon as I enter something in the address bar it starts showing my past google searches

I am feeling slightly uncomfortable about this
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You're just figuring out a google account is all encompassing?

Even you're youtube searches are tailored to it once logged in.
don't use le chrome then?
Because all google products are linked with your gmail account faggot

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If I have free electricity should I mine?

And what card should I get?
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Titan X Quad SLI
>If I have free electricity should I mine?
no because you'll still need like 20k just to make anything. you cant just buy a bunch of cards and let it run at max power 24/7. shits gonna get hot, so it needs good cooling too
sure, if you're okay with a fairly long payoff period. See if you can get some cheap cards from a miner who does have to pay for electricity and is getting out of the game.

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CEO of mommies.jpg
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Did..did Mommy get some plastic surgery? She looks...epyc.

>Also, dat cpu packaging.
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She was a male I guess
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But where's the jacket?

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Found this

What should I do with it
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Shove it up your arse mate
Eat it.
It's worth a lot of money isn't it? Since they don't make them anymore.

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