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What's the best way to share files anonymously and fast
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I swear to god I am gonna find you and kick you in the DICK

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Is it bad if i connect a 12v7Ah battery wheb i'm supposed to connect a 12v5Ah battery in my portable speaker?
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No. The voltage of a battery is what matters for compatibility. The capacity simply indicates runtime given a load.


Thanks for the quick answer! Saved my day :)
matters not. Ah is capacity, nothing more. As long as it can provide the needed amount of amps, it will work just fine

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Funny how nightly can't even let you install add-ons while Chrome can.

Fucking ridiculous
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If you're too retarded to install the webextension version from github you should:
1. not be using nightly
2. not be posting on /g/
>you can install chrom* addons in firefox
>you can't install firefox addons in chrom*
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scroll down and install the dev channel you dumbfk

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If you had to pick between GPL2 and GPL3 to license a new project, which would you choose?
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For a library? GPLv2
For a full fledged application? GPLv3
Honest question: why? Is v3 just better suited for large projects wrt rights? Or is it just overkill for a small library?
>inb4 cuck license

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Is this possible?
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Of course not. The comic starts with assuming that cue ball lives forever.
No, humans go insane in isolation
le epic science randy!
"what would happen if we fired drumpf into a diamond at 10000x the speed of light? Xd"

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Is the Pixel a good phone?
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It's pretty good but to be honest I don't make too many phone calls on it.

Never had any issues with the calls though
It's trash just like those antifa faggots

ty based white women
Are doing everything wrong, anon.

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MPC-HC is dead. Is MPC-BE our best option now?
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faggots of /g/ help them out please
Just use VLC you fucking faggot.
>MPC-HC is dead
let me check first... yep, still works, plays videos just fine.
How is it dead, exactly?

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mozilla annoys me: I recently discovered that with the new webextensions you cannot "disable" javascript. you can only block it. there is an api which actually seems to be similar or even the same as the one in chrome:

'name': 'Content-Security-Policy',
'value': 'script-src \'none\''

the problem with this crap is that javascript is not really disabled - it is blocked.

however, stupid as they were when they implemented this api, <noscript> tags are not treated the way they should be.

they are ignored, in the same way they would be ignored if javascript was enabled.

I have already filled a bug report and I have even hacked a webextension that inserts another fucking javascript file which then grabs all the <noscript> tags and replaces them with <span>. now my addon was rejected because:

>This version didn't pass review because of the following problems:
> This add-on is creating DOM nodes from HTML strings containing potentially unsanitized data,
>by assigning to innerHTML, jQuery.html, or through similar means.
>Aside from being inefficient, this is a major security risk.
>For more information, see https://developer.mozilla.org/en/XUL_School/DOM_Building_and_HTML_Insertion .

what do?

there is no ?ltern?tive
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uMatrix doesn't have this problem
I just checked and sorry - yes it does have the problem.

if I use only uMatrix to block everything except images and css on any page that has <noscript> tags, they will not be rendered or used for DOM building.
That's good since the CIA niggers can't tell I'm blocking scripts. The scripts are however still blocked since unlike NoScript, uMatrix blocks the script from being fetched.

Planning on uninstalling Windows 10 and going to Ubuntu.

How do I uninstall everything on my HDD?
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You don't. Just install Ubuntu on it and your HDD is reformatted in the process.
install w10 and leave some unreformatted space for ubuntu, ubuntu will catch that later and ask you about installation next to him.
Not OP but I have a similar question, if I have both Windows and Ubuntu installed in a dual boot and I want to wipe both of them and just install Ubuntu how can I do this?
I don't think that's what OP is asking, he doesn't want to dual boot

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What are the best linux distros to use on a live usb that's 8 gbs
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Why is this dead

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Will Project Treble save Android's laughable update policy or will it be a fucking meme forever?
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i guess we'll know in 2020 when oreo devices will have any market penetration
its hilarious how this has gone

1. first it was terrible hardware
2. then we had a glut of overpowered phones trying to use ram to solve the jankiness of software
3. now that the software is good none of the phone companies want to update
nokia phones are getting an oreo update supposedly. if they do it before the end of the year Im gonna get one.

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>Forget to check email for a week
>Open up computer
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I'm on vacation this week. Can't even wait to see my Slack on Monday. I need a fucking AI.
mines at 22000
i havnt checked my email for the past 3 weeks
i'm going to do it now

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>he bought ryzen instead cannonlake
>he is waiting for vega aka 400W poower of gtx 1070
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>>he bought ryzen instead cannonlake
Yeah, I did.
>>he is waiting for vega aka 400W poower of gtx 1070
No I don't, I bought a 1070 because I'm not a blind brand loyalist.

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what do you do on your Windows workstations?
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> workstation

>photo editing in photoshop
>listening to music on aimp/watching videos on mpc-hc
>virtual pcs
>pray for reactOS to become stable before linux starts to take over windows marketshare
basically everything i can

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>Call tech support
>Indian guy answers
>I can't understand half of what he says
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>he needed to call tech support
hi r*ddit
>first day of college
>maths prof start teaching
>I can't understand half of what he says

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